ClickMinded 3.0 Digital Marketing Course Bundle – Free Download


ClickMinded 3.0 Digital Marketing Course Bundle – Free Download

Upgrade your account to ClickMinded 3.0 and access ALL of our digital marketing courses at our legacy prices!

The ClickMinded 3.0 Bundle includes:

SEO by Tommy Griffith, SEO at Airbnb (reg. price $997)
Content Marketing by Sophie Tahran, Content Strategist at Lyft (reg. price $997)
Social Media by Jasmine Atherton, Head of Growth at Delta and Airbnb (reg. price $997)
Email Marketing by Lucas Chevillard, Email Strategist at Airbnb (reg. price $997)
Sales Funnels by Jim Huffman, Growth Mentor at TechStars (reg. price $997)
Paid Advertising by Lucas Lee-Tyson, Founder of Growth Cave (reg. price $997)
Web Analytics by Chris Prahl, Data Engineer at Trakken (reg. price $997)
All ClickMinded certifications
Free updates for life
14-day money-back guarantee
All in, the retail price on this bundle is $6,979

… but we’re giving ClickMinded users who upgrade BEFORE this offer expires the opportunity to enroll and get grandfathered at our legacy prices (and save 85%)

Click here to save your spot (offer expires and prices go back up soon)

Reminder: this offer is only good for those who are serious about getting more traffic and sales in 2021. If you’re not serious and just generally curious about digital marketing, please do not sign up.

ClickMinded 3.0: The Best Digital Marketing Training in the Game
We just finished creating the best digital marketing courses on the planet. I only cried twice and my therapist won’t text me back anymore, but besides that, we nailed it.

Recently, we decided that every ClickMinded course needed to be the best in the world.

It should be impossible to find better training on any of the topics we cover.

Not going to lie: this is very easy to say, but not easy to do! It was a LOT of work. We second-guessed ourselves several times along the way.

Plus, it would have been a lot more fun to NOT spend $52,000 during a pandemic.

But the minute we hit the publish for our 10,000+ paying customers, this happened:


Considering that, before this update, our students rated our courses with an average score of 9.2 out of 10, this felt like validation.

Everything at ClickMinded is now fundamentally different from how things were just a couple of months ago. This is a new era for our business.

We’re calling it: ClickMinded 3.0

What does “best in the world” even mean?
We asked ourselves this question earlier this year, and decided that to be “the best”, we needed to address two angles: scope and context.

Scope: Best for who?
Many different types of people use ClickMinded: agencies, freelancers, consultants, bloggers, entrepreneurs, generalists, and specialized marketers.

Over the years, we kept hearing the same three things over and over again:

You care about results in the form of more traffic, leads, and customers — you don’t sign up for academic purposes
You want results as quickly as possible — our courses have to be designed to fast-track your knowledge and skills
You value actionable advice over theory— you don’t want to learn how to make PowerPoint presentations for management, you want to learn exactly how to execute powerful digital marketing campaigns

The ClickMinded Web Analytics Course 3.0
Most companies don’t realize the massive growth opportunities that are hiding right under their noses, they just need to look at the data.

The problem is, when it comes to analytics, most people struggle with information overload. This course focuses on working around your measurement plan: A simple document that can drastically simplify your tracking to 5 metrics or less.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How to perfectly track any metric (without having to convince your technical team or hiring developers)
How to extract valuable insights from Google Analytics reports (without having to become a data scientist)
How to dramatically speed up your daily tracking workflow with easy-to-build custom dashboards
The ClickMinded Content Marketing Course 3.0
Content is a fundamental element of all your digital marketing tactics.

You won’t succeed at building sales funnels, SEO, paid advertising, social media, or email marketing without great content. But you don’t need to become an expert copywriter or storyteller to become a great content marketer.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How to get in-depth insights about your perfect target persona and how to create messages that resonate with your audience
Simple formulas to create high-converting content at each stage of the funnel (blog posts, videos, lead magnets, webinars, sales pages, etc)
How to build a process that allows you to produce high-quality content consistently
The ClickMinded Email Marketing Course 3.0
Email marketing is the most underrated digital marketing channel.

Yet, most people’s advice revolves around growing the size of your email list. But you don’t need a massive subscriber list to be successful with email marketing.

In this course, you’ll learn:

The 5 types of email campaigns you need to use (plus, examples of successful campaigns in different industries)
How to automate the process of enriching your subscriber data and discover highly profitable segments within your audience
Step-by-step walkthroughs to build your own automated campaigns, no matter the email service provider you choose
The ClickMinded Sales Funnels Course 3.0
A sales funnel is the basis of any marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, many people have twisted this topic to mean hacks, tricks, and scammy tactics. We focus on teaching you how to progressively build relationships and turn visitors into raving fans.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How to create a high-converting sales funnel for your business (with examples of successful funnels in several industries)
Proven tactics used by solopreneurs and Fortune 500 companies at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel
Step-by-step walkthroughs to help you set up your own funnel campaigns from scratch (including the best tools to use)
The ClickMinded Paid Advertising Course 3.0
Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

However, getting your paid campaigns to profitability can take a long time, tons of trial and error, and a large budget for experimentation. We came up with a framework to fast-track this entire process.

In this course, you’ll learn:

The framework to launch profitable (ROAS > 1) paid campaigns in any advertising platform, as quickly as possible
[Google Ads deep dive] How to discover exactly what people are searching for in Google, keyword targeting strategies for different budgets, launching campaigns for each stage of the funnel, and how to troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize your search campaigns
[Facebook Ads deep dive] How to create profitable audiences using interest targeting, lookalikes, and retargeting, launching campaigns for each stage of the funnel, and how to troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize your Facebook campaigns
The ClickMinded SEO Course 3.0
Getting a consistent flow of targeted organic traffic is one of the most powerful competitive advantages for any business.

After spending over 10 years of my life managing SEO at companies like PayPal and Airbnb, I’ve realized that there’s an artificial barrier of complexity and shadiness around SEO that prevents new people from learning it — we created a course that will prove to you the SEO is not that hard.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How to discover massive keyword opportunities and create a strategy around your most important and profitable keywords
The exact process to perfectly optimize your content for search engines (what matters and what doesn’t)
Tactics to build links to your website at scale (including detailed walkthroughs for each link building tactic)
How to fix the most important technical issues on your site and make sure search engines can find your content
The ClickMinded Social Media Marketing Course 3.0
When used correctly, social media can help any business to get more visitors, leads, and customers.

Most businesses fail in this channel because they get caught up on vanity metrics like followers, likes, and shares. In reality, success has nothing to do with virality — it’s about generating a meaningful impact in your business’ bottom line.

In this course, you’ll learn:

How to be strategic about the social media channels your business participates in (you’ll often find that it’s a bad idea to go join trendiest channel)
How to easily stay on top of the conversation about your brand, products, or industry (and use it to your advantage)
How to create world-class social media content that delights and amazes your target audience
How to effectively turn social media audiences into visitors, leads, and customers for your business

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