Produce Promote 3.0 – Masterclass Mastery 3.0 By Marlon Sanders – Free Download Course + 2.0


Produce Promote 3.0 – Masterclass Mastery 3.0 By Marlon Sanders – Free Download Course – Includes Masterclass Mastery 2.0


The 7 Secrets of Producing and Promoting Your Way to Prosperity


In Just 4 Weeks (or less…) You Will Create AND SELL Your Own Masterclass — Or I’ll Buy It From You Myself… Announcing Masterclass Profits 3.0 Live On Zoom, Step-By-Step


Expensive software with complicated learning curves.
Not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it.
Not having ideas on how to create the webinar slides
Lack of confidence.
No accountability for following through to get things done.
Wasting time on methods that change “overnight”.
Working your tail off to create a class and then find no one at all will buy it
Joining very high priced coaching programs only to end up months later STILL not having your own product to sell!

Now, these sessions have the benefits of a seminar, except you attend over the Internet instead of in person, so you save the hotel, airfare and hassle.

These sessions will be conducted using ZOOM so you can actually SEE me breaking stuff down on a real whiteboard via video cam and interact JUST LIKE you were right in my office sitting in a chair right in front of me.

This is FAR BEYOND a webinar. I’m including virtual whiteboard training, and live interaction. That is why I have to strictly limit the number of participants. I just can’t handle that many people in a live, interactive format like this.

You get it ALL. You’ll see my computer screen or virutal whiteboard, see my video and hear my voice and get answers to your questions on the spot, so you don’t have to hunt me down in the hall on breaks.

The reason I’m using the whiteboard and webinar format is my customers get the best results with it. For this class, an ebook just won’t do it. I need to be able to ask you questions and make SURE you’re on the right track.

And not only that, I wanted to build a level of accountability you can’t get elsewhere. Finally, the webinar lets me SHOW YOU the systems. You just can’t do this on a teleseminar or other methods.

Of course, I’ll also have slides and plenty of live screen sharing.

There are two BIG benefits of my whiteboard and webinar format:

BENEFIT #1: The classes are provided to you in audio AND on video, so you get to watch it at your leisure, zeroing in specifically on any parts that you want to review.

What’s more, you can snag the audio, stick it on your phone and listen to it while walking, working, jogging, or running errands.

BENEFIT #2: Here’s the best part:

You’ll get access to the recordings of the course material, so you can reference it time and time again.

Here Are Four Good Reasons To Say Yes
To Your New and Very Exciting Future
As You Get Paid To Create Massterclasses

1. You will create your very first Masterclass that you can conduct yourself or outsource immediately

You’ll do this in week one immediately. So this is NOT just some thing where you get all excited and end up with no result.

You WILL create a product and get results – guaranteed, as long as you follow my simple step-by-step system.

2. You will have accountability for results

You’ll be expected to create a product and promote it, so you’re actually DOING and getting results in 4 weeks, not just learning tons.

3. You will get feedback on your systems.

I’m devoting week 4 just to giving feedback on the product and promotions the members create.

4. You’ll have access to a private site where I post extra content and videos.

You’ll get extra videos, templates and example step-by-step processes.


Week #1: How to Plan Out Your Masterclass — And Overcome All The Reasons People Think They Can’t Do It
Get amazing and profitable Masterclass ideas in 60 seconds or less
Have a specific content plan for your Masterclass that makes it easy to create and deliver
Get over the objection that you aren’t an “expert”
Use a.i. to do your research for you in 1 click
Brainstorm your ideas live with Marlon on the interactive virtual whiteboard
Case Study: 25 crazy niches people are making money in
Week #2: How to Lay Out Your Slides So You Share Info People Love Learning and Then Want More
The very simple plan for laying out your “pitch” slides
Get your product outline already done for you — just swipe the outline (just copy my swipe file and change the words)
What to click, how to click and how to get a good result
Why you don’t need to brag about yourself or show cars or other stupid stuff
The critical transition from content to pitch to make it all smooth and easy
What you need to do the first 10 minutes of the webinar that almost no one understands. But screwing it up is a big mistake
How to title your presentation
How to Create Your Sales Slides For Your $197+ Masterclasses
What the stack is and why it’s important
Where I personally screwed up on my stacks and how to avoid my mistakes — actual examples given
How many slides should you have in content vs. the offer?
How long should the total presentation last?
Should there be a Q & A
Get my “pitch deck” swipe file (see bonuses)
How to Pitch and Deliver
Click-by-click on the technical stuff so it’s easy peasy
How to NOT screw up the pitch. I’ve done this several times. You can learn from my mistakes and avoid them.
How to NAIL the close
3 tricks you must know to make the slides work right (I’ve screwed this up bad before. Don’t learn the hard way)
How to set up your member’s area using the softweare I install for you (see bonuses)
Quick traffic to your Masterclass?
In Addition To The Four Weeks of Training,
You Also Get Two Amazing Bonuses

BONUS ONE: I will give you my complete presentation swipe file. Open it up and just change the wording and slides as you please

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
Get your slides done in record time
Just adapt my offer stack as your own
Takes away the pain and uncertainty of creating a presentation
BONUS TWO: I will install membership software so you don’t have NO MONTHLY FEES

I’ll install it for you one fresh wordpress installation (and I show you click-by-click how to set that up)
You get a full year’s use of the software. After that, there will be a small fee (on the order of $27) if you want to use it another year. I license this so I do have a hard cost.
Other than the cost of your hosting for WordPress, you have NO monthly fees
Keeps things simple for you and lets you start free
BONUS THREE: Sales Page Creation Software Installed

People charge $300 a month for sales page software. It’s a LOT more than you need. I’ll install a nifty plugin for you on a fresh wordpress installation that will do it all for you. It creates a fill-in-the-blanks template for you.

Take week one of the Masterclass Profits: Get Paid In Advance To Create. You will get live, interactive training.

YOUR price is only $499 (see button below) today. That’s a big discount off the course!

You can erase the cost by doing any of these 4 things:

1. You will create your own $197 Masterclass and promote it during the event, or afterwards.

That gives you chance #1 to self liquidate the event fee and erase the cost.

2. You’ll discover how to save at least $500 on stuff you’d likely waste or spend money on.

From hosting to software to training to webinar software. I’ll reveal how to save money, what to spend money on and what to dump.

3. You get 75% commissions when you sell the final, recorded version of the event.

There is NOT a purchase requirement to make 75% commissions but there is a sales requirement of 4 sales. But this is waived for all buyers.

Just 2 sales and you’ve made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you.

4. You’ll find out how to save a fortune on video bandwidth.

I’ll show you the secret insiders use to save a small fortune on hosting fees.

This is NOT For Everyone

Listen, if you’re broke and desperate, if you’ve spent thousands and not made anything, if you can’t do basic stuff on the computer or if you’re powerless and feel you need someone else to make it happen for you, this is NOT for you.

I don’t want “blood money.”

I don’t want you to go in debt to buy this.

I don’t want to take food off your table.

I don’t want to take new clothes away from your kids.

I don’t need your money.

I don’t want you to borrow on your life insurance policy or spend your Social Security money nor steal from your retirment savings.

This is for able, capable people who have some basic computer skills, the ability, desire and willingness to learn and who are proactive in life.


Yes! I want to get this awesome, amazing event.
I understand it’s only the price on the button below — and ONLY if I feel it was worth it
I understand I get a recording of the event WITH bonuses, and I have a 7-day moneyback guarantee.
I will get 75% commissions reselling the final version of the event, so I can pay for the event with only 2 sales
I will receive access to a recording of the event

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