Cartoon Character Setup By Rigging Workshop – Free Download Course


Cartoon Character Setup By Rigging Workshop – Free Download Course

With this character rigging course we will learn to build a production ready character rig for film. We will start off by understanding the character, from it’s anatomy to the emotions! Character rigging is a very modular process, hence we categories each section of the body and face to setup an animator friendly rig that delivers superb performance and expression.

The first half of the workshop is focused towards building a flexible body rig and the second half of the workshop is geared towards building an expressive facial rig, keeping the puppet very intuitive to work with. Towards the end of the workshop, you will have created a production ready cartoon character rig.

Class 01 – Reference study and skeletal setup.
Class 02 – Introduction to stretchy, IK-FK deformation spine control.
Class 03 – Build the spine rig.
Class 04 – Build the stretchy IK-FK arm rig with advance elbow control.
Class 05 – Add-in bendy deformation control and twist setup for the arm.
Class 06 – Build the stretchy IK-FK leg rig with advance knee control.
Class 07 – Add-in bendy deformation control and twist setup for the leg.
Class 08 – Finalize and complete the body rig.
Class 09 – Start skinning and paint weight.
Class 10 – Finalize paint weight and polish the deformation with corrective shapes.
Class 11 – Start skeletal setup for the head and face. Add in-extra set of skeletal controls for cartoon deformation.
Class 12 – The Brow Setup. Fine tuning the brow rig and deformation. Adding details.
Class 13 – The Eye Setup.
Class 14 – Fine tuning the eye setup and deformation. Adding details.
Class 15 – The Mouth Setup.
Class 16 – Fine tuning the mouth setup and deformation. Adding details.
Class 17 – Facial Blendshapes.
Class 18.- Facial Combination Blendshapes. Fine tuning and adding details for believable facial expressions.
Class 19 – The Tongue & Teeth Setup. Enhancing and adding additional deformation layers for exaggerated facial expressions and cartoon deformation. Finalize the facial setup. Smears, Squash & Stretch and Multiples add-on.
Class 20 – Finalize the character setup. Rig checklist, quality check (debugging) and finalize the rig for production. Q&A, Review, Show-reel preparation!
Rigging a full body and facial cartoon character for production.
Bonus Material: Students will also be provided with a video tutorial on creating Soft IK, Automated Pivot Control, IK – FK snapping, Space Switching and Smear Controls! These bonus features are an upgrade or add-ons to the existing rigs!!

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