30 Day Podcast Launch Formula By Travis Chappell – Free Download Course Podcast Profit Academy


30 Day Podcast Launch Formula By Travis Chappell – Free Download Course – Podcast Profit Academy

How To Launch, Grow, And Profit From A Successful And Credible Podcast

The Podcast Profit Academy Is A 12-Week Program Designed To Help You Launch, Grow, And Monetize Your Podcast In The Next 90 Days…



When it comes to podcasting, content is king. But since the barrier to entry is so low, most podcasters end up putting out content that’s dull and boring.

I’ll show you how to engage, entertain, and persuade your listeners week after week, so you can build a loyal audience of raving fans.

Inside Module 1, you’ll discover:

How to quickly create compelling content on any topic with the I.M.A.G.E framework. (Even if you’re not an expert.)
The “late night” secret to structuring your show in a way that keeps your audience engaged from start to finish.
How “results in advance” content can help you engineer the #1 most essential piece of any transaction. (And why no one will do business with you until this one thing has been established.)
​3 steps to unlock the power of emotional storytelling in your written, audio, and video content. (Review Lesson 3 to discover this “recipe” for a story that resonates.)
​Want to record solo shows? Discover the “3 points and a poem” trick to pumping out a killer episode without guests or co-hosts.
​The simple yet often overlooked way to drive your points home without sounding boring or preachy. (Lesson 7.)
​Afraid you don’t have enough time to create content for your podcast? I’ll show you how I create an entire month’s worth of content in a single day, step-by-step.
​What NEVER to do when choosing a co-host. (This is a mistake I see all the time, even with experienced podcasters. Lesson 10.)
​The #1 most common pitfall preventing podcasters from growing their audience and monetizing their show. (And how to “bypass” it completely before you even launch. Lesson 11.)
​And much more

Want to avoid awkward silences and boring conversations? Learn how to give a great interview.

I’ll show you how to deliver engaging long-term interviews so you can drive a growing stream of referral and word-of-mouth traffic to your show.

Inside Module 2, you’ll discover:

How to find and book top guests for your show using the Credibility First Method. (Even if you have no connections or industry experience.)
The one stupid simple “ask” I used to fill my guest list when I was starting from scratch. (Lesson 1.)
5 elements of an effective reach out message. (This is the exact same battle-tested framework I’ve used to book people like Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Jack Canfield, Dean Graziosi, Molly Bloom and other top guests on my show—and I’m handing it to you, word-for-word. Lesson 3.)
How to dazzle top guests by mastering the art of the pre-interview.
The 5 item preparation checklist I use to conduct engaging long-form interviews. (Keep this handy and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an important question.)
Feeling anxious or nervous before a big interview? This is the ONLY thing I’ve found that calms my nerves before a big show. (Lesson 6.)
People will never remember what you say, but they will always remember ______. Here’s my favorite way to leverage this unwritten rule for maximum impact. (Lesson 7.)
​How to extract digestible content from your guests that your audience can actually apply in their day-to-day life.​
​My “two lists” trick for coming up with memorable questions that guests have never been asked before. (This is also how I “revive” conversations that have gotten awkward or gone stale.)
​And much more

Money flows where attention goes. If you want to turn your show into a profitable podcast, you need to learn how to grow your audience.

I’ll show you proven promotion strategies to reach more listeners so you can command attention and build credibility and authority in your niche.

Inside Module 3, you’ll discover:

Why the barrier to becoming a credible expert in your niche is much lower than you think. (And how you can achieve expert status much faster than you think.)
My unconventional “True Fan” technique for converting followers into rabid fans that consume all my content and buy all my products. (HINT: If you go back and listen to old episodes of my show, you might be able to pick this out. It actually worked so well I had to STOP doing it. Lesson 2.)
The simple reason why “audience migration” is the key to future-proofing your business. (And how to get started with it right away. Lesson 3.)
How to optimize your social media profiles so you can leverage your personal brand for maximum reach.
Why social media ads are NOT the best way to grow your audience. (And where you should go instead to attract a flood of highly-qualified listeners to your show. Lesson 11.)
3 community building secrets that will have listeners evangelizing your show to their friends and family.
How to build a highly-engaged Facebook group by focusing on these 4 proven tactics.
​The “accidental” growth strategy that got me featured on a podcasting app for 7 months straight with a single ad read. (And brought me close to 7,000 new subscribers. Lesson 8.)
How I got featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, and other major media publications. (PLUS: Four different ways you can do the same.)
​Does getting guests to share their episode feel like pulling teeth? It shouldn’t. Here’s how to persuade them to promote your show to their audience across all channels.
​And much more

Okay, now you’ve got a great show and a growing audience—but how do you actually make money off it?

I’ll reveal how to turn your credible podcast into a profit center that unlocks the lifestyle of your dreams. Learn cutting-edge monetization techniques that no one else in the industry is using besides me and my students.

Inside Module 4, you’ll discover:

The breakthrough guest-facing monetization strategy I used to start making money from my show with less than 200 downloads per episode. (Lesson 5.)
14 simple ways to monetize your audience. (Most podcasters obsess over sponsorships, but I’ll show you a pile of other ways to convert listeners into profits… including three that DON’T involve high-ticket products.)
The 2 different ways to architect your ideal podcast funnel (And which one is best for you.)
​Why this “reverse ascension” model is the secret to rapid monetization. (Most people fail to monetize their show because they see what their mentors are doing and try to imitate it. Instead, they should be doing THIS—Lesson 4.)
Don’t have an online business yet? Here’s how to quickly assemble the building blocks you’ll need using The OLS Method.
The 4 ingredients of an irresistible offer. (And how to craft a brand new offer from scratch that checks all four boxes—even if you’re just getting started.)
​How to create “ethical bait” that reels in fresh leads and pre-frames them to become a customer.
The simple reason why not all leads are created equal. (If you want to avoid wasting hard-earned dollars trying to monetize your show, this is a lesson you need to learn.)
4 proven persuasion mechanisms to trigger a sale. (PLUS: What type of offers work best for each one.)
​And much more



I’ve put together every single script, template, checklist, and cheat sheet I use to produce my show and run my business, into a single folder for you.

