G7FX Professional & Foundation Courses By Nirav (NV) – Free Download


G7FX Professional PRO & Foundation Courses By Nirav (NV) – Free Download Updated

A Professional Trading Education From G7FX! – Get Mentored By Nirav (NV) – An Institutional Forex & Futures Trader With Over 16 Years Experience. Ex Advisor to Central Banks & Hedge Funds.

Thank you for exploring what G7FX has to offer you. When I left the City to become a private trader I was shocked at the complete lack of quality trading education available in the Retail Sector.

The incentives of traditional retail brokers, educators, signal services and so on in this sector appear to be totally skewed in their favour. To make money from you in any way possible and provide very little, if any, value in return.

This is why a lot of people who have taken retail trading courses in the past have failed to successfully make a profitable career for themselves. For many, it’s not their fault, because the information provided by the ‘experts’ out there, is the complete opposite of what the professionals are doing…

I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training programme offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.

Trading profitably is extremely hard no doubt, and a lot of people give up before they make a success of it. However, the rewards for those who persevere and seek out the correct knowledge are huge, both financially, and with the lifestyle choices, it can provide. Not to mention the growth, confidence and security that comes from taking control of your income!

I truly believe that if you are serious about trading you should be offered the exact same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers.
To give you some background about myself, I spent several years working at Barclays Investment Bank, one of the largest FX market makers in the world. In my time on the desk there, we controlled about 10% of the entire global foreign exchange market ($3-5 trillion). I then went on to be hired by a very successful proprietary trading firm.

Since leaving the City I have been a consistently profitable private trader covering many markets. I now enjoy working from my home office. Trading has enabled me to provide for myself and my family while making the choices I want in my life. For this, I’m extremely proud and grateful! I want to share that same knowledge that I’ve learnt with you through G7FX.


Foundation Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Your Career Path: Business Plan
1.1 Intro (16:52)
1.2 Major Players (27:12)
​1.3 Prop Firm (22:29)
​1.4 Futures vs Standard Forex (24:14)
​1.5 Conclusion (06:19)
​1.6 Trading Timetable (07:24)
Module 2: Raw Data: Time and Sales
2.1 Intro (12:11)
​2.2 T&S (08:46)
​2.3 T&S Live Example (23:35)
​2.4 Conclusion (13:05)
Module 3: Why Does Price Move?
3.1 Intro (22:13)
​3.2 DOM Live Example Part 1 (01:20:48)
​3.3 DOM Live Example Part 2 (01:35:37)
Module 4: Foundation Course Summary
4.1 Foundation Course Summary and Next Steps (29:38)
​4.2 Foundation Course Exercises (16:03)
​4.3 Video A) Task 1 Placing Trades (56:45)
​4.4 Video B) + C) Task 2 + 3 Supply Side Games and Absorption (50:19)
​4.5 Video D) Task 4 Intro to AMT and Trading around Profile (45:54)
​4.6 Video D) Task 4 Real DOM Trade Example (1:04:14)
​4.7 Video E) Task 5 Real DOM Trade around FX Discord Levels (1:18:28)
Module 5 – Sierra Chart Foundation Course Chartbook and Instructions
5.1 Introduction to Futures Platforms (33:57)
​5.2 Sierra Chart and Chartbook Installation (41:07)
​5.3 Sierra Chart Futures Codes Clarification (23:20)
Tools & Downloads

After 3-6 months at a professional trading firm, you will typically be introduced to more advanced volume analysis. So we do the same and follow that same timetabling.

I went through this exact process myself many years ago so am best placed to guide you as you work your way through the footprint, volume profile and ultimately the VWAP in the Pro Course.

All this is done on charts as we move away from the DOM. However, as you will have spent several months learning raw price data in the Foundation Course your understanding of these tools we now use exclusively on charts should by now be up there with the very best institutional traders in the world.

As with the DOM, if you were to try and purchase a footprint you would be paying £1,250 minimum. I have custom built a professional footprint better than anything in the open marketplace and am happy to provide it to you completely free in the Pro course.

I provide these tools to you for free because when I said I believe everyone should be given the same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers; I meant it.

We finish the Pro Course by developing edge and getting you on the simulator. Again, this is exactly how a professional firm operates. The Pro Course should take about 3 months, again depending on your schedule. Any questions, let me know.

I am currently producing the Pro Course, however the Foundation Course is fully ready. The Pro Course is near completion but we are happy to offer a material discount for the Pro & Foundation Course until it’s complete! The Foundation Course is fully complete, and that should keep you plenty busy in the meantime anyway.


Pro Course Curriculum:

Introduction To The Pro Course
1.1 Introduction To The Pro Course (41:33)
1.2 Reality Check (Compulsory Viewing) (57:00)
​1.3 G7FX Trading Firm Hierarchy (to print)
Module 6: The Footprint
6.1 Intro (7:22)
​6.2 What is the footprint (33:00)
​6.3 Further Footprint Example (23:21)
​6.4 Time Vs Non Time Based Charts (1:14:05)
​6.5 Understanding Delta Stats (1:03:38)
6.6 ​Installation & What To Look For (50:09)
​6.7 Footprint Live Example (1:16:06)
Stage 1: Context (AMT)
1.1 AMT 1 (Intro) (1:48:21)
​1.2 AMT 2 (Supply Side Dominance) (1:34:24)
​1.3 AMT 3 (Balance vs Imbalance) (1:48:33)
​1.4 AMT 4 (Measuring Probability) (2:21:10)
1.5 ​Market/Volume Profile Part 1 (2:35:26)
​1.6 Market/Volume Profile Part 2 (Task 1) (2:37:09)
​1.7 Free Discord Channel (Join) (4:26)
Stage 2: VWAP
This module will be to be
finalised & uploaded by the
2nd/3rd week of May!
Stage 3: Orderflow
This module will be to be
finalised & uploaded by the
2nd/3rd week of May!
Tools & Downloads


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