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Adventures in SEO + Money Making Blog Posts Masterclass By Lena Gott – Free Download BLACK FRIDAY BUNDLE Course

Get our two flagship courses Adventures in SEO and Money Making Blog Posts Masterclass for one low price.

With these two courses you will be able to create content that ranks for keywords and makes organic sales! It’s a great system when you combine the two courses.

With this purchase you get all of the bonuses for Adventures in SEO that are listed on this course details page.

It’s an amazing deal! I hope to see you in class!

Simple SEO-based strategies are all you need for AMAZING traffic!

Properly keyworded & polished posts need surprisingly little help taking off.

It just flies onto your reader’s computer screens from their search engine of choice.

Someone does a search, your content is presented to them, and they click over to read what you have to say.

Traffic comes your way with very little effort when your content is properly optimized.

🔥 It’s easier than you think to get Google & Pinterest to take you seriously

Half of the battle is figuring out the first part – getting algorithms to pick up your blog posts and show them to the right people. This course shows you how to do that.

Then all you gotta do is get the click. You can do that, right? If you don’t, we’ll also cover that in great detail with an entire module dedicated to clickability.

🔥 Google AND Pinterest send traffic automatically to content that sends the right signals

Search engines connect your content to the appropriate audience automatically when you follow their rules. You can only solve people’s problems only IF they ever see your content in the first place.

In other words, you need algorithms to pick up your blog posts in order to get them seen by the right people so those people will click over to your blog and indicate that you have content worth reading….

Which in turn, makes the platform keep showing your posts to other people….

It’s a circular problem for sure!

Luckily, if you understand what search engines look for, you can get your content seen.

🔥 You CAN get sustainable traffic with less work

Once you properly optimize a post for keywords you can rank for, it will pick up steam over time with occasional prompting on your part.

Very little effort is required to maintain momentum when your keywords are on point. You can be on vacation while your traffic goes crazy without having to do a single thing!

This is the registration page for the Money Making Blog Posts Masterclass.

This is the course you’ve been waiting for that goes beyond standard affiliate marketing and sales advice to the root cause of why people would ever BUY THINGS on your site.

Did you know there are certain ways of writing that inspire action in others?
Did you know that certain types of blog posts are more effective sales pieces than others?
Do you know how to get someone to trust you enough to purchase something from you?
Do you know the single most important type of blog post you can write to make more affiliate or product sales?
We are going to cover all those things! 🙂

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is tired of guessing when it comes to affiliate and product sales.

It teaches you what you need to do if you want to make sales to the people who come to your blog.

There is no need for you to spin your wheels!

I’ll show you what works and we’ll even go through actual examples from my blog so you can see it all in action.

If you’ve taken my courses before, you know that I OVERDELIVER on examples!

The concepts we’ll learn work for affiliate marketing AND marketing your own products. After all, selling is selling. What you sell is up to you.

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