Call Center Cash By Donald Spann – Free Download Course


Call Center Cash By Donald Spann – Free Download Course

Build & Launch Your 7-Figure Work From Anywhere Call Center Business In The Next 30 Days (Even with NO experience, NO tech skills, and almost NO money!)

This is the secret playbook I’ve been using to build, launch and scale a remote virtual receptionist business to 7-figures profitably…while living life on my own terms!

This Under The Radar Niche Within The Call Center Industry Was Perfect Because…

It can easily scale to 7-figures (even 8!) because of massive market demand

It has awesome profit margins

It has a small and inexpensive barrier to entry (for call center newbies like me 😀)

It can be start and run from anywhere in the world 🌎

It’s a long-term industry (that isn’t going anywhere!)

It requires zero innovation (I’m no creative whiz!)

It has a bulletproof revenue stream (consistent and stable growth 😍)

It was safe to say that ALL my boxes were ticked and more…

Starting with just $500 in January, my business did over $100,000 in revenue it’s first year.

By month 17 we were profiting over $10,000/month sustainably!

The “Virtual Receptionist” Niche

You see, when a business owner looks for ways to get their phones answered, they usually end up with one of 4 options. Let’s break them down here…

Option 1: Traditional Answering Service

👍 Low cost
👍 Agents will answer the phone
🚫 They limit what they will do for clients
🚫 Agents aren’t very helpful to callers

Option 2: Customer Service Call Center

👍 Low cost
👍 Agents will answer the phone
🚫 Service quality is low
🚫 Built for large businesses, not small

Option 3: Virtual Assistant

👍 High quality service
👍 Feels like an in-house employee
🚫 Expensive for just call handling
🚫 Not a good fit for our target client

Option 4: In-house Employee

👍 Highest quality solution
👍 Can answer phone and other tasks
🚫 Too expensive for just phone calls
🚫 Many other expenses associated

…and while most business owners recognize that they need to have their phones answered, the 4 options above actually DON’T WORK for the majority of companies out there!

Your Virtual Receptionist company gives a business owner all of the benefits of an in-house answering employee without the headaches or expenses

The service is premium quality

Receptionists go beyond only taking messages and are actually helpful to client’s callers which help our clients win more business

The service is inexpensive (a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand!)

Multiple receptionists means no sick days, no sudden emergencies and reliable service for your clients

You see, a small group of Virtual Receptionist companies have been hiding in plain sight for the last 15-20 years—a new category of call center…and these companies—these Virtual Receptionist companies…were already raking in millions of dollars.

One of the ones I was researching when I first started sold a portion of their company for 38 million dollars!

What I discovered was that millions of businesses across the US, Canada and the Rest of the World badly needed what these companies offered, but didn’t realize they exist!

…And at the end of the day…this all boils down to one simple thing:

Businesses don’t want to miss calls, and our job is to make sure they don’t miss them.

Virtual Receptionist companies are quite simply the best and most effective way to do that.

Call Center Cash simplifies the process of building your remote virtual receptionist call center with bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand and easy to implement.

Each module has multiple steps, with several videos within each step.

Module 1: Step 1

Defining Your Call Center

Define your call center and develop your unique value proposition (UVP) to differentiate yourself.

Module 1: Step 2

The Math

Know the numbers behind starting your call center, and what your business will look like at the $1k/$10k/$100k+/month level

Module 2: Step 1

Business Creation

Secure your domain, build your business scaffolding and incorporate your company.

Module 2: Step 2

Call Center Software

A simple “crash course” on call center tech for newbies, learning what metrics matter and setting up your call center software.

Module 2: Step 3

Your Business Tools

All the tech you need to manage leads, onboard clients and charge them each month like clockwork.

Module 3

Building Your Receptionist Team

An entire module dedicated to the most important role in your organization—the receptionist.

Module 4: Step 1

Pre-Launch Marketing

Map your launch timeline, build your list and nurture your leads with my exact email launch sequence so that you hit the ground running on launch day

Module 4: Step 2

Post-Launch Marketing

Proven online traffic generation strategies, a crash course on sales and how to onboard your first clients!

Quite frankly, there are NO OTHER call center courses (let alone Virtual Receptionist courses) on the market like this…PERIOD.

Nothing comes CLOSE.

I spent 5 years going through the trial and error, and making almost every mistake possible. I had NO ONE to help me in this space, no one to mentor me on call centers—I created THE course I WISH I HAD WHEN I STARTED!

Additionally, because I want this course to be the best value possible, I decided to go OVERBOARD with bonuses!

Bonus #1

The Official Remote Call Center Revenue/Profit Mega Calculator!

Use this incredible spreadsheet tool to visualize and strategize by putting numbers on your goals. Just plug in a few details and you’ll know how many agents you need, revenues, profits, expenses and more!

These numbers are based on our real-world data from thousands of clients and millions in revenue.

Bonus #2


The “Important Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed To Go Over With Your Phone System Vendor” PDF will help you navigate the setup process, no matter what service you use.

Not knowing the answers to these questions early on led to me missing out on 100k in extra revenue! 😱

Bonus #3

Optimizing Your Site for Conversions

An “inside look” at the psychology and elements behind call center websites that convert 7 to 8 figures in revenue.

Pick my brain as I explain why I built my site a certain way, and see my analysis of things our competitors do well.

Bonus #4

The Swipe Files – Ever Expanding PDF Series

The Swipe Files include:

The exact templates we use for our welcome email for new clients and monthly billing PDFs
The secret “call scoring criteria” we use to ensure receptionists are rocking it on the phone
PDFs of our short, sweet and extremely effective pre-launch email sequence that led to $22,000 in clients on DAY 1
…and a super special Blockbuster Bonus

Scaling to 1 Million+ Bonus Module!

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