Free Download – Dream Sculpting By Andrew Holecek – Mindvalley Course


Free Download – Dream Sculpting By Andrew Holecek – Mindvalley Lucid Dreams Course


The Dream Sculpting program is an all-encompassing program for mastering the many facets of Lucid Dreaming.

Your unique journey will be facilitated by Andrew’s expertise, using all his best practices, techniques and tools.

In just over 22 hours total time, you’ll master the principles that will strengthen your dreaming world and weaken the influence of external world over you.

This will allow you to greatly accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

By the end of the program, this experiential journey will reveal your true potential for greatness.



Andrew Holecek Will Teach You to Master This Dual-Philosophy Approach to Dream Sculpting So You Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Personal & Spiritual Practices


Are you looking to optimize the time you spend asleep so that you get more done while feeling more rested with lucid dream?

Do you ever have dreams that feel like they’re intuitively leading you toward your goals?

Perhaps your dreams even help you work through traumas, stress, or worry…

You know that your dream held the answer, but for some reason, you just can’t grab hold of them when you wake up.

Lucid dreaming is not new.

Jack Nicklaus famously improved his golf game through a lucid dream.

The German chemist Friedrich Kekule discovered the molecular structure of benzene in a dream, James Cameron’s dream of a robot-man eventually became the movie The Terminator, Robert Louis Stevenson came up with the plot for his novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a dream, and Paul McCartney’s song Yesterday came to him in a dream.

The legendary Arthur Rubinstein was even able to mentally practice a piece he had never performed, and then perform it without further rehearsal.

And yet, even for all the advancements you can make with lucid dreaming —

Questioning the nature of reality, communicating with your subconscious mind, practicing your skills in a virtual reality-like manner to become better at something…

We still have yet to truly harness the power and effectiveness of dreaming.

That’s why we’ve created a groundbreaking new approach to lucid dreaming: Dream Sculpting.

Combining the depths of modern science with the best of Eastern Buddhist traditions, this experiential program will show you how to achieve your wildest aspirations while you sleep so you can make your dreams a reality.

And at every every step, you’ll have expert Andrew Holecek to show you the techniques you need to experience breakthroughs in your personal and spiritual life.

In just six weeks, you’ll transform your nights into a unique hybrid of rest and rapid growth.

And you will completely shift the way you experience your life from now on.


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