Autoresponder Madness 4.0 By Andre Chaperon – Free Download Course


Autoresponder Madness 4.0 By Andre Chaperon – Free Download Course

Autoresponder madness 4.0 has been created by Andre Chaperon, a well-known internet marketer who known was launching great IM products. Especially when talk about email marketing then his name cannot be hidden.

Autoresponder Madness is a training platform on how to start an effective email campaign in order to boost your online business. Andre Chaperon was very successful while list building and he showed us exactly the tricks and techniques he used in the past.

List building has been around from years and there are different concepts you will learn about this process but this is one of the best course available online that guides you how to build your list using auto responder and increase conversions in order to earn more profits.

What is Included in AutoResponder Madness 4.0?

This is currently its 4th edition and its first was launched in 2009, now updated in 2021 and 2022 as well. It consists of 4 modules, divided into 19 lessons:


Module 1

Lesson # One: Prelude
Lesson # Two: The Big Picture
Lesson # Three: Understanding Your Audience and Profiling Them
Lesson # Four: Creating ATTENTION Through The Use Of A Hook
Lesson # Five: Open and Nested Loops
Lesson # Six: Story Direction & Structure
First Chapter Summary


Module 2

Chapter 2 lessons are in the form of episodes like episode 1, 2 and so on.

Lesson # Seven: Soap Opera Sequence
Lesson # Eight: Soap Opera Sequence
Lesson # Nine: Soap Opera Sequence
Lesson # Ten: Soap Opera Sequence
Lesson # Eleven: Soap Opera Sequence
Lesson # Twelve: Soap Opera Sequence Summary
Second Chapter Summary


Module 3

Lesson # Thirteen: List Segmentation (How to diversify your audience)
Lesson # Fourteen: Product Launch Sequence
Lesson # Fifteen: Product Launch Sequence Case Study
Lesson # Sixteen: Storytelling Hacks
Lesson # Seventeen: Marketing Hacks
Third Chapter Summary


Module 4

Lesson # Eighteen: Inner Game Mastery
Lesson # Nineteen: Advanced
Appendices and Extras

Private Facebook Tribe: Auto responder Madness Insiders
My EVIL Experiment
Breakfast Protein Shakes
Real Product Launch Sequences (PLSs)


Bonus Material

Art of Storytelling

The 100 Day SOS

Case Studies 2021 & 2022


All lessons are well in depth and they reveal you every aspect of that particular topic. Each lesson contain specified tasks and if you do it with lessons then it keeps you on the track and confirms that you have understood this lesson well.

If you are looking for some site that guide you from start and even if you don’t have previous internet marketing experience then see my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. It will guide you everything and helps you to build online business but at a very reasonable price.

If we compare both sites then:

Wealthy Affiliate guides you every aspect of internet marketing including email marketing while ARM is specific to email marketing.
WA is cheaper as compared to ARM.
WA has a very active community that helps you every time you request while there is no such thing in ARM.
WA has lot of tools like keyword research tool, free hosting, and website builder but there is no such thing in ARM.

The main thing you need to understand is that the IDEAS contained within Autoresponder Madness unique, valuable, and they just plain work. Andre obviously knows what he is talking about, and I will definitely implement some of the strategies he covers in ARM.

Highlights from the ARM 4.0 compared to ARM 3.0 include:

Creating a customer avatar (personal profile of your target customer)
SOS (Soap Opera Sequence or story telling to hook customers)
PLS (Product Launch Sequence for selling one-off products)
Lots of insights into how a customer thinks
Actual campaigns that Andre or his buddies have run
The one major takeaway I gained from ARM was list segmentation, which I didn’t even know was possible. With a product like Aweber Pro Tools you can actually divide your list into groups to create highly targeted lists. This means you can promote hyper-targeted products to people that actually want them instead of just blasting out general offers and hoping that your list wants what you’re selling.

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