Evil Genius Traffic Lab – Clients Everyday By Kevin Hutto – Free Download Course


Evil Genius Traffic Lab – Clients Everyday By Kevin Hutto – Free Download Course


Over 33 full courses with hundreds of hours of premium video training (more training and insight than most $20k programs). I probably shouldn’t include all this but honestly I am lazy and don’t want to make separate funnels and presentations for all of these courses. My laziness is your gain.
Learn how to run Facebook Ads like a Pro. I have managed over $20M in adspend on FB over the last 9 years for myself and agency clients. Specifically, driving appointments for coaching, webinar sales and event registrations. And some local lead gen stuff. Not much ecommerce – so there isn’t much training about that.

Learn how to run Youtube Ads like a Pro. I have managed about $5Million in adspend on YT in the last few years. 80% of YT success comes down to great creative – nobody will tell you that shit. We have a client who regularly does $400k/mo+ in sales of a $2k webinar on $60k/mo adspend. Inside the lab, we include all our frameworks for creating a great video ad that will work on YT.

​Learn how to run Google GDN like a Pro. I ran ads on Google the first week that there was an adwords back in 2002. I was running ads on Overture(yahoo) before that. And Goto.com before that. I have spent over $15M of my own money on Google ads. I have managed another $40M+ for clients. GDN is the largest opportunity in the world for you. But it is hard as shit to crack. I open up my ad accounts and show you shit that nobody else is doing – because they just bought perry marshall’s course and they aren’t smart enough to try new shit for themselves.

Learn other networks like ​Tiktok. Unfortunately I have this defective gene inside me that makes me always want to try new things. Like Tiktok ads. The good news for you is that my curiosity leads to new discoveries. I have a buddy who is selling $700k/mo of courses with Tiktok. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how that works? Well if you are ready to become an evil traffic genius then you might be ready to hear about it.

​Learn Linkedin ads. If you are B2B then Linkedin ads are likely in your future. In all honesty, they aren’t ready for primetime. I don’t think user behavior there has adapted the feed quite yet. But they are working hard on it.

​Learn Pinterest ads. We are currently playing around with pinterest. My daughter has started a small business selling hand made stuff and so I am gonna crack pinterest ads for her. You will get to see it too.
7 Figure Clarity Workshop. You get access to the recordings of my last live workshop in Newport Beach. There were a dozen 7/8 figure business owners in attendance. Many said it was the best event they had ever attended. I agree with them. You get to attend virtually as part of your membership.

Learn how to Fill Live Events. I used to kill it with live events before Covid. Would you like to know how to put 60-300 people in a room and have them pre-prepped to buy your high ticket offer? Like clockwork. For around $125 per butt in seat. Yeah, that training is in the lab. RobK and I taught it live to people that paid us $8k each. You get it as part of this rediculous offer.

​Learn how to Fill up Webinars and Auto-Webinars. I have many clients who have scaled their webinar business past 7 figures. Webinars are still the best way to sell a $2k product or service. I show you how we scaled them up to 10 sales or more per day with FB & YT ads.

​Learn the Clients Everyday Model. Clarity. Campaigns. Context. This framework is responsible for scaling many coaching and consulting businesses from low 7 figures to 8 figures and beyond.

​Learn how to Fill Your Calendar with warm appointments ready to buy your high ticket coaching, product or service. I have generated over 50,000 appointments for our Agency Clients over the last 5 years… at about 80% less CPA than the other guys. I have a secret method that works way better at scale.

​Learn how to Fill Challenges and Mini-Groups. The hottest sales process going right now is the Challenge (also known as mini-group). Filling challenges and actually getting people engaged in the group is tricky and the cost per lead is rising. We have developed a method that Self Liquidates adspend on the front end. Our tweak on the method has the challenge in profit before the training in the group even starts.

​​Learn Organic Methods like the 5130 Post that can get you a quick ROI on this membership right off the bat. We have little tactics like this that can give you a quick cash infusion when you need it.
​I could go on and on… but hopefully you get the point. This is not some shitty 3 secrets and a rehashed course from some loser from losertown showing off his 2 comma award because he needs that shit to validate his success. This is real shit from a real guy who is tired of making new courses and selling them individually – so he is dumping all of it in one place and making the price so good that people can not help but buy it. Or not. I don’t care.