These are highly-valuable resources I’ve built up over the last four years, and will help your show run smoother than a Swiss-made timepiece.

Reach out messages, interview checklists, ad reads — you name it, and I’ve templated it or scripted it out for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Guestio is my brand new guest-booking software.

It’s the only all-in-one tool that exists to help you book, schedule, and manage podcast guests inside one unified dashboard.

With Guestio, you’ll be able to:
Find highly-credible podcast guests to interview on your show (so you can grow your audience and get to monetizing even faster)
Communicate with them directly (so there’s no more endless email chains)
Schedule interviews immediately (so you don’t spend months going back and forth with them or their gatekeeper)
Download high-quality guest press kits (so you’re not stuck scraping together a bunch of rag-tag images from Google, and can easily share & promote their content)
Keep track of all your guest bookings in one place (so you aren’t managing availability across five different calendars at the same time)
Getting your show off the ground can feel like climbing Mount Everest with one hand tied behind your back.

I’ll show you how to launch your credible podcast in as little as 30 days using my Podcast Success Formula, so you can hit the ground running and build massive momentum for your show.

Inside Bonus 1, you’ll discover:

How to launch your podcast from scratch in the next 30 days.
How to hook a listener in during the first 7-seconds of a show… and keep them listening for hours. (Watch Video #4 to learn this technique.)
The “foolproof” way to ensure your show tops the iTunes charts on launch day. (This is an absolute must for maximum exposure.)
The “3 C’s” that will make a podcast stand out from the other 850,000 out there. (Nail these components to make a big splash in the “blue ocean” of listeners… while likely earning income from the show faster than planned. Video #5)
A step-by-step checklist for how to create the perfect show. (It doesn’t matter if the show is an interview, solo, scripted, fiction, or anything else. Follow this easy template to be in great shape to create a fantastic show that has listeners coming back for more.)
The #1 editing mistake new and experienced podcasters make that stunts their business growth. (Check out Video #10 to discover how to avoid it.)
And much more
($997 VALUE)
Who you know is more important than what you know. That’s why learning how to network is an essential skill for anyone looking to build a profitable podcast.

I’ll reveal everything I’ve learned on my way to becoming a networking authority and hanging out with the top 1%, despite starting out with no connections or industry experience.

Inside Bonus 3, you’ll discover:

How to explode your network without being pushy or annoying. (And why lighting your money on fire is a better way to build connections than spending it on business cards.)
The hidden power of 5-minute favors.
How to make a good first impression even if you’re a shy introvert who doesn’t like talking to strangers.
The surprising reason why masterminds are a “blue ocean” networking opportunity waiting to be tapped.
How to project confidence and authority with subtle shifts in body language and eye contact.
7 proven conversation starters to help you break the ice in any situation.
​And much more
($997 VALUE)
Learning how to sell is a superpower. But it doesn’t have to feel slimy or unethical.

I’ll show you empathy-led sales techniques to help you sell more products, close more deals, and create more opportunities so you can build the life you want from the ground up.

Inside Bonus 4, you’ll discover:

How to sell without feeling sleazy or sounding sales-y. (If you’ve been scared to sell in the past, this lesson is a game-changer.)
The 3 most important factors in any sales encounter. (Nail these three things, and you’ll dramatically increase your closing percentage. Lesson 1.)
How to develop “contagious confidence” that makes customers and clients eager to do business with you.
The surprising way to get prospects telling YOU how they want to be sold.
Why the “7-38-55 rule” can make or break the sale. (And how to put this little-known law of human nature to work for you.)
What NEVER to do when delivering your sales pitch. (The human brain is wired to make decisions in very specific ways that we can’t alter. Here’s how to craft a persuasive pitch that plays to these decision-making pathways. Lesson 3.)
​And much more
We’re not done yet!

Because the first 5 people who sign up for Podcast Profit Academy today will also receive…

FAST ACTION BONUS #1: One-on-One Coaching Call With Eric
($497 VALUE)
As soon as you enroll, you’ll get on a call with Eric, my podcasting coach.

Together, you’ll discuss specific strategies and tactics to help you monetize your show, he’ll answer any questions you might have, and then map out a customized action plan for you to hit ground running.
FAST ACTION BONUS #2: One-on-One Coaching Call With Travis ($997 VALUE)
30 days later, you and I will jump on a coaching call to review how things are going.

We’ll talk about booking top guests, climbing the charts, growing your audience, and monetizing your show — or anything else related to your podcast or your business.

And if there’s anything you’re struggling with, we’ll identify solutions you can implement right away.
FAST ACTION BONUS #3: Free TaxHive LLC Formation
($997 VALUE)
My final gift to you is a free LLC formation. Most podcasters I meet have no idea how to incorporate their business or some of the tax breaks they’re missing out on because they haven’t formed an LLC.

But if you’re one of the first 5 people to take action today, I’ll personally pay TaxHive to form your LLC — you just pay the state filing fee. Plus, you’ll get an added layer of asset protection, paperwork review, tax savings analysis, and more as free bonuses when you sign up.


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