30 Email Templates By Ian Stanley – Free Download


30 Email Templates By Ian Stanley – Free Download

In the last 5 years or so Ian’s been lucky enough to sell over a hundred million dollars worth of products online. (That’s for his businesses and clients. Not $100 mill in his bank account.)

Email has played a big role in that number. Email is kinda his thing. He’s literally written thousands of emails.

And over that time he’s found there are 30 emails that make more than all the other thousands he’s written.

So he did something a little crazy. He turned those 30 email types into templates. Literally fill-in-the-blanks and send them out. It’ll take about 3-5 minutes per email is his guess. Pretty easy and fast in his book.

Here’s a list of the 30 templates:

Template 1 – Don’t – perfect to give your market a little fear to nudge them into a sale.
Template 2 – Fire – The easiest way to get someone from being “fine” to being “excellent”… by buying your stuff.
Template 3 – The Prison and the Playground – Mindbending correlation email that completely reframes your product as the ultimate freedom from their pain.
Template 4 – Read this if you’ve – Tie your prospect’s problems directly to your product or service.
Template 5 – Schwarzenegger’s #1 reason people fail – Arnolds secret to successfully selling your market off the fence
Template 6 – Do You? – This is one of Ian’s best emails for getting your list to engage with you. Also improves your email deliverability (it isn’t just the reply). Perfect for sending to a list that hasn’t heard from you in a while.
Template 7 – Last Chance – If you’re running a limited quantity holiday sale this season, use this. It’s like opening an ice water stand in the middle of Death Valley on 4th of July. This dials up the volume to 11 on the scarcity of your product.
Template 8 – Open Only If – Sometimes the best way to get someone interested in your product is to say it’s not for them.
Template 9 – Unexpected Shipment – This is one of Ian’s Top 5 subject lines of all time. Works SUPER well, so use with caution. Only deploy if it matches your client/ company’s situation.
Template 11 – Choice – This email shows your prospects that by doing nothing (ex. not buying your product), they are still making a choice. And it may not be a choice they want their 2019 self to live with…
Template 12 – Time – Great for piggy backing off of 3 of the top 5 reasons people break their New Year’s Resolutions.
Template 13 – The “Coloring Book” Model – Make your product so easy to use, a 5 year-old at Denny’s could do it. If you’re selling products that need specific knowledge to use, this is your template.
Template 14 – Here’s $ – Discounts are rampant this time of year. Make yours stand out by reframing it in a way that makes it feel like they’re leaving a found $100 bill on the sidewalk.
Template 15 – What if you couldn’t fail – The fear of something is worse than the thing itself. Show prospects how your business will be there to give them all the tools to succeed in 2019.
Template 16 – Abandonment Straightforward – Good old fashioned straightforward cart abandonment email (just because it is straightforward doesn’t mean it isn’t lethal).
Template 17 – Abandonment Clever – Like the straightforward Abandonment email, just a bit more clever.
Template 18 – What’s your excuse? – This is best used as a “kick in the pants” or “get off the fence” email. Send this when you want some sales of a product you’ve promoted before.
Template 19 – The Challenge – This is a great email you can use to extract valuable data from your list. Find out their biggest challenges. Read the longest responses and see what the themes are.
Template 20 – Survey Email Templates – Put this bad boy out there, put together a short survey and watch the feedback and sales roll in.
Template 21 – Big Clicks – There are a few different options you can use to get some big clicks. Feel free to mix and match and make it fit your voice. I would just urge you to not overcomplicate it.
Template 22 – CC Decline Follow Up – Use this if someone has a Declined Credit Card During Checkout.
Template 23 – CC expiration – Use this template if you have a customer’s card which has expired or expires soon.
Template 34 – One question – This email gets a whole bunch of clicks. And it tends to get a lot of sales too. I’m calling it the “one question” email.
Template 25 – Thank you – This is a simple email you can use whenever you want to thank your subscribers and make some sales or test out a new offer. Or just drive clicks to a video or something you want people to see.
Template 26 – Bye – This is great for when you want to get the last people in a launch to commit to buying your offer. This email’s version of “last call” if you owned a bar/ restaurant. And it sets expectations that you are going to start talking about other stuff. It’s a good transition to your other offers.
Template 27 – Reactivation – Sometimes the best thing you can do for a prospect at the end of their journey is to wish them on their way. Gmail takes unopened emails seriously when they look at your emails. This is a nice way to clean your list without being a jerk.
Template 28 – Review Testimonial – Everyone forgets to get reviews from their past customers. Their lives were changed because of your company. Most of them are happy to help return the favor. Reviews are powerful to have on your sales page, in ads, and on FAQ pages. All you have to do is get the reviews. Just use this template to start.
Template 29 – Sorry – This is an alternative to the “Bye” email from above. Use this if you want a short & sweet way to let people know that your sale is about to close for good.
Template 30 – Why did you buy? – This is the crown jewel (or infinity stone) of your Endgame sales strategy. Every successful offer you have (or will create) comes from real life customer needs/wants/hopes/fears. How do you quickly get to know what your customers really want? By using the Why Did You Buy email.

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