Building A Mountain Of Levers By Eric Jorgenson – Free Download Course


Building A Mountain Of Levers By Eric Jorgenson – Free Download Course

Accomplish More.

Break the constraints of the typical day. Learn how to accomplish superhuman feats by playing a different game — building leverage.

Prioritize — Get the critical things done.

Produce — Increase your output-to-effort.

Compound — Build greater impact every day.

Leverage: from idea to application.

Levers are force multipliers. This is how some people can accomplish 10x, 100x, or 1,000,000x what others can. Leverage can multiply outcomes from your effort, your skill, and your judgment.

Can you lift 800 pounds? You could with an 18-foot lever.

Can you earn $50,000/year without working even 1 hour? You could with $1,000,000. (leverage from capital)

Can you get 100,000 people to read your tweet? You could with 100 retweets. (leverage from an audience)

What is included in this course?

There are three main components of this course. Details for each below. You get them all in one package:

Course Material – All of the lessons, examples, case studies, and frameworks for building leverage. Lifetime access to all material (video, graphics, and text) including additions we make over time.

Study Groups – Your private, curated Slack group of 5-6 peers. Confidentially share progress, questions, and goals. Get feedback, accountability, and structure from new leverage friends.

Community Access – 1 year of access to the full Life of Leverage Community on MightyNetworks and Slack platforms. Learn all of the craaaaazy things leverage nerds are doing around the world!

Expect to take about 12 weeks to finish one pass through the material, assuming ~1-3 hours per week. You could sprint through within a week, just be sure you’re working on applying these ideas as you learn.

For most of us, learning and applying leverage is a lifelong journey, and this course and community support you well after you have taken in all of the lessons.

Overview of the Course Material
Part 1 covers the fundamentals of Leverage as a mental model, applies in different contexts, and shows many examples of successful leverage;

Part 1.5 leads you to calculate your aspirational hourly rate, which we use as a basis for decision-making throughout the course.

Part 2 shows us how to solve problems in a leveraged way, using the Leveraged Solutions Worksheet;

Part 3 introduces Mt. Leverage, the core metaphor of this course, examples of how leverage makes some people seem superhuman and introduces the Leverage Map Worksheet, your canvas of compounding;

Parts 4-7.5 layers detail for each of the four forms of leverage (tools, people, capital, and product) including examples, applications, tactics, risks, and memorable metaphors;

Part 8 serves as a practical guide to building a mountain of leverage, from how it feels, to how to plan, and how to take action;

Part 9 discusses mental blockers. How to discover and remove self-imposed obstacles preventing us from progress;

Part 10 talks frankly about the downsides of leverage, and how it cuts both ways if it’s used in the wrong way or at the wrong time;

Part 11 dives deeper into building leverage, including more advanced and quantitative approaches like return on investment, margins, and more;

Part 12 concludes with the 10 Laws of Leverage: short, memorable guidelines to give you the automatic instinct toward leverage.

Bonus Material is included throughout the course as optional additional lessons, like Leveraged Leaders, Leverage through History, and Case Studies from community members with specific masterful skills.

Oh, and one more key piece: private conversations with experts to hear stories of how they build leverage and apply it in their lives.

We already have Jim O’Shaughnessy, Tom Osman, Jack Butcher, and Andrew Wilkinson. We add case studies, breakdowns, and walkthroughs continuously so the course gets deeper over time.

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