Content Mavericks Infinity By Chris Von Wilpert – Free Download Course


Content Mavericks Infinity By Chris Von Wilpert – Free Download Course

EXTREMELY LIMITED SALE: Content Mavericks Infinity is your chance to get everything I’ve ever published along with my 1-on-1 help.

Now You Can Get EVERYTHING You Need To Scale Your Online Business, Step-By-Step
(and Save Over $10,000)!

If You Qualify… Together We’ll Set Up Your Brand To Nail $1,000+ Months in RECURRING INCOME Within 60 Days, Then You’ll Learn How To Scale To 100,000+ Visitors And $100,000+ Months Long Term. You’ll Never Have To Pick Up The Phone Or Be Overwhelmed With “What To Do Next” Ever Again.

✔ YES Chris! I’m ready to STOP burning time and money trying too many tactics that don’t work. I’m fed up with living month-to-month on the cash flow roller coaster.

I’m ready to get EVERYTHING I NEED in order to get started and make my first $1,000/mo, with five greatest hits… then learn how to scale my brand to 100,000+ visitors and $100k+/mo long term.

I understand that, as I read this, I’m also entitled to get 2 limited bonuses that are not available anywhere else: 60 days of 1-ON-1 SUPPORT and personal help hand picking the first 5 content topics which will slingshot my results.

Instant access to the Content Mavericks Infinity beta program, which enables you to make your first $1,000/mo (or add another $1,000/mo to your online business) in the next 60 days, with just five greatest hits (aka revenue-generating marketing assets you can use over and over again)…

Then use the “Ski Slope Strategy” to scale your brand to 100,000+ visitors and $100k+/mo, long term.

$100,000 per month content marketing channel

You WON’T need to put on webinars, spend hours on “strategy sessions”, or build tangled sales funnels.

I’ll hand you everything you need to get $1,000+ per month clients like clockwork (if you run a client-focused business) and consistent, daily product sales (if you run a product-focused business)… PLUS, 60 days of support from me, personally.

Since Content Mavericks was founded at the end of 2018, I’ve launched three products that have helped over 800 entrepreneurs across 25 countries explode their income (check out every review on this page).

I came up with an all-inclusive deal for you.
Pay a one-time fee today to secure a membership to Content Mavericks Infinity…

And receive EVERYTHING I’ve ever published here at Content Mavericks (PLUS get my personal 1-on-1 help)…

With this deal you will save over $10,000!

What’s the catch?

The one-time fee is $5,000 (or 3 payments of $2,000 if you need my help to finance it).

That might seem like a lot.

But you’ll save $4,300 on my three products — for life.

Plus have my 1-on-1 support for 60 days.

Plus my done-for-you help to personally hand-pick the five content topics you need to cover first.

Most importantly… I look after all my private clients with a performance guarantee…

Cuz I’m an old fashioned kinda guy and this isn’t my first rodeo 🤠

Here’s everything you’ll get when you act right now:

More Traffic Less Content

(Retail Price: US$500 here): How to get more traffic with less content for any website. This is perfect for beginners with little-to-no website traffic.

In this three video bundle, I (Chris) show you the nuts-and-bolts “greatest hits content” framework I use for getting traffic that converts to 500 – 10,000 email leads every month.

Included is a 5-day email sequence to convert the email leads you collect into sales (the same one I personally used to collect $33,852 recurring revenue over 5 days).

Greatest Hits Content

(Retail Price: US$3,000 here): How to get your highest paying clients with five “greatest hits”. This is perfect for anybody who wants to grow a business to 6-figures without posting new content every single day.

Using just five blog posts, my most effective 80/20 marketing methods, and a handful of “900 word emails”, you’ll set up a foundation for your online business to start bringing in consistent leads every day, so you can sell offers up to $15,000 (like Grant did below).

Content Marketing Masters

(Retail Price: US$5,800 here): How to get 1,000,000+ visitors and scale your product to the moon. This is perfect for businesses with a small content team ready to scale to 7-8 figure product sales.

After you’ve got your five “greatest hits” set up and driving daily leads, you’ll learn what it takes to scale your content channel to $100k/mo+ to bring in daily sales, starting with your first $1,000/mo in recurring revenue (like Pete did below).

The Boardroom

(Retail Price: US$99/month): A private Slack community where you can get unlimited content critiques and strategic guidance on any question in 24 hours.

Inside the group there are 7-figure agency owners, 7-figure course creators, 7-figure software founders, 8-figure ecommerce store owners, SEO specialists, paid traffic specialists, content writers, copywriters, and more.

You’ll have a direct line to get feedback on anything from me and our small group of experienced online business owners. You can even hire or get hired by people you meet inside.

5 Hand Picked Content Topics (specific to your business) — Not Available Anywhere Else

(Value: US$5,000): When you join, I’ll send you a private message asking for a link to your sales/offer page. I’ll then find the 5 best revenue-generating content topics you can cover to slingshot your business’ lead generation and sales conversions for that offer.

I’ve done this many times now, across hundreds of niches. I’ve helped my clients find the right topics to sell:

$15,000 agency contracts.
$5,800 online training programs.
$3,500/mo coaching retainers.
$500 freelance writing gigs.
$29/mo membership offers.
$49/mo software products.

As long as you have something to sell, I can find revenue-generating content topics to help you to sell it. (I have examples here if you want to check.)

[NOT INCLUDED] 60-Day Private Thread (between you and me that no one else can see) — Not Available Anywhere Else

(Value: US$5,000): This is where you can send me unlimited questions via a private thread inside The Boardroom (our private Slack group). Anytime you need something, I’ll be in your pocket.

I’ve grown traffic to sites very fast, and can help guide you so you can ramp up your marketing to do similar. Simply ask me “Chris, what should I do next?” and I’ll tell you, taking into account your specific circumstances and business.

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