Mage On Demand By MageOmega Gregory Jacobs – Free Download Course


Mage On Demand By MageOmega Gregory Jacobs – Free Download Course


I – Pass the “Mom Test” Training -​This should be considered the “hard notes” so stuff that is more or less 1-2-3 connect the dots. In the case of MOD, this comes in the form of over 30 hours of training videos and detailed PDFs to accompany each as everybody has different learning styles. This, of course, has passed the “Mom test” as I am 40 this year and my mom has gone through the training. So if she has done it and thrived then there is no excuse for anybody else! 😀

II – LIVE Interactive Training -​with myself and our coaches Each leads a series of in-person webinars where we delve into some of the more abstract concepts that need to be understood to reach our long-term goals

III – DONE FOR YOU – I feel this is a critical component that, if left out, can massively cripple an emerging PODSF business. Bottom line is: this is your training wheels and “Easy Win” start. After training literally tens of thousands of students, I have seen that success is as much about momentum as the actual coursework. Meaning that if I only push in front of you 30 hours of training that requires learning some new skills, there’s a good chance that “life will get in the way at some point,” and you will get distracted. Then, since you haven’t really made any money anyways, you may lose your focus.
On the other hand if the FIRST THING I hand you is a DONE FOR YOU Business – where you just plug and play and MAGIC starts happening, and money is made, then you no longer see this as an “educational slog to get through;” but rather you see that the money is green and this is REAL. So I’ll tell you straight up – while the DONE FOR YOU is not going to make you a millionaire, it has made some people over 100k.

What it will do is help you make that first dollar, that first hundred dollars and so on, to give you the confidence and momentum you need to really master the skill-sets required to scale your business to 7 figures.

IV – Hand Holding 1-1 “Native English” Support – I consider this very important, because many of these so called “support desks” will employ overseas workers whose job is to look for certain phrases in your question and then copy and paste a reply that many times doesn’t even address the question. No offense to overseas workers, but we like to do things a little differently as you will see. Our support staff is composed of native English speakers from the USA and UK who actually “DO MAGE” — meaning they are doing it alongside you and understand where you are and how to help.

We have students from 14 – 80 from all walks of life. Some were born with a computer in their lap and can run circles around the internet, others are just comfortable checking email or organizing basic finances. We understand the unique needs for everybody and are here to help

V – Social Support and Community – This basically translates to our private Facebook group – if you search for it now you may be able to find it, but don’t bother applying until you are a student. We only allow active students to join the group. In the Facebook group, we do not address “specific technical issues” as those are better handled 1-1 on the support desk, but rather we address more abstract issues and things that can be solved through group opinion rather than hard fact.

I am active daily in the Facebook group – where you can talk to me directly as well as our support staff, coaches and other students. Life-long community and bonds have been made in the MAGE ON DEMAND SNIPER POOL Facebook group – in fact, some people have said that the MOD Facebook group is worth the price of admission itself to the course.


Well you may have heard of “MageOmega” which is the foundation and the predecessor. What is being offered now for a limited time is culmination of 5-year’s of student success and learning, and a full UPGRADE of the core business model behind it and we are calling it MageOnDemand because it leverages Print On Demand Sniper Funnels – Trending as the Top Sales Model For 2020.

When you join MageOnDemand You Get ALL of The Following…

The full MAGE ON DEMAND Package and Support which includes the 6 PODSF Done For You Funnels!

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