Ecommerce Authority Sites Sales By Peter van Zijl – Free Download Course


Ecommerce – Ecom Authority Sites Sales By Peter van Zijl – Free Download Course

Tired Of Inconsistent Results With Facebook Ads?

Discover How To Get A Consistent Flood Of New Customers From Google…

Create A Reliable, Scalable Ecommerce Business


Pay attention to the earnings per visitor

Every organic visitor is worth $2.08

The reason the conversion rate is so high is because of the nature of the keywords we rank for.

These are search terms people are are typing in with credit card in hand.

They are right where you want them…

…ready to pull the trigger and buy your product.

How To Build Your Own Ecommerce Authority Site

Step 1: Find keywords that people are using on Google when they want to buy something

This is the foundation to your successful campaign.

I want to warn you – there are MILLIONS of them out there 😉

This is wide open.

Step 2: Match Those Keywords To Products That You Can Sell But Never Have To Touch

If you do this right you will never have to touch the product yourself.

There are dozens of companies that will make products for you.

If you have an existing store you can tweak your products to match these search terms.

Step 3: Use Google Shopping To Validate Those Keywords & Products

Let Google Shopping do the heavy lifting for you.

Not only will you be able to figure out if the product/keyword match is working…

…you’ll also uncover other profitable keywords.

You see, with Google Shopping you don’t actually select the keywords.

Google looks at your product and picks them for you.

While that sounds scary it’s actually pretty awesome.

Because all of a sudden you’ll find you make sales for keywords you never thought of…

Then, once you have all that…

Step 4: Start to rank your product pages for profitable keywords.

Now you have products and keywords you know will make you money…

…you start to SEO your site to push it up Google’s ladder.

Hit the top 3 and BAM – you’re selling products without ad spend and taking at
least 50% of the margin as profit.

Step 5: Drive Truckloads Of Traffic To Your Site With The Google Display Network & Build Your Email List

The Google Display Network (or GDN) covers almost the entire internet.

Almost every news site, sports site and business news site has GDN ads on them.

This means that your customers can be reached very cheaply.

Use the GDN to drive laser targeted traffic to your site…

…then get those people on an email list and sell to them over and over again.

Now, if this sounds like something you’d like to do yourself…

And you’d like to bypass common road blocks you’d encounter by yourself…

And learn from the mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to make them yourself…

And you want my help doing then check out…

The Ecommerce Authority Site System

Build An Ecommerce Authority Site From The Ground Up…

​Or Transform Any Ecommerce Business Into An Authority Site

Keyword Research & The Product/Keyword Match

The foundation to any successful ecommerce authority site campaign lies on picking the right keywords.

Choose wrong and no one will come to your site.

Sounds tricky, doesn’t it?

What if I told you that others have done your keyword research for you?

In this module you’ll discover:

The exact process I use to reverse engineer any competitor to find exactly which keywords they are trying to rank for
How to extract profitable search terms that people are using every to find products they want to buy
How to use Amazon review sites to find product ideas that you never would have thought of…and then create products around then and rank them
An easy way to start with a root keyword of a product you know you can make and sell without every holding any inventory
The keyword/product match technique – a simple way to create products that you never have to touch yourself based on exactly what people are searching for.
The best place to find expired domains (that are short, punchy and niched) that already have backlinks and are perfect for your next project

Then, we’ll look at…

Site Structure & On Page SEO

It may sound obvious…

But structuring your site properly is the so important to help you keep things organized…as well as allowing you to rank for your keywords down the line.

You’ll discover the three tiered site structure system that will help you build your site on the right foundation from the beginning.

You’ll also see how to properly optimize your product pages to give them the best chance of ranking…

…and how one simple tweak can bring in a flood of new sales.

Build Your Social Media Audiences For Organic Traffic

No matter what anyone tells you…

…it’s still possible to get massive reach on your social media posts…

You just need to know what to post.

No authority ecommerce site is complete without a strong social media presence.

I’ll show you my bullet proof method to finding content your niche loves.

This content can be used to attract tons of engagement, for clever angles for new ads as well as email content that gets your customers engaged and buying.

This works every single time.

You’ll discover a posting strategy that only takes 10-15 minutes a week…

…and you’ll have a constant flow of awesome content that builds engagement and drives customers to your site.

You’ll also learn the easiest way to quickly build your social media followers (this is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner!).

And you’ll discover how to run “micro” Facebook ads (yes, there is still a place for them – just not the primary traffic source it used to be).

Validate Your Products With Google Shopping

This is where things get exciting!

It’s time to validate your products and start making sales.

But something more important starts to happen here…

You will start to figure out exactly which keywords are profitable by making sales!

You see, with Google Shopping you can’t choose which keywords you want to target.

While this sounds a bit bizarre, it actually works really well.

Google takes a look at your products and chooses the keywords for you based on the title and the description.

Then, they display your products for you based on those keywords.

You can then add negative keywords as your campaigns mature – effectively telling Google not to use certain keywords if they aren’t relevant or aren’t profitable.

Here’s the best part of this entire process:

You’ll start to make sales on keywords you would never have thought of.

Then you know exactly which keywords to rank for…

There is ZERO guess work here.

In this module I’ll show you exactly how to setup Google Shopping campaigns the right way (you’ll have them up and running in a matter of minutes).

Rank Your Main Keywords At The Top Of Google

WARNING: You may ONLY think about links for the next few months!

This is addictive

Every site needs backlinks pointing to it to rank

If you’re not familiar with the process – if a site links to yours its like a “vote”.

You’ve got something on your site that is so good that another site is willing to link to it. To “vote” for it.

But this is where most people get stuck.

Because getting sites to link to you isn’t easy.


I’ve got you covered.

Over the last year I’ve perfected reaching out to site owners to get links from them.

Think about it – if you had a content site you’re asking people to link to your articles.

But you’re actually selling something tangible here – so how much easier is it to get someone to review what you’re selling?

And, if you want to move this along quicker – and you don’t want to do the outreach yourself…

…I’ll give you access to my personal merry band of link builders who I use for all my sites.

Their links are highly effective and inexpensive.

And we always go for quality not quantity so you’re don’t have to buy thousands of links.

What’s more – you’ll get access to my personal 6 month link building plan.

Proven over and over again.

Month one get these links.

Month two get these.

Everything you need to make this a massive success for yourself.

Drive A Flood Of Traffic With The Google Display Network & Quickly Build Your Email List

This is Powerful Stuff

You’ll discover how to find exactly where your target marketing is hanging out…

…and exactly how to find them.

Then you’ll be able to double down and put your products in front of them, all the time!

Use that traffic to make sales…

And use it build your email list as quickly as possible.

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