Copycademy By Dan Lok – Free Download Copywriting Academy Training


Copycademy By Dan Lok – Free Download Copywriting Academy Training

At Last! A Done-For-You Copywriting Secrets Training Program That Actually Works…

Now Your Marketing Team Can Write Sizzling Sales Copy Better Than Any Digital Agency Or Freelancer – At A Tiny Fraction Of The Cost!

If you’ve ever wanted your marketing team to write better copy faster while maintaining your unique brand voice, I’ve got great news…

Back in 2019, we corralled the best of the best copywriting experts and trainers who specialize in the different types of copy you need for your business.

Our intention was to have them share their knowledge in a series of masterclasses we could use to train freelance copywriters to write high conversion copy.

We had two criteria for selecting the copywriting and marketing experts who would teach these masterclasses:

They had to be proven experts with millions of dollars worth of profit attributed to their writing and marketing skills
They had to be excellent at teaching the skill to others so success could be duplicated

As you can imagine, finding all-star copywriters and marketers like this wasn’t easy, or cheap!

But we found them. And paid them handsomely for their knowledge.

We had each expert sit down and create a masterclass on their specific area of expertise.

For example, we hired Brian Kurtz, who helped build an iconic publishing company to $150 million a year at its height.

We hired A-List copywriter David Deutsch who’s sold over a billion dollars of his clients’ products using nothing more than the power of the written word.

And we hired Alex Mandossian, who’s generated almost $400 million in sales and profits for his marketing students, clients, and strategic partners, with $100 million of that coming from his proprietary method for creating high-conversion webinars.

And that’s just 3 of the high-caliber copywriting and marketing experts we pulled in to make this…

The Absolute Best Resource Available To Train Your Team To Write Sizzling Sales Copy That Converts Like Crazy!

What happened next surprised even us…

After several months of promoting the program to copywriters, we realized that the people who benefited MOST from the material were NOT freelance copywriters…

It was business owners!

Business owners — like you — who used our one-of-a-kind library of copywriting masterclasses to train their in-house marketing team (or remote workers) to write the compelling copy their business needed to grow their sales.

The result of these business owners exposing their own marketing teams to the copywriting masterclasses was nothing short of amazing!

To give you some idea of the results, we heard of 2X to 5X increases in traffic, leads, frontend and backend sales, from the copy their teams started to produce.

And they got these improvements with little, and often ZERO input from themselves.

Our collection of masterclasses did all the work for them!

That’s right. All the business owners had to do was give their team members a copywriting project to work on, direct them to the right masterclass inside our program, and their team members did the rest.

And this was often from staff with NO previous experience writing copy!

For example, one business owner said:

“I didn’t want to hire freelancers or agencies to write my marketing material so I got my people to sit down and go through the modules inside your program… Then I gave them a product to write about and they did the rest… they watched the relevant masterclass by your chosen expert, followed the step-by-step instructions, and wrote copy as good as any paid freelancer I ever hired!”
“I no longer slave over the copy myself. I don’t need to fork out expensive freelancer or agency fees. I’ve got back 10-15 hours each week. Saved a bundle in the process. And the results are getting better and better each time my team goes through the material.”
With results like this, I feel Copycademy will be a game-changer for you.

Copycademy For Marketing Teams
A unique online training university that will turn any member of your team into a world-class copywriter for your business

Copycademy is for you if you realize bad copy from crappy copywriters is costing you money, time, leads, and sales. Not to mention the damage it does to your brand.

With Copycademy you can give your team 24/7 access to copywriting and marketing masterclasses by some of the top copywriters in the world – with over 150 years combined experience writing copy that convinces and converts.

It’s like having a team of world-class copywriters and marketers sitting at the desk of everyone in your company who’s involved in marketing!

Mastering your brand messaging and unique company voice. This masterclass is taught by Candice Lazar, who for several years worked behind the scenes as the copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. During that time she wrote thousands of marketing emails for Jeff. And yet, she matched his voice and brand so well you’d never know it was her writing the campaigns.

Understanding your audience and how to sell to them. Led by Brian Kurtz, who took his employer’s company to $150 million a year in revenue at its peak. This masterclass gives your team a million-dollar education on how to understand your customers better than they know themselves, so you can sell to them in the exact way they want to be sold.

The fundamentals of persuasive writing – to make everything you write more compelling. Led by David Deutsch who got his start on Maddison Avenue working with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and has since worked with the biggest names in publishing and marketing. He’ll teach your people how to write all the elements of a highly successful direct mail campaign (magalog) and these techniques apply to every kind of persuasive writing they do for your business.

SEO writing secrets to bring a flood of free traffic to your website. Led by Carmine Mastropierro who will teach your people his 7 step ladder to getting on the first page of Google, even if your major keywords are extremely competitive. He’s used his 7 step ladder method to generate triple-digit increases in organic traffic for companies like Marketo, Forbes, Neil Patel, Go Daddy, and more.

