Captivating Copywriting By John Romaniello – Free Download Course


Captivating Copywriting By John Romaniello – Free Download Course

An unmatched copywriting course designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and online business owners who want to write high-converting, brand-enriching, personality-driven copy.

Captivating Copywriting is a comprehensive, self-paced course that’ll take any online business owner and turn them into a capable, confident, profitable copywriter in 8 weeks or less.

Taking everything I’ve learned about copy over the past 10 years through aggressive study, practice, and experience, Captivating Copywriting simplifies and delivers it to you with the perfect balance of information and entertainment.

With nine modules released over 8 weeks, every week gives you new training and new lessons, breaking down another piece of the copy puzzle.

Each training covers a specific aspect of copy, from research to building out the perfect offer.

Every module is packed with video training and accompanying workbooks, covering copywriting from the psychology of sales, the process of building out perfect headlines.

All taught using priceless frameworks to help you churn out magic words in less time than you’d think possible.

Here’s a peek inside:

There are three options to get your magic out into the world…
All right. So you’ve gotta have copy for your offer.

Everything in the offer is incredible, and since your copy is front-facing, it has to be at that same level.

We’ve got to get that copy out of your head and onto the page. We’ve got to find the words to describe to your audience, in exactly the right language, what you do and you can help them.

You’ve got to create copy magical enough to match, to truly capture the magic of what you do, and communicate in the most evocative, connective, captivating way possible.

You need some copy, and you need it now.

At this point, you’ve got three options…

Option 1: Outsource it
First up, we have the obvious: if you don’t know how to write copy, just hire someone else to do it.

It’s a logical idea, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, where you’re constantly being bombarded with aphorisms like focus on your zone of genius and all that.
You’re not a designer, so you hire someone to create your brand kit.
​You’re not a coder so you hire someone to build your website.
​You’re not an audio engineer, so you hire someone to edit your podcasts.
And so on.

The difference between those things and copy, though, isn’t one of degrees, but of dimension.

Those things are the paintings on the walls of your house; copy is the bricks from which the house is made and mortar holding the house together.

It’s too important to trust to “just anyone.”

So, of course, you try to solve that problem by hiring someone great. Someone experienced, which typically translates to expensive.

But, let’s say you’re okay with that.

Let’s say you don’t mind investing $5,000-$15,000 on a copywriter.

The ROI should be there, since that copy might sell $50,000, $100,000, or a million dollars worth of product!

That would be amazing, who wouldn’t take that deal?

You shouldn’t, and here’s why:
If you don’t know how to write copy, you simply cannot work well with a copywriter.
Even a great copywriter isn’t going to get it right on the first pass.

They don’t know your voice (you don’t even know your voice)…and so begins the dance.

You’ll need to tell your copywriter to make edits…but you won’t know copywriting well enough to tell them what to change.

Slowly, you get pulled into a nightmarish back-and-forth trying to get it right without really knowing what right is.

This is the cruel irony: you’ve hired a copywriter to “save time”…but the opposite happens.

You saved yourself maybe 15 hours of work by getting someone else to do the writing…

…only to spend 30 hours working with them through edits, revisions, and rewrites make it usable.

In the end, you’ve spent a ton of time and quite a bit of money.

When you could have just written it yourself.

That’s why it’s vital for you to become a proficient copywriter. Not “masterful,” not “world-class.” Not if you don’t want to.

Just aggressively, ruthlessly proficient at creating personality-driven copy that sings.

That converts.

Option 2: Spend half a decade in monk-like pursuit of copywriting mastery
Remember when I told you about my $465,000 launch? Well, I also told you I thought I could’ve done better.

If a few weeks of studying was good, then years must be better, right?

So I read every copywriting book you can find Amazon (6 of them were helpful, 13 of them were okay, and the other 35 were useless).

Nearly memorized every “ultimate guide to copywriting” you can find on the internet, plus about two hundred other articles.

And so one.

By the time I got through my 5th online course, I was at the point of thinking if I get just ONE nugget from this course, it’s worth it…

Along the way, I kept writing copy. And I kept getting better.

But was I SO MUCH BETTER after doing 500 hours of research than I was at 50? Not really.

Was I even noticeably better at 5000 hours than I was at 500? Nope.

My copy was dialed in and it was impressive to other copywriters. But after a certain point, conversions stayed the same.

That time wasn’t wasted, because the lesson I learned was invaluable: being really, really good in a few months is better than being really, really, really good in a few years.

You’re not going to get 10X better or make 10X more money for putting in 10X more work.

With copy, as with so much of life and business, the Law of Diminishing Returns is a bitch.

The lesson? Put in optimal learning, not maximal learning.

Which leads us to option three.
Option 3: Enroll in this course, obviously.
I’ll tell you why this course is the course in a moment, but first let’s establish the absolutes.

Learning copy requires investment. You’re gonna spend time or you’re gonna spend money, but you’re probably gonna spend both.

But you don’t have to spend a lot of time or too much money.

As we said earlier: hiring a copywriter usually winds up costing you a lot on both fronts. Getting your copy PhD is an eternal slog with limited pay off.

So, we need to Goldilocks this bitch. Invest a bit of money, a bit of time, and make the magic happen.

If you take the right course, you learn fast and implement faster. You can save the headaches of reading sales letters from guys who died before the advent of the internet.

And, if by some chance you decide to outsource your copy in the future, you’ll be knowledgeable enough to tell the good from the bad.

Enter: Captivating Copywriting.

I’ll be taking all the lessons I’ve learned from my decades of experience and giving it to you in eight easily digestible modules.

Everything from how I generated millions of dollars, to how I can enter the conversation through my readers doors, and how you can do the same.

Captivating Copywriting isn’t a course on plug-and-play templates or how to write fancy words.

It’s a step-by-step process that will teach you everything from how to research to writing copy that makes them think, “wow, this person gets me.”

This is not only the simplest and most logical option, it’s also the most direct path to success.

Of course, if you’d prefer to go with option 1 or 2, go for it.

I truly thank you for reading this far—but, alas, we’ve reached the end of our road: there’s no need to go any further, because what I’m about to share won’t interest you.

If you’re still with me, let us carry on.

Because now I want to take you inside Captivating Copy and tell you exactly how it’ll change your business.

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