Amazon Dropshipping Course By Andrew Giorgi – Free Download Videos


Andrew’s Amazon Dropshipping Course By Andrew Giorgi – Free Download

What You Will Learn About Inside The Course

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about building and growing an Amazon Dropshipping Business from A-Z.

This course is made for people who are COMPLETE BEGINNERS who know nothing about Amazon and for someone who is looking to learn all of the small details and tricks I use to run my 6 Figure Business.

I have compiled all of my knowledge that I have learned from selling on Amazon and dropshipping on Amazon into this course. This course contains ALL of the tips and tricks on how to run a more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT Amazon Dropshipping Business. I will provide you ALL of my Customer Service Templates along with my Orders Spreadsheet that is pre-made and contains formulas where you simply plug in numbers and names of products and the rest is done for you.

Also, I provide to you other spreadsheets that I have created that will allow you to run and manage your business much more EFFICIENTLY. I provide tools in this course that I use that NO OTHER course on the market talks about and show you things that no one speaks about. Take this opportunity to start your journey to financial freedom and ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

Here is what is covered 👇


Amazon Dropshipping Introduction

Facebook Group For Course Members

Business Model Overview

Setting Up Amazon Account

LLC/EIN/Resale Certificate Obtainment

Creating Business Bank Account

Creating The Amazon Storefront

Shipping Settings Set Up

Return Settings Set Up

Setting Up Gmail & Folders

Walmart Tax Exempt Guide

Home Depot Tax Exempt Guide

Tax Exempt Form Overview

Setting Up Return Override Template

Setting Up Inventory Management Software

OA Genius Overview

Settings Tab Configuration Walkthrough

How To Upload Items To OA Genius

How To Read/Understand Orders Tab

Setting Up Repricing Software Overview

How To Connect Informed With OA Genius

How To Create a Repricing Strategy

Chrome Extensions Overview

Chrome Extensions I Use

AMZ Scout In-Depth Chrome Extension Overview

Account Metrics

How To Avoid Velocity Reviews

Account Health Section Overview

Performance Notifications Overview

Product Research

Product Masterlist Spreadsheet Overview

Product Research Method #1 – Supplier To Amazon

Product Research Method #2 – Sniping Sellers

How To Determine If Other Retailers Are Worthy Of Being a Supplier

Listing Items

How To List Products

How To Edit Listings

Order Fulfillment

How To Fulfill Orders

How To Input Orders Into Orders Spreadsheet

Customer Service

Importance of Customer Service

Customer Service Templates Overview

How To Deal With Order Cancellations

How To Handle OOS (Out Of Stock) Orders

How To Handle Return Requests

Calling Customers – How & When To Do It


My Daily Routine

How To Scale Your Amazon Store

How To Leverage Credit Cards For Your Business

Amazon Suspension Services

Update Videos

Product Research Sniping Update With AMZ Scout Extension

NEW Chrome Extension for IP Alerts

Service For For Removal Amazon Account Suspensions & IP Complaints

High ODR Counter For Newer Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much in sales have you done in your time dropshipping on Amazon?
I have done over $500,000 in sales in my time of dropshipping on Amazon and I will be sharing the EXACT strategies I use to generate that income.

I have NO experience selling online, is this course for me?
Yes, this course is for COMPLETE beginners to e-Commerce and selling on Amazon.

Does this course walk me step-by-step through the entire process?
Yes, this course gives you ALL of the knowledge that you’ll need and will take you from a completely inexperienced seller to an Advanced Seller on Amazon and equip you with Advanced strategies that I have created over the 2 years I have been selling on Amazon.

Will people wonder why my products come from different suppliers and not have the Amazon logo on the box?
No, I get this question 5x a day and the reason they will not wonder or care is because as long as you’re providing the customer the item that they ordered, they will not mind.

How long will it take to make my investment of $997 back?
It should take you generally 3-6 months to make your investment back, but is all dependent on how much time and effort you put into this course.

The Freedom

This business will give you the opportunity to have ULTIMATE FREEDOM. I am not special by any means, I just put in the time and the work to be able to live the life I do now. This business gives you the ability to work from anywhere at anytime and the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. 3 years ago, I did not think that I would be able to travel where ever I wanted and be able to take my family where ever I want whenever I want, but this business has allowed for it. I did not think that I would be making 5x the amount that an average person my age makes. I did not think I would be making 6-7 figures a year, but this business has made it possible to not only make that type of money, but make it from anywhere in the world at ANY TIME.

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