Social media credibility building to find new clients on LinkedIn and other social platforms. This masterclass is led by Ekaterina Howard who specializes in helping unknown startups build their authority and find new clients. She’ll show your people how to combine social media relationship building with strategies for turning contacts into contracts now!

Content writing to attract an unlimited flow of prospects to your company. In this masterclass, Erica Gordon shows your people how to find hot topics and content ideas that will get your business noticed and land clients. She’ll walk your people through the exact steps she uses to write articles that attract search engines and build rapid trust with your readers.

Paid Ads that bring buyers to your business now. Kat Ilich is a Facebook Ad specialist who works with fortune 500 and fortune 100 companies. She’s generated tens of millions of dollars with her ad strategies and in this masterclass, she teaches your people how to quickly and effectively write compelling Facebook ads that attract and convert new customers like clockwork.

List Building to constantly increase your inbound email leads. This Master class is led by lead generation specialist Joshua Lee Henry who’s helped build dozens of companies with his lead generation skills. In this masterclass, he shows your people how to use paid, organic, and borrowed traffic to build your list plus dozens of ways to improve your landing pages, lead magnets, and email marketing to get a ton of sales-ready leads you can easily convert.

How to write emails people can’t wait to read. According to Candice Lazar, every business needs great emails. And she’s got the track record to prove it. She’s sold millions of dollars of products for almost every company she’s worked for using nothing but email. Including Jeff Walker’s famous Product Launch Formula for whom she’s written thousands of daily emails. In this masterclass, she shows you people exactly how to craft winning emails that’re guaranteed to skyrocket your sales.

Sales pages to sell more of your frontend and backend offers Copycademy #1. Because sales pages are critical to your success, we hired two of the most in-demand sales pages experts to teach your team the fastest, easiest, and most foolproof ways to turn out sales pages that sell. In this first Sales Page Masterclass, Nicola Moors, an ex-journalist who wrote for such esteemed publications as Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and Huffington Post and who now uses advanced storytelling to create a flood of sales for her clients. Nicola will show your people the exact formula she uses to write winning sales pages, including the method she used to write a recent sales page that converted a whopping $246,000 in sales in one week.

Sales pages to sell more of your frontend and backend offers Copycademy #2. Then there’s Joshua Lee Henry, the former Mega-Church Pastor turned pro copywriter who writes 7-figure sales pages for his clients. In this masterclass, Joshua walks your people step-by-step through his million-dollar process for writing sales pages that get people to believe, buy, and gladly refer others to your business.

Funnels to maximize conversion and scale your revenue. In this Copycademy, Funnel expert Carmine Mastropierro will share his secrets for creating online sales funnels that produce 2-3X industry average conversions and 6 figure monthly recurring revenue streams. He covers the whole box and dice so your people can easily begin creating high-converting funnels for you.

Video Sales Letters (VSLs) to put your sales in hypergrowth. 7-Figure Video Sales Letter writer Joshua Lee Henry shows your team how to use videos to turn visitors into buyers and buyers into repeat customers using his time-proven 7-figure VSL formula. Works for any type of video you want to run.

Webinars to sell more of your high ticket offers and automate your marketing. this Copycademy , led by $100 million webinar coach and trainer Alex Mandossian, your people will finally learn everything they need to create webinars that convert hot and cold traffic. With an effective webinar, you can automate your lead generation and sales conversions, and make sales 24/7. Some of the most successful businesses in the world right now are using webinars to generate 6 and 7 figures a month in revenue. When your people use the secrets in this masterclass you can join them.

Running Your Business Is Hard Enough Without Having To Worry About Your Team Performing At Their Best. Let Copycademy Train Your People To Write Compelling Copy That Will Increase Your Sales And Profits!

What you get inside Copycademy:

Over 100+ Hours of on-demand copywriting training on every form of copy you need to grow your business
Detailed tutorials by world-class copywriters who have a world-class ability to actually teach what they do
A complete (comprehensive) breakdown of every step in each writing project
24/7 access via any computer
Unlimited user agreement license – perfect for a team of 1 or a team of 20
Repeatable viewing – watch as many times as you want
Stop and start controls plus quick access to the part of the tutorial your people need the most
Affordable one-time-fee gives you access to all masterclasses instantly

It’s Easy To Get Started…
Let’s face it, high-converting copy that’s consistent with your brand voice is critical to your business success.

Nothing will have a greater immediate and long-term impact on your bottom line than better ads, emails, sales pages, and other marketing collateral that sells your frontend and backend offers.

But your people are not at the level they need to be to do all this writing for you… and you don’t have time to do it yourself…

With Copycademy none of that matters.

Because Copycademy will train your people to write all the sizzling sales copy you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring freelancers or marketing agencies, and without the expensive training fees that professional copywriters charge to train your people one-on-one!

With Copycademy your results will be 2x-5x better than they are now!

And because every day without Copycademy is a day you’re losing money, there’s really no excuse not to get started now!

Remember, with Copycademy, your team will begin writing more engaging, higher-converting copy that aligns with your brand voice and values in no time.

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