7 Figure Consulting By Chris Rempel (The Lazy Marketer) – Free Download Course


7 Figure Consulting By The Lazy Marketer (Chris Rempel) – Free Download Course

Discover the Breakthrough Consulting Strategy I’ve Used to Generate 7 Figures Per Client…

Masterclass: 7-Figure Consulting

Understand how to strategically position your services so they’re a natural fit for million-dollar projects…

Discover advanced compensation models like revenue sharing, stock/equity options, performance tiers & more – so you can share in the real value you’re creating.

See how to tap into motivated referral channels that will constantly feed you with new clients & opportunities, and where “selling” is basically just a matter of logistics & scheduling…

Bottom line: Whether you’re already consulting, run an agency, or are considering doing either… you’ll discover a whole new world of opportunities for driving real revenue – and working with dream clients who get it.

Watch the Video Above & Discover:

A genius twist on consulting that can generate as much as 7 figures per project
How a straightforward marketing gig generated a $25M payout
The framework for earning 18,000% more from a client project vs “regular consulting”
Specific examples of projects (and clients) where this is possible
Why this version of consulting is the ultimate business model for marketers in 2020
Before we dive in, I should level with you…

I used to think anyone trying to build a client business was insane. The idea of begging local businesses for a few grand a month to run their marketing just seemed dreadful.

And on the other side of the spectrum, trying to land huge enterprise clients just seemed like a pipe-dream for a startup consultancy.

It was also the perfect storm of all the things I hate: reporting deadlines, full calendars, endless calls, demanding psycho clients, capped revenues, etc.

Growing it to any kind of scale would also be aggravating. You’d need at least 5 clients paying $3K/mo before you could even think about hiring your first employee – and it would take 28+ actively paying clients each month just to hit $1M in revenue.

Basically – the client “business model” looked more like an attempt to juggle 20+ different part-time jobs…

No thanks!

So, even though I was frequently asked if I did consulting, for years I shunned the idea of ever taking on clients.

That all changed one day in 2015…

How a Straightforward Marketing Gig
Generated a $25 Million Payday…
Five years ago I went to an entrepreneurs’ retreat at a race track in New Jersey.

I ended up meeting a fascinating guy there who ran an ad agency. It quickly became obvious that he’d built a monster business, so I started asking some questions.

Whatever he was doing sounded way more lucrative than a typical agency…

He explained that in some cases – if a client’s business looked like it was going to blow up – then instead of charging all of their fees in cash, they’d also be given equity in the client’s business.

And the “prices” for things that were paid in equity were much higher (since it didn’t cost the client out of pocket). So if they hit a target milestone, then instead of charging, say, $25K in performance fees, they’d be issued $75K in equity instead.

Definitely a gamble – but in the most recent case, it had really paid off. One of their media-buying clients had recently been acquired at a valuation well over 10X higher than the equity they’d been “paying” this agency.

So instead of collecting maybe $500K in fees over a couple years for hitting performance targets, they cashed out their shares… which were now worth roughly $25 Million.

At this point he had my undivided attention.

This is an extreme example – and honestly not one I recommend – but being exposed to this type of compensation model completely changed my perspective on how profitable a client business could actually be…

Get Access to Everything:

Module 1: Million Dollar Service Models
Understand what 7-figure projects actually look (real life examples)
Discover the importance of proximity to value – so you can build services around small, focused actions that have huge outcomes
Learn how to structure project scope to eliminate busywork and hyper-focus on what actually matters
Discover how to strategically “rig” proposals so they get approved easily, deliver obvious value, and drive huge profits – for both parties.

Module 2: Client Acquisition
Understanding how to find your ideal prospects, based on critical qualifying criteria.
Landing client #1 – a clear, step by step process, from first contact to the final close.
How to tap “waterfall” channels, where key partners can continually introduce you to ideal prospects
How lead generation actually works at this level

Module 3: Advanced Compensation Strategy
Learn the art of crafting proposals & engagements that capture substantial value – without scaring off clients!
Discover how to set a strategic mix of fixed-fees & performance variables so that you can realistically get to 7-figures by hitting reasonable milestones.
Understand when it’s possible for equity compensation (and similar vehicles) to potentially generate huge windfalls, without sacrificing your baseline fee structure.

Module 4: Scale-Up & End-Game Strategy
How to find world-class talent for key operations – and who you need to hire first.
What “growth” looks like when you can only exclusively work with 2-3 high-value clients at a time.
How to structure engagements so you’re not stuck with sub-optimal clients or projects
Exit strategies in a consultancy – even where you’re essential to the business

Private Mastermind [Not Included]
As a founding member you get lifetime access to the The Lazy Marketer mastermind – a private, curated group of growth marketers & agency owners
Get strategic insights & feedback from experienced growth consultants – including Chris Rempel, The Lazy Marketer’s founder
This will be an annual subscription ($495/yr) for other members who miss out on this…

Key Resources
Access and re-purpose real-life proposals, SOW templates, agreements, pitch decks, and more
See the real-life sales process we use to close deals
Once you’re ready to go, and if your services are a good fit – we can make strategic introductions into our network of founders, investors and operators. (This is gold.)

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