How To Not Be A Beta Cuck By Western Mastery – Free Download Course


How To Not Be A Beta Cuck By Western Mastery – Free Download Course

Are you an omega soyboy?

Are you totally unconfident at talking to women?

Or are you a blue pilled cuck who loves his soy frappe late just a bit too much?

Don’t lie – you’re all of the above.

You’re a blue pilled omega soy latte-sipping cuck and you enjoy being used by women.

You get jealous, insecure, and needy when guys hit on your girlfriend – but that’s fine with you.

In short, you’re a bitch and you know it.

If this describes you (it definitely does), keep reading, because this course is for you.

“How to Not Be a Beta Cuck” is the best course ever designed for cucks like yourself.

And you fucking need it.

Because be real – you literally can’t point to a single moment in your life where you didn’t feel like a cuck.

For instance, last time you were out with your girlfriend, she got hit on by a much bigger guy – and you didn’t know what to do.

The guy gave your girlfriend his number, right in front of your face – and you did nothing.

Then she banged him that night before she came back to see you, and she told you she was too “tired” for sex.

Can you imagine him giving her incredible pleasure – making her scream his name in true ecstasy, while just a few short hours later she refused to even touch you?

She’ll never forget his name, and she doesn’t give a fuck about you.

And I bet you like that thought, because you are a soy eating cuck.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Don’t you feel like a BITCH just reading this Gumroad landing page – RIGHT NOW?

Do you feel EXPOSED – CUCK?

You’re laughing because you think this is a joke – but I’m laughing harder because I know you’re a cuck.

Yeah that’s right. You’re getting called the fuck out.

You can take all the “Red Pills” you want – but you can’t maintain “frame” against my elite copywriting skills – you fucking pussy.

I own your ass, and because I know that only cucks read to this point, I know you’re a cuck.

And while I have you put on the spot, reading every word of my copy…

I’m going to tell you again how much of a bitch you are.

Well here’s the good news, you little bitch.

I’m going to fix this for you – because I am the fucking man.

I have been kicking ass and taking names since I was born (12 years ago).

My name is James Holt the NPC – and I have been teaching guys game for 10 days.

Yes, I was once a omega soyboy like you.

But within just 10 short days, I went from omega virgin soyboy to Chad Alpha Pussy Slayer Pleighboi (TM).

And now I’m going to teach you the same.

Just read my testimonials:

“James Holt the NPC is the biggest non-cuck around. Holy fuck” – Fraiser Willie

“I am not a Western Master – compared to James Holt the NPC” – Sean Luger

“I was a cuck. But thanks to James Holt the NPC, I am no longer a cuck” – Asad Jones

“Fuck Amazon. Fuck everything. This is the best course ever fucking made. James Holt the NPC has your shit, my dudes” – Jeff Besos (not Bezos, you read that right)

Got it? This is the ULTIMATE COURSE on not being a cuck.

And it’s going to transform you from omega soy boy – to ALPHA GOD THE SECOND YOU BUY IT.

So if you’re sick of being an omega bitch boy…


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