Financial Management For Founders By Jason Andrew – Free Download Course


Financial Management For Founders By Jason Andrew – Free Download Course

Get financial control and clarity on your business finances.

You will learn a step-by-step method for confidently navigating your business finances, helping you get financial control and clarity on your numbers.

You will learn the basics of financial management in a safe, founder-friendly and jargon-free space.

What is this course?
If you’re a startup founder, small business owner or executive: you are responsible for your company’s finances.

Everything from cash flow management, your P&L, and even a fundamental understanding of how your business makes money. It’s a critical skill that every business leader must-have.

But unless you’re a trained accountant or have a few decades of corporate experience under your belt, getting a grip of your business finances is no easy task.

The good news is that knowing your numbers is not rocket science.

You don’t need a degree in accounting. You don’t need to be good at math or spreadsheets.

You just need to know the fundamentals.

I have over a decade of experience working with business owners of all shapes and sizes. From startup founders all the way to corporate executives. My mission is to educate them on their numbers – to help them make good financial decisions.

My accounting firm, SBO Financial works with business owners, servicing hundreds of founders each and every day.

Working with these founders, I get questions all the time, like:

What does a balance sheet even do?
How do I manage my cash flow?
What numbers should I look at to know if I have a good business?
The basics of financial management is a fundamental skill that all founders should have, as it could be the difference between going big or going bust.

It was time to share this knowledge in a safe, founder-friendly and jargon-free space.

Hence why we created the program, Financial Management for Founders.

Financial Management for Founders is an introductory program for founders and small business owners who are left paralysed when it comes to their numbers.

Together, I will help you get a grip on your business finances.

What exactly will I learn?

Financial Management for Founders is for business owners and decision-makers who want to:

Learn how to read a P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statement
Understand the levers in your business to improve profitability and cash flow
Implement a practical, cash flow management system
Build a framework to always have a pulse check on your financial position
Make confident financial decisions using their financials
Translate what your accountant is really trying to say…

What will I get?

5 Modules

6 Deliverables

6 Templates

Live Interaction


Module 1: An Introduction to Financial Management
Financial management is not accounting. Accounting is theoretical. It’s a broad field that requires a bachelor’s degree and typically involves balancing the books. Financial management on the other hand is the craft of making sense of the numbers and using them to aid our decisions. This is what you’re going to learn.

What to expect: introduction to the course modules, deliverables, templates, and live cohort schedule.
The Promise of the Course: “You will learn a step-by-step method for confidently navigating your business finances, helping you get financial control and clarity on your numbers.”
Understanding the difference between accounting and financial management, and why it’s up to you to take control of it.
Module 2: The 80/20 Guide to interpreting a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow
Learn to read your financial statements. I’ll cut the BS and teach you the stripped back, easiest guide to understanding how to read a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statement. You’ll learn why “Cash is King” by understanding the nuances between profit and cash flow.

How to correctly structure your chart of accounts, including templates.
Understanding the elements of the balance sheet and how to understand it.
Why Profit can be deceiving – explaining the difference between Profit and Cashflow.
How to diagnose your cash flow issues using your financials.
Module 3: Financial metrics to help you understand and improve your profitability and cash flow
Understand the handful of KPIs to get a pulse on your financial health – then work to improve it. In this module, I’ll explain the levers available in your business to grow profit and cash flow – and guide you on how to improve your performance.

Learn how to calculate your profit metrics and compare them to benchmarks.
Calculate your break-even point and set profit targets for your business.
Understanding and calculate your Cash Conversion Cycle and quantify how to improve your cash flow.
Get confidence in how to take action using your numbers.
Module 4: How to practically manage your cash using the ‘Bucket Methodology’
Implement a cash flow management system using the ‘Bucket Methodology’. In this module, I’ll teach you a cash flow management process to ensure you never hit a cash crunch ever again.

Breaking down the “Bucket Methodology” by utilising multiple bank accounts.
How to allocate capital like Warren Buffett.
Have confidence in your day-to-day cash management.
Module 5: How to implement financial management framework in your business
Implement a financial management framework. In this module, I’ll unpack what numbers and reports you should be looking at on a frequent basis, with the help of your accountant. The objective is to build a financial operating rhythm in your business so you’re always on top of the financial position of your business.

Understand the format of a monthly management report.
A step-by-step guide to building a financial governance and accountability ritual.
Have confidence in your day-to-day financial decisions.
What you will get from the course
You won’t get a certificate that you can hang in your office…

But what you will take away from this program is the ability to:

Implement a cash flow management system so you always have control over your cash flow.
Understand and navigate your company’s accounts to confidently make financial decisions.
Equip you with the knowledge to ask better questions from your accountant and advisors.
A financial framework that you will implement for your own business as part of the tutorials.

Will there be homework?
There is homework, but not in the traditional sense.

All of the work you do in the course will be for your own business.

Think of it as making time to work on your business, and yourself.

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