Here’s Who This is For…

Business Coaches
Health Coaches
​Relationship Coaches
Almost Any Coach…
​Service Businesses
B2B High Ticket Business Sales
​Mortgage Officers
Any High Ticket Transactional Sale
Anyone Who…
Sells With A Phone Call

If you sell via “Strategy Session” then the labs is for you… We’ve generated well over 50,000+ strategy sessions for our Agency Clients over the last five years and we teach all those methods inside the labs. Stuff you won’t learn elsewhere.

Coaches who want to take charge of their Lead Generation
If you need strategies to get qualified coaching clients… then we have several. The introvert selling system. The 5130. The Clients Everyday Model. The Rant Formula. The Audience Builder. The Hydra. Sell By Chat. Challenges. Free Events. So many I cant even name them all here.

Consultants who want to drive their own Sales
If you are a high ticket consultant who wants less appointments but super duper qualified then this is for you. Our Hydra campaign is a great warm up and filter to only bring you the best and most qualified phone appointments.

Agencies who want to fill their calendar with Appointments
We have ad methods that bring in agency appointments with local businesses for as little as $12 each – at scale. There are lots of exact ads that we use… the copy and images and landing page and targeting and everything is right there for you. How we do it.

Anyone Who…

Sells With A Webinar
My best webinar client makes around $400k+ per month in sales on roughly $60k adspend. She has done around $6M in sales on $900k adspend so far. It is still going strong as of March 2021. We did good webinar numbers for about a dozen other clients too.
Anyone Who…
Sells With A VSL
I have studied the best VSL’s of all time. For my money the best ever was the American Parasite by Craig Clemens. Then after that it was probably Truth About Abs with Mike Geary and Jon Benson. We have used VSL’s to generate tons of phone appointments.
Anyone Who…
Sells With A Sales Letter
I have sold millions of dollars worth of vaseline for $50 a can with a long form sales letter – I call it the Hustler’s Secret. I have written over 100 of them myself. I have studied them for over 20 years. I created the ISS based off of them. I know a little bit.
Anyone Who…
Sells With A Challenge
I was running ads filling groups for Caleb O’dowd(we called them mini-groups) when Pedro Adao was still selling financial services advice.
Anyone Who…
Sells With A Live Event
The best we have done with a live event is $700k in sales off of $40k adspend for Shanda Sumpter. We put 300 butts in seats in Orange County CA in 2019. We have done this with groups of 60-70 butts in seats probably 30+ times. We have never done less than 10X adspend in sales. So the ROI on these events is very high.
Anyone Who…
Wants New Ad Strategies
If you are running ads for appointments or sales of coaching, products, etc and want that edge then this is the place. If you are just starting and learning to run the ads for those things and need to learn the skills for yourself – then this is the place. If you are running ads and want other ways to do things to diversify… then this is the place.
If you’ve tried a bunch of stuff… bought other programs… built webinars & funnels that didn’t work and still can’t seem to crack the code – then the Labs is your last stop. You are home.
You Will Learn:
How to Run Facebook Ads
We show you how to run ads for webinars & autowebinars, appointment funnels and every other thing exactly like we do for ourselves and clients that generate over $30M a year in sales via FB.
FB Ads Basics
Audiences: Who the ads are displayed to
Ad Manager: How to Create the Ads
Ad Creatives: How to Craft Winning Ads
​Pixel: The Magic Customer Finder
​Account Organization: Naming Conventions, Etc…
FB Ads Advanced
Ad Planning: Creating a Funnel & Ad Plan
Retargeting: Advanced retargeting strategies
​Advanced Layering: TOF Targeting Strategies
​Troubleshooting: Diagnosing & Fixing Bad Ads
​Scaling: Scaling up without crashing Campaigns
TOF Facebook Ads
The Top Of Funnel ads are first Contact ads that are run to cold traffic. These people don’t know who you are or what you teach. These ads are run to get the right people who are looking for something similar to your service or coaching can raise their hand and go deeper with you and your content.

