Sell From Stage Academy By Colin Boyd – Free Download Course


Sell From Stage Academy By Colin Boyd – Free Download Course

FINALLY! A Step-by-Step Proven Formula for Speaking on ‘Any Virtual or Live Stage’ in a way that Actually connects with your Audience and Moves them to Join your Programs (without feeling Sales-y or In-authentic).

Sell From Stage Academy

A step-by-step formula for coaches, online experts and speakers, just like you, to speak in a way that actually connects with your audience and converts them into clients (without feeling “pushy” or “sales-y”)!

EXPIRING BONUS #1 – “Build Your Online Offer”
As a special bonus, when you join today you’ll get a new bonus training that will take you step-by-step through creating a highly lucrative online offer. You’ll also learn how to tweak your current online offers so that they sell like never before. This means you’ll be 100% set to make money online, even if you currently don’t have an online course.

EXPIRING BONUS #2 – “My Plug & Play LIVE LAUNCH Maps, Scripts and Videos”
As a special bonus, you get my Live Launch Maps and Scripts. You’ll have the scripts and structure to follow if you ever want to launch to your audience using a 3 video live launch format. This bonus alone is worth the whole investment for you.

This online course is designed for digital entrepreneurs, coaches, and thought-leaders just like you.

You’ll now be able to:

Get clarity on your message and signature story, so you can speak from the heart and present your offers authentically.

Transition from teaching to selling in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y.

Master your stagecraft, so you can show up confidently whether you’re speaking at a live event, on a webinar, or on video.

Create and communicate truly irresistible offers that your audience will go nuts for.

What’s inside Sell from Stage Academy®?
Sell from Stage Academy® isn’t a passive program. It’s an online course, coaching & community experience that includes video trainings, Q&A sessions, and all of the resources you need to craft powerful presentations that touch hearts, shift minds, and convert.
Here’s a look at what you’ll get when you join:
The Sell from Stage Formula
I’ve broken the Sell from Stage Academy® (based on my unique Infusion Selling Method™) into easy-to-follow, short video tutorials that cover five crucial phases. Each phase is designed to help you master a different element of selling from the stage — from crafting a powerful presentation to transitioning seamlessly into your pitch.
So here’s the 5 core phases:
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1. Mindset & Confidence
Master your mindset and get proven confidence-building strategies so you can show up for your audience in alignment and in control, whether it’s your first time speaking or you’re a seasoned pro.
You’ll adopt the exact same beliefs that market leaders already possess so you too can command attention and speak and sell from stage.
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2. Audience & Irresistible Offer
Craft your irresistible offers and learn how to position them to your audience in a way that makes signing up with you a no-brainer. You’ll use the “Audience Psychology Map” that will give you the exact angle and words to use so that your listeners connect with your offer and stampede towards them.
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3. Signature Talks That Sell
Learn how to use the three types of signature talks and discover which one you need to reach your business goals and inspire your audience to take action. You’ll get the exact step-by-step structure to follow so you know what to put in and what to keep out of your presentations.
You’ll soon possess the 3 Signature Talks.
1. THE SHARP SELL TALK – This is my full proprietary system for speaking on stage or webinar to sell your programs and products (in a way that feels good.) When you use this step-by-step formula, you’ll have people giving you their credit cards. Sometimes literally, but I’d suggest to give them back after you process them.
2. THE SOFT SELL TALK – This is the formula for giving a talk where you provide a content upgrade or opt-in for situations where selling a program is not appropriate. You’ll now know how to get ‘client’s details’ on every talk, so that you can sell on the back end.
3. THE NO SELL TALK – This is the a classic keynote structure that will give you the exact process for designing and delivering a keynote that engages people, gets you a standing ovation…and leads to them approaching you for more work.
And while you’re thinking it. Yes, I’ve thought of every type of talk you’ll ever need and given it to you. You’re welcome.
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4. Stagecraft & Signature Story
How you show up matters. You’ll know how to share your signature stories, create easy-to-use frameworks to sell your ideas and master your stage presence so you can speak confidently, spur engagement, and increase conversions whenever you speak.
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5. Scale
Scaling is about focusing on business model, and building it so that you can make your income leveraged and sustainable. Learn which stages work for your goals (webinars, videos, live events, etc.) so you can be sure you’re growing in a way that achieves your business goals without sacrificing the life you want to live.
Here are some other bonuses inside…
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Advanced Webinar Training:
All of the principles in the program can be transferred to a webinar. In fact, all the scripts have specific references for what to do on your webinar at each point in the process. Remember a webinar is a stage. We have designed the learning experience to be 100% transferable to a webinar, where applicable. So even if you are joining this program just to up-level your webinars it will be perfect. This training takes you through how to fill your webinars, get people to actually show up and then what to do with the follow-up sequence to make more sales.
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Build Your Own Frameworks
You’ll know how to create your own signature frameworks that make your content unique and set you apart in the market. Imagine having your own framework that you could show any potential client and it instantly creates desire for your product or service. That’s what this training will do for you inside Sell From Stage Academy®.
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Scale with Corporates:
If you want to know how to turn a one-off speaking engagement in a corporation into a highly lucrative online training deal then this is your go-to section. For many years people have been coming to me for the secret of how I can double and even triple my invoice for a keynote ( without doing any extra work.) I give you the exact sales script and the process you need to take the decision-maker through to seal the deal. If you work with corporate’s or businesses, this process will be worth the investment alone.
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The Multi-day Workshop Maps:
If you want to run a single or multi-day workshop for your online community then this will take you through how to plan out a workshop that’s high-value and high conversion. We used this process recently with Sigrun and she made $170,000 in one day! You can watch her video below on this page.
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Confident Video Delivery
This training shows you how to become confident when delivering content on video. You will quickly know how to connect with your audience through video as if they were in the room with you. This means you’ll convert more on your videos and build a sustainable business faster.
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Book More Stages System
This training will show you the latest and easiest ways to get booked and find more stages. All the way from finding a booking agent, finding local and national conferences to speak at, getting paid to speak at a conference to even creating your own events.
We’ve added some new CORE Bonuses recently…

