Facebook Domination Workshop Recordings – Free Download Course


Facebook Domination Workshop Recordings – Free Download Course

About a year ago I got an email from my friend Ken McCarthy and he said I have someone you have to meet. He’s doing stuff with Facebook I’ve never seen.

Now Ken is THE OG of OG’s of internet marketing. While Al Gore was inventing the internet Ken was figuring out how to sell stuff on it. He ran The System seminar for 10 years which put IM events on the map.

Needless to say, when Ken says something I listen so he set up a call with this Facebook guy. We’ll call him Facebook Wizard (FBW).



FBW and I talked for over an hour and I was amazed at what he knew.

The thing about him that really struck me was how he was doing black hat type numbers but he was 100% white hat.

I’m talking $100k+ per day.

The other thing was how fast he got campaigns profitable. It seems like it’s sometimes a little bit of a struggle for me to get there. He could do it at will.

So we ended up working on some stuff together. We met in person. He’s a great guy.

He’s not a guru, he stays underground, and the only time he peeks his head out is with me. He did a workshop and some private coaching for a couple of my clients and that was it.

But lucky for you, he’s peeking his head out again; this time for much less money. His 2-day workshop that I attended and paid for was $25k. This will be a fraction of that.

Announcing Facebook Wizard’s new Facebook Domination Virtual Workshop

April 30 – May 3
11AM – 1 PM EST each day
Taught by the Facebook Wizard himself
Work on your own campaign while you learn
Come with your own campaign to work on. If you don’t have one don’t worry we’ll help you get one.

f you’re anything like I was, you’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to create a profitable online business. Not to mention the stress and frustration.

Looking back, I would have jumped at the chance to pay to have someone create one for me.

Strategies from a 1.5 million month funnel
What went into a 75k black Friday – get ready to fry your Credit card!
What works at $300 a day but breaks at $3,000
Share the complete 25 day blueprint for retargeting and audiences used for 1mm+ ecomm site
How an ad created the wrong way and it spent $1,600 in only 2 min before I could shut it off
How to find high ctr images quickly
Top 10 rookies mistakes costing advertisers thousands
Why 99% of advertisers fail to scale an offer
Custom page moderation to eliminate spam from your ad comments and make your life easier
What I do when a client pays for a 25k ad acct review
How to test and buy information Key metrics you simply must master to be successful
How to A/B test anything
Paid ads are not an asset- How to create assets on FB
How to promote a FB group on FB with paid ads
Advertise FB ads for low cost email gen
Understanding FB policies to reduce risk of being shut down
Proven appeal scripts for rejected ads, ad accts and BM’s
How to analyze a lander like a FB policy expert
Understand the FB review process
Using the review process for testing
Understanding FB ad rejections and how to adjust and profit
How to find hidden interest groups
Custom audiences you simply must have
Creating custom audiences that convert
How to know if you are overlapping your audience with multiple ads and wasting money
How to start your day/ ad day in the life
Top 5 mistakes keeping you from scaling
How is FB tracking your lander, your acct and your Ads
How to avoid the “dead period” of FB ads
Understanding the Learning Phase and how to maximize
Creating custom dash views to speed your management
Exporting reports
Auto rules to set your campaigns on auto pilot
FB acct dashboard and dissect numbers like a million dollar publisher
Custom bid optimization
5 ways to scale that actually work
When to scale a profitable campaign
Hacking the FB algorithm from the start
Campaign management – know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em
Limitations of the scheduled ad delivery and viable alternatives
How to research competitor landers/creative
How to spy on your competitors for free directly on FB
How to review fan page quality
How to multiply social engagement across all your ads
Aggressive high ctr ad copy that won’t get you shutdown
How to reduce your CPM
How to use pixels when your offer has no end event pixel
Setting up custom pixel events and mapping out a funnel
Lander/funnel optimization
Understanding your funnel by the numbers and finding the weak spot
Hidden Hack to get any BM Verified
How to super charge ur personal ad profile
How to get FB chat support
How to get national importance certified and run almost anything
How to read the “tea leaves” of FB policy
Why “FB reps” are actually useless
How to talk to an Affiliate rep to squeeze the most out of them
When to know you deserve a payout bump
What your affiliate manager hopes you don’t know
How to optimize you FB ad delivery by offer payout
Don’t make the biggest mistake almost all affiliates are making
Plus countless nuggets from 5+ years of FB advertising of 1mm a month plus.

There is no where else you can get this kind of knowledge.

FBW will turn you into a Facebook money machine. I’ve seen him do it with newbies. He has a system and it works flawlessly.

If you’re having problems with accounts getting shut down and/or unprofitable campaigns, Facebook Wizard can get you on the right track.

If you’re serious about making money on Facebook long term, Facebook Wizard can show you how.

This is a virtual version of the workshop he does for $25k. But you won’t have to pay half that, or even a quarter of that.

Your price is $4997 $2500. But that price expires at midnight tonight. This is the cheapest tickets will ever be.

I conservatively estimate that if you implement just a few of the things you’ll learn you will add at least $10k/month to your bottom line. So in 2 weeks time you’ve paid for it and it’s all ROI from then on.

Nickel Clicks On Facebook

My Secrets to 15%+ CTR on Facebook Ads for $.03 – .07 clicks.

In this video I will reveal actual ads, including images and videos I use to get super high CTR on Facebook.

These aren’t super aggressive either – nothing that will get you banned. I’ll even give you some images you can use right now.

The workshop isn’t for another couple weeks so this will be some immediate gratification for you.

This video is worth more than the price of the workshop. Can you imagine how much more money you’d make even if you just cut your CPC in half?

Since I’m giving away actual images and ad copy, this is only going to the next 3 people that buy a ticket. After those 3 that’s it.

Money loves speed!

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