MOF Facebook Ads

MOF Facebook Ads
The Middle Of Funnel ads are the Consumption ads that are geared towards people who have raised their hand through your TOF campaigns. These ads are for deepening the relationship with the prospect and getting the ones who are loving your stuff ready for an offer to work with you.
BOF Facebook Ads
The Bottom Of Funnel ads are the Conversion ads that take the already warm prospects who have come through the TOF and MOF campaigns and make a simple offer for the prospect to work deeper with you. The whole process working together identifies prospects who are really vibing with you.

How to Run Youtube Ads
Youtube Ads that Work
If your business is built solely on the back of Facebook ads then you are on shaky ground my friend. FB is an unstable platform. It is difficult to run ads at scale there for a long period of time without fighting the ban hammer. The worst part is that it is completely random. So there is no telling when or why you end up without an ad account that works… it just happens. The answer is to diversify your traffic source NOW before you need to. This screenshot is from our agency client that we talked into diversifying to Youtube ads… These sales are ALL from youtube. Its a good thing too. Her FB ads account was banned 3 months after we started with Youtube. But it wasnt a big deal because we had already diversified.

Winning Youtube Ad Frameworks
Youtube Ad Templates
Winning video ad templates and frameworks make all the difference in working with youtube ads. What is working NOW makes a huge difference in how well your youtube ads perform. Inside Clients Everyday you will get access to the templates and frameworks that either we have developed or observed that seem to be working best right now on the platform. Clients who use these templates are seeing many times a 5X improvement in results.

Advanced Youtube Retargeting
Be Omni-Present
The key to long term results in advertising is the be in front of the prospect when they are ready for your message. At any specific time, there are only 10% of the market ready right now. So retargeting and being ever-present with your message and your different offers is a real advantage to digging into that 90% of people who were NOT ready when you first reached them. Having advanced retargeting schemes is the solution. This is the machine that you build once and never have to touch for a long period of time.

How to Fill Up Your Webinars
We show you how to run ads for webinars & auto-webinars exactly like we do for ourselves and clients webinars that generate over $5M a year in auto-webinar sales.
New Cutting Edge Methods
Most people are just trying to figure out how to get a webinar to work in the first place… We are innovating – figuring out NEW STUFF that nobody else is doing. This gives us a huge advantage. That advantage will be yours if you are in the CLUB. Every good thing we learn will be shared with the group.

Running ads for live webinars & autowebinars is getting harder. That is why it is important to be on the cutting edge.

Having a consistent and tested process to setup, test, troubleshoot & manage your webinar ads is key. And having a system that is working for multiple clients with 6 figure monthly adspend is even better.


Our webinar funnel is not something we copied from a guru or “funnel hacker”. This funnel has been created based of data and mistakes and learnings we have made for ourselves and clients. Every leak in the bucket is plugged. Every scenario is handled. The funnel is one of the foundations needed to make traffic scale and still convert profitably. This funnel has been developed over millions in ad spend.
How to Fill Your Calendar with Phone Appointments
We show you how our largest client does over $50Million/Year with an Appointment Funnels – How to setup the funnel and run traffic exactly like we do for our own business & clients!
Including New Cutting Edge Methods
Most people are just trying to figure out how to get any appointment in the first place… We are innovating – figuring out NEW STUFF that nobody else is doing. This gives us a huge advantage. That advantage will be yours if you are in the CLUB. Every good thing we learn about appointment funnels will be shared in the club.

Facebook ads are hot. People are able to sell millions of dollars of their coaching, consulting, service, etc… But for every guy who is killing it, there are a hundred who are struggling. We’re the secret weapon for the ones who are killing it. We’ll show you how you can run Facebook ads just like us and our million dollar clients.