Infusion Selling Masterclass
You’ll discover the 9 Infusion Selling™ strategies that make your webinars and presentation go from being just “entertaining” content to “client generating machines”. Students say this one class alone made them back their investment. You don’t want to deliver another webinar or presentation without using these!

Teach Like a Pro System
You don’t like poor teaching, and neither do your students, that’s why in this bonus you’ll get my step-by-step system for making you a transformational teacher to your current students. If you run bi-weekly or monthly training sessions for your community this will help you design your sessions without any overwhelm and then deliver them so that your students rave about your programs to everyone they know!

PLUS over $8,891 of additional bonuses with the online course, including…
1. Get Started Group Coaching Calls (Value $1,000)
When you join the Academy you’ll get three group coaching calls to quickly get you started and answer any of your urgent questions so you can start implementing right away!
2. Members-Only Sell from Stage Community ($500)
Sell from Stage Academy® also comes with 12 months guaranteed access to our private Facebook community, where you’ll be surrounded by passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs who are building their speaking and selling skills right along with you. This is an amazing opportunity to network, support one another, and get ongoing support from your fellow business owners.
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3. DONE FOR YOU! ALL the plug-and-play Presentations Templates, Scripts, and Sales Forms you’ll EVER need! ($1,997)
Ever wish you could take your content and “plug it in” to a script or template that you know works? When you join Sell from Stage Academy®, not only will you get access to my step-by-step proven formula for selling from stage… you’ll also get done-for-you presentation templates (for live presentations and webinars), speech scripts, and sales forms for those moments when you need to get something together in a hurry – and you need it to work.
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(Exclusive LIVE event – $3,497)
You will receive one complimentary tuition waiver to our Sell From Stage VIRTUAL. While normally held in beautiful Orange County, California, these live events will be virtual until travel restrictions are lifted.
These events are held throughout the year and are another opportunity to connect personally with Colin & other like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the world.
Note: This is a bonus. All the strategies you need are available in the online product and coaching provided online.
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5. [INSTANT BONUS] Live Stream Influence Class
Do you want to use live streaming to build your audience and sell your programs? Tiffany Lee Bymaster (a.k.a Coach Glitter) ran a recent advanced training for Sell From Stage Academy® Students and you’ll get instant access to it when you join.
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6. [INSTANT BONUS MASTERCLASS] The 3 Secrets To Building a Brand
Julie Solomon ran an exclusive advanced bonus class to show you how you can build a highly profitable brand with social media. You’ll get instant access to this.
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Business Mindset Mastery
Carrie Green (founder of Female Entrepreneur Association) will show you how to build an expansive business mindset. Carrie runs a multi-7 figure membership and will reveal the mental shifts she made to scale up and grow her business. You’ll get instant access to this class.

Private Coaching Level not included for obvious reasons.

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