Local Client Attraction Accelerator – Maps Liftoff – Free Download Course


Local Client Attraction Accelerator – Maps Liftoff – Free Download Course

How Would You Like To Join An Elite Group Of Online Marketers Quietly Bringing In 6-7 Figures Per Year Using Previously Unknown Client Attraction Techniques?”

Watch The Video Preview To Learn How To Get Clients Reaching Out To You, Booking Calls On Your Calendar.

Here’s What The Program Includes:

Module 1: My Mini Webinar Set Up To Attract Local Clients And Get Them To Book A Call On Your Calendar ($1997 Value)
I’m going to show you my complete set up to create your own mini webinar just like internet marketers do to get people on the phone…and show you how we’ve translated this to get local businesses itching to book a call on your calendar.

This has been our secret weapon for many years now. No local marketers use this to get clients but it’s so simple and so powerful.

This alone can start landing you clients quickly!

Module 2: Full Sample Webinar + Slide Deck Used ($997 Value)
You’ll be able to see this in action-exactly what these webinars should look like.

I’ll then hand you the actual slide deck I used so all you have to do is modify for your niche, do a quick voice over (which I’ll show you how to do) and get it up and running.

The end result is clients booking on YOUR calendar.

Module 3: My Best Converting Initial Offer-My End-To-End Facebook Retargeting Process For Local Clients To Get Them Near Instant Leads ($1997 Value)
10 over the shoulder videos of exactly how to set up a Facebook retargeting campaign for your client to roll in near instant leads.

Here’s the deal.

People who land on your clients site or landing page used for Google ads have SEARCH INTENT.

Every guru out there is teaching you to run FB ads to cold traffic.

Makes no sense when you can instead capture the power of search intent.

We’ll show you how to get back in front of people who we KNOW are looking for your client’s services.

People have said this is one of the best and most comprehensive trainings on FB ads for local ever and some have even said you could start an entire FB agency just from this training alone!

Module 4: Using Paid Traffic To Build A List Of Highly Qualified, Niche Prospects. Use This Little Known Method To Warm Up Your Audience, Pre-Frame Them With Your Offer And Close Them Call 1 ($1997 Value)
I’m going to walk you through exactly how I use FB ads to get qualified niche prospects on a list and get them frothing at the mouth to get on a call with you.

I built an entire large agency with this one method alone and it continue to work to this day.

I once scored a $3K/Month client from a prospect who called me as I was getting on a cruise for a week just from what you’ll learn here.

It’s that powerful.

Module 5- Our Cold Email Outreach Strategy To Skip Paid Traffic And Get Phone Calls Set With Hot Prospects ($997 Value)
Cold email gets a bad name and rightly so.

That’s because most people approach it entirely the wrong way. In this 7 video series, I’ll walk you through exactly how we use it to get “yes” every day.

We’ve had several people in our high end groups follow this to a “tee” and say it’s the most comprehensive and easiest way to do cold email outreach the right way!

Bonus #1 How To Use Simple 5 Minute Videos And Run Dirt Cheap Facebook Traffic To Them To Constantly Be In Front Of Thousands Of People In Your Niche ($1497 Value)
In this bonus, I’ll show you how to put together our secret weapon: A simple 4-5 minute video that sells NOTHING.

Why would we not sell anything Brian? What’s the purpose of this then?

To get it in front of your prospect on Facebook so you are seen over and over and did I mention over?

Also to start to warm them up.

Oh and for dirt cheap.

These video view campaigns can get you in front of your prospects every day for $5-10 a day.

They can’t help but start to like you when you do this right.

BUT it’s not all just to be in helpful warm and fuzzy mode.

I’ll show you how we can set up Facebook to gather data in the background to figure out who’s engaging with these videos so that we can use the same retargeting process I teach you in our retargeting module to get back in front of your most likely prospects-ya know the ones who already know like and trust you.

I’m going to also walk you through a little known trick to combine this video with our cold email module above to literally triple the impact of not only your emails but your ability to move these cold prospects clearly into the ultra warm prospect column.

Bonus #2-Our 5 Minute Video Walkthrough + Slide Deck Used ($997 Value)
I”ll first give you a full sample 5 minute video so you can see what these helpful data gathering videos should look like PLUS…

… I’m going to hand you the actual slide deck I used so all you have to do is modify for your niche, do a quick voice over (which I’ll show you how to do) and get it up and running.

Bonus #3 My Email Follow Up Swipe File ($997 Value)
I’ll hand you an entire email follow sample sequence I use in Module 4.

Skip the writing. Just change a few words with your niche and you are in business.

I built my agency using this method and have gotten more clients from this than anything else.

Bonus #4 Custom White Label Lead Magnet Report To Attract Hungry Maps Clients Ready To Pay You Top Dollar ($1997 Value)
Use this with Bonus #3 as your lead magnet giveaway to get people on your list!

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll get all of the latest studies showing exactly why maps is the single most important place your client can be.

Just put your name or agency name on this report and use it as a giveaway to attract clients to you quickly!

Bonus #5 How To Choose A Niche That Pays ($997 Value)
Selecting your niche will be one of the most important things you can possibly do.

But once you’ve decided on a potential niche, that’s where the work begins. You have to dig deep.

Yes deep.

What does this mean? It means that you must start to know your market so well that you can start to speak their language…get in their heads.

An example would be, let’s say that you select dentists…you should end up knowing as much about their business as they do to the point where you can do everything except drill a tooth! I’m 100% serious.

Your success or failure depends on this concept.

In this bonus, I’ll walk you through the exact 5 questions I ask before ever entering a niche.

I’m also going to show you where you can buy information on almost any industry to really understand what they spend on marketing and why and get to know what makes them tick.

This will really help you understand a lot about them so you’ll be well on your way to drilling that tooth!

Bonus #6 My Clickfunnels “Book” Funnel To Get People On Your List ($497 Value)

If you use Clickfunnels, simply paste in the url that I give you, add your own book cover image and you are ready to start getting local clients on an email list lighting fast!

If you don’t like Clickfunnels or use something else. No problem.

You’ll be able to copy what you see and translate it to work in any other funnel builder or even a straight up WordPress site.

Bonus #7 My Clickfunnels “Webinar” Funnel To Get Clients To Book On Your Calendar ($497 Value)

Use this with Module 1 so you aren’t scrambling to have to create all of this stuff!

Not only will you get the funnel that you can just add to your own Clickfunnels account (or use to create something similar with another funnel provider or even WordPress)….

…but I’ll also show you how to integrate this with your email sequence, and your calendar to get people booking!
Phew! That’s A Lot Of Stuff.

This is easily a $5,000 Program That is Being Made Available for a Fraction of That Price!

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