Over the last 5 years, we have innovated the appointment funnel more than any other company. We have about a dozen different ways to fill your calendar. Many of them have been copied by others and renamed – but we were doing this shit back in 2016. Stalk me on FB or elsewhere and see if I am telling the truth. We are the source. We create the shit. The others copy it like a mediocre Chinese knockoff. By the time they catch up – we have innovated again.
How to Fill Your Events
We have cracked the code to getting butts in seats for free events. Over the last year we have filled 6+ events for clients and ourselves. We are currently filling up a 2500 person paid event.
New Live Event Methods
If you are interested in running events, then we have a model for getting 50-100 people in the room for around $120 each on average. We and our clients have sold at least 6 figures at the event every single time. We will give you the funnels, ads and format for all that we have been doing for ourselves and clients for the last year filling events.

Facebook For
Events Trainings
We figured out a way to run Facebook ads to cold traffic and fill up live events… It was an experimental idea we had and we have been able to fill event after event for less than $150 per butt in seat – in different markets… all with Facebook ads. That advantage will be yours if you are in the CLUB. Every thing we have learned about event ads will be shared in the Club.
Event Funnels That Work (Free & Paid)
Again… these event funnels are just things that we have been doing for ourselves and our clients. These events have registered over 6000 people and had over 600 attendees and over a million dollars worth of revenue in the last year at events. The funnel works for free or paid events. The free events model works great for high ticket sales.


New Trainings Monthly
List of Upcoming Trainings
Facebook Ads Basics: Training to Get Started with FB Ads
Facebook Ads Advanced: More Advanced Strategies & Tactics
​CED Clarity: Get Clarity on your Message, Market & Offer
​CED Campaigns: Acquisition, Ascension, Retention
​CED Context: Character, Credibility, Connection
​Challenge Funnels & Ads: How to Fill Your Online Challenge
Auto-Webinar Ads: Product & Appointment Auto-webinar Ads
​The Introvert Selling System: The killer appointment System
​The Hydra: The Ultimate Process for Warming Up Traffic
​Case Study Funnels: How to run case study ads & funnels
​Survey Funnels: How to create and run amazing survey funnels
​Free + Shipping Funnels: How to run a F+S Offer
​Event Funnels & Ads: How to Fill Events with FB Ads
​Youtube Ads for Courses: How to Sell Courses on Youtube
​Youtube Ads for Appointments: How to get Appointments on YT
​Linkedin Ads: How to get Appointments with Linkedin Ads
​Google Ads: How to use GDN to Stalk your Prospects
​FB Ads Rules: How to Automate your Campaign Management
​Metrics & Tools: What You Need to Pay Attention to & NOT
​Ad Copywriting Masterclass: How to make your words SING

Monthly Campaign Workshop and Project
Every month Kevin will break down and take apart a campaign and explain it in detail… Giving all the little nuances that make the difference.

We will go over all phases from buildout, testing, troubleshooting and scaling for the campaign so that you can have a better understanding how to do this for your own ads – or your clients.

Group Q&A Calls  [NOT INCLUDED]

Get the Help You Need
Q&A calls with the Clients Everyday team to help with everything. We have these calls to help with the traffic and conversion tactics on your campaigns.

And the best part is that you get best practices that we are seeing and developing for our Scale clients – as part of the The Masters Club. You are getting the steak for the chicken price!

The call will never be over until every question is answered.
Traffic Labs Community
Get Help With Your Campaigns
Getting help with your campaigns from seasoned FB advertisers is invaluable. Especially if you are struggling or just starting out.
Tech Setup Questions?
Is my Pixel set up right? Why are conversions not tracking correctly? What does schema mean? Is it important? What else do I not even know?
Community for Ideas
Having people to bounce ideas off of… angles… ad copy… creatives etc… Can make a huge difference. Our Eyes on Your Ads & Funnels.

Lab Events & Meetups [NOT INCLUDED]
If I ever decide to hold events at my Evil Lair… or on my Evil Super Yacht… it won’t be free. But if you are a part of the Evil Genius Traffic Lab then you will be the first to get a chance to grab a spot. I have only done these events in a very limited way in the past – they are not sales events but delivery events. They usually sell out in one day. As a member of the Lab – you get first dibs.

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