Marketing Mercenary Course By Ron Lynch – Free Download


Marketing Mercenary Course By Ron Lynch – Free Download

A 13-week investment to develop expertise as a premier marketer.

Grow your business no matter your role.

CEO- CMO- Marketer- Inventor- Investor- Copywriter- Creative- Students- Lawyers- Medical Professionals- Writers

What would be an ideal business outcome for you or your clients?

A two hundred million dollar payout?

An IPO valued at over 3 billion dollars after 5 years of work?

Would you like to create a massive loyal fan base of your products?

What if there were real business secrets you could learn that you could repeat to get these types of outcomes?

Could anybody really know those?

Or teach them?
I can.

How do I know?

Because all the results above are results I have played a significant role in creating with separate customers.

What do you think money is?




You’re wrong. It’s none of those things.

If you believe for a second that I’m incorrect, I can tell you this with complete authority: You are brainwashed.

I was brainwashed once, too.

Then I learned to escape, thanks to some amazing mentors, incredible clients and a bevy of mentalists, sales teachers, linguists and behavioral psychologists that slowly taught me how to be one of the best in the world in my field.

Yes, I have sold over 4 billion dollars in direct receipts for myself and, more importantly, my clients. And there was a time when I took the stress of that work so seriously I almost died.

What was literally a near-death experienced actually showed me how much I still had to grow. In all aspects — personally, mentally, and in business. And to grow my business, I first had to grow more people with my specific skill set.

Welcome to the marketing mercenary. If you are willing to read, listen and, most importantly, apply what I am about to make available to you, you will arm yourself with an impenetrable suit of armor and pick up the most valuable tool kit of your life.

I was not sure the critical (and unusual) ways I think could be taught.

How do you teach someone to decide whether a business is viable or not in a matter of seconds?

How do you discover the road blocks in a company that stop them from selling?

How do you learn the language, vision and psychology of someone who has the experience I do?

I’m going to show you.

If I were a religious leader, I suppose I could change your heart in a single speech. You could be “saved.”

But I’m not that.

I want to change your mind. In order to do that, I need us to make an agreement to spend a little more time together.

Inside the Marketing Mercenary program, we’ll pull back curtain after curtain for 13 weeks.

There will be new revelations that build on each other, and we will rewire your mind for business success.

It works for entrepreneurs.

It works for agency owners.

It works for inventors, investors and independent thinkers.

It’s a method, a way of accessing the world and your business enterprises.

This is a masterclass of creating a tactical and strategic plan for success that predetermines the outcome before the audience knows what is happening.

You will walk out of this experience transformed with abilities that can’t be stripped away.

You will be able to succeed anywhere, in any industry, and with any partners by selecting the RIGHT people, planning correctly, and executing your goals like an assassin in the night.

The Marketing Mercenary Course is a 13-week experience that starts with financial philosophy and ethical business shifts. It leads to an aggressive course work where you will learn how to create strategic creative and marketing briefs. These briefs can be utilized as interviews for clients that turn the tables on the sales process into a simple interview you are giving the potential client.

The best way to close clients is to ask about the details of their business in a methodical way so they can see your work becoming a reality in their mind. Remember you want to be instantly perceived as the expert and the expert does not taut expertise – yet drives into diagnostics before they speak.

This universal closing secret is minor in comparison to the actual skill set you will develop in this program.

Beyond the creation of strategic and messaging documents you will learn to dive into the properly written structure for scripting sales pitches, commercials, infomercials and online content, even skills that can be used in sales letters and video sales letters.

You will develop your talent for copywriting that is driven with a purpose to persuade total strangers in a way that lowers their defenses and makes them lean in to learn.

You’ll discover how to break your advertising into smaller pieces for longer sales cycles, particularly with high ticket items… and then conversely how to close a consumer on an impulse item quickly.

You will see exactly how this translates to film, TV and online video content with segments that break down short commercials and long ones.

This course is based on a one-week seminar that is taught for 10 hours a day in a highly immersive environment at a tuition cost of $25,000. You will be able to take it at home for a scant fraction of that. Do not be fooled into thinking it is easier, though…

You must do the homework and you will soon discover that the more seriously you take this course… the higher your quality of work and the more expertise you’ll gain.

You will get everything out of this and more than you put into it.

You will learn:

✅Learn to attract clients

✅Discover simple techniques for closing them.

✅Translate that sales discovery process into an instant plan and set proper expectations.

✅Learn to avoid “Scope Creep”

✅Write briefs

✅Write Strategy and sales arguments

✅Learn to script powerful selling language as dialogue.

✅Identify audience segments

✅Build offers that sell

✅Start the path to direct response expertise in any media.

✅How to identify a product or business that works prior to investment.

✅The four elemental requirements that define a winner.

✅The concise manner for communicating any business to investors or consumers.

✅The most efficient path to sales.

✅How to utilize a number or variable types of consumers to build a cohesive brand.

✅What a brand actually is — despite what the world tells you.

✅Which business investment(s) is right for you.

✅How a billion dollar brand is manufactured, and how you can manufacture it.

✅How to build a brand for exit.

✅What money really is.

✅How it is really made.

✅How money is actually useless — when you have the one thing behind it that creates it.

The world of success is built on ideas, words and images.

Motivation is fueled by either pain or hope — that is true of every living person.

You can become a master of subtle, yet laser-focused, motivation creation.

It will take work and practice.

It will seem easy at the start… In fact you will wonder if this will even pay off.

I guarantee this.

As it gets harder, and the work builds and builds… you will want to quit.

So I do not give refunds.
“What? Why? I thought you said guaranteed.”

I don’t give refunds because the people who need the knowledge the most are statistically the most likely to wimp out and quit.

But you are not a quitter, right?

We’ll find out.

You see I don’t give refunds intentionally to be punitive. Yes, people have quit.

They lost their money.

And it ate at them.

Pissed them off.

Particularly when they heard the reports of all the people that completed the course…

The people that doubled and tripled their company revenues, and their personal income, based on what they learned.

Then they came back and repurchased and had to start all over.

Just like a video game.

Just like life.

You can wait to start. You don’t have to do this today.You can wait til your 80.

Some people like that. They are comfortable now. In their pain.

Some people can dream of sitting in a lounge chair, on a beach in Fiji, with a cold drink and the sun on their shoulders.

The dream is all they need.

They never even really need to sit in a lounge chair…not even at Home Depot.

If you are the dreamer, go away. This ain’t for you.

This is for the doer.

This is for the apprentice that has the humility to admit they are an apprentice.

If I knew this when I was 20, I would have saved 20 years. That’s why I am offering the knowledge to you now.
Together we can change your situation rapidly. In just 13 weeks you could be living on the other side of the matrix.

Get the knowledge.

Get the skills.

Take the mentorship and save the hardship.

A real teacher can create amazing shortcuts in life. You don’t have to figure it all out.

But you have to listen.

You have to read.

You have to do the work to wash the poisonous falsehoods out of your head and become the 1% of the 1% who knows how it really works.

Let’s do this. Now.

Because Now is Now…and it’s the only moment you have to change your life.

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