How To Start A YouTube Channel By Marc Leach – Free Download Course


How To Start A YouTube Channel By Marc Leach – Free Download Course

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful YouTube Channel – Learn how to create, grow and monetize your channel without knowing anything about video or wasting time.

Everyone has a story to share…

Identify your audience. Create a connection. Make an impact.
Only you can share your message. Others can say the same thing, but your audience wants to hear from you! It’s your unique experiences, perspective and the way you say things that will make a huge impact on the lives of your subscribers.

That’s the power of YouTube: to create an intimate connection with your subscribers, gain authority and trust and make an impact in the world. Lofty I know… and also true.

You’ll learn everything I did to create a successful YouTube channel (without the guessing).


Learn how we went from 0 to 100,000 subscribers in less than two years
(Without “going viral” using “hacks” or knowing anything about video production)
Are you ready for a change? To start something new and exciting that’s worth documenting?

Do you have the thought in the back of your mind that other people would enjoy following your journey and it might turn into something bigger?

These were the exact thoughts we had less than two years ago. It’s frightening to think that we almost didn’t start because we didn’t know anything about video, editing or YouTube.

It actually felt a little silly to start a YouTube channel. We had thoughts of doubt such as “Are we really that interesting?”, “Why would people want to watch us?” or “How am I going to learn everything?”

We discovered that we didn’t need to know how to do all the steps…just the first one.

We decided to overcome that awkward feeling of talking to a camera and recorded our first trip. Next we learned how to edit. Then learned how to upload a video. Instead of focusing on all things we didn’t know, we just focused on the next step.

When we started to look for information on YouTube, there was so much conflicting information. The creators who offered courses had millions of subscribers generated from prank videos targeting mostly teens.

These creators would teach things like “how to make a video go viral” (I’ve since learned is a sure fire way to attract all the wrong people). Other courses were offered by award-winning film-makers or recognized directors teaching how to create cinematic footage. This might be helpful for those in Hollywood, but can actually work against a YouTube creator when trying to establish a personal connection with their subscribers.

YouTube is not about making Grammy-nominated movies or tricking your audience to subscribe. It’s about being you and telling a story in such a way that makes a connection with your audience.

It turns out there is a formula for telling stories. Once you understand the formula, you’ll be able to craft your story in such a way to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Because I have a marketing background, I know that successful channels didn’t grow from ONLY creating quality content. I’ve seen too many amazing videos with little to no views.

When growing your channel, understanding how YouTube works to grow your channel is equally as important as learning how to tell your story. The truth is, it’s not as complicated as it seems once you separate all the myths from facts and conflicting information.

All of your subscribers are already watching YouTube. You’ll learn exactly how to use YouTube analytics to grow your channel by getting your videos in front of your target audience without using social media or wasting time with collaborations.

Our subscribers value transparency and our courses are no different. You should know that this isn’t going to be easy, but remember: people don’t quit because it’s hard. They quit because it wasn’t as easy as they thought. Yes, creating a YouTube channel is hard work, but that’s why it’s rewarding. This is what scares away most people. Don’t let that be you! Join a community of committed creators learning from.

Imagine receiving emails from people because you’ve changed their lives. Imagine having footage to look back on for the rest of your life or getting your first direct deposit from Google. All of this is possible!

Our life changed when we finally realized there was no perfect time to start. That we were never going to be less busy. That each year would be just like the last… until we took the first step. Don’t wait. Get started now!


In only ten months, our videos were paying for 100% of our travel.

What You’ll Learn in this Course:
How to Stand Out on YouTube
What is the Importance of a Theme?
How to Create Channel Art
How to Identify Your Ideal Audience
Creating Your Channel
How to Create a New Channel
How to Lock Down your Settings
How to Create Channel Tags
How to Select the Right Gear
How to get Started Fast and Cheap
Selecting the Right DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras
How to pick an Action Cam
Camera Audio and Microphones
How to Stabilize Your Footage
How to Manage Your Video Files
How to Choose the Right SD Chip and External Hard Drive
How to Organize Your Footage to Avoid Chaos
How to Edit Like a Pro, When You’re Not
How to Tell a Story Within Your Video
How to Select the Right Editing Software For You
Editing Tutorials
How to Find Killer Music You Can Actually Use
How to Find Royalty Free Music
How to Use Music Effectively
How to Avoid or Handle a Music Claim
How to Get More Views & Subscribers
Five Strategies to get More Views
How does “Clickbait” Work?
How to Understand YouTube Analytics
How to Upload Videos Correctly
How to upload your video to YouTube
How to Add a Custom Thumbnail
How to use End Screens & Cards
How to Get Started on Right Foot
How to create a successful launch & grow your channel
How to Post Videos on Social Media
How to Handle Comments and Scams
Access to Private Facebook Group
Get feedback from other creators
Get quick answers when you get stuck
Get ideas on how to grow your channel


How to Get Started on Right Foot
How to Find Your Camera Voice
How to Drone like a Pro
How to Grow Your Email List Through Your Channel
When You’ll Know it’s the Right Time to Start Patreon
How to Select the Right Drone for You

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