Millionaire Mind Strategies By Kenrick Cleveland – Free Download Course


Millionaire Mind Strategies By Kenrick Cleveland – Free Download Course

It took 9 years to develop the process responsible for my continued success. I drew from my diverse background, including NLP and hypnosis. I researched all subject matter from ancient texts to the popular law of attraction. And, I tested it all…to find out what works and what is a flaming pile of dog ****.

In the end, when all was said and done…

I had created a step-by-step process that allows me to reprogram my unconscious mind to reach and hold onto my goals…attracting ALL I could possible want.

When you order Kenrick Cleveland’s Millionaire Mind Strategies, you will instantly start to see a change within yourself. By gaining access to all 8 modules (over 12 hours of in-depth training), 9 learning sessions, 5 bonus learning sessions and…

Our exclusive online component…that will allow you to customize the material to meet your individual needs…easily organizing all aspects of your life…so that you focus your intentions on the things you want most…while keeping a record of your progress throughout the process.

Also included are 14 learning sessions, which allow you to reprogram your unconscious for your desired results. These audio files use advanced technology that places your brain in the learning Theta State. By taking advantage of these learning sessions, you will greatly increase the speed of your positive results.

Below is just a small sampling of the discoveries you will make:

Module 1

The missing skills that can stop you dead in your tracks from success…when I discovered and implemented these…my income tripled in less than 9 months.
Why hard work is not always the key to success…and why it can be detrimental when it comes to increasing your income significantly.
What you must first do to create the life you have always imagined…almost everyone skips this critical step and places themselves aboard a never ending ride to disapointmentville.
Discover why telling others your plans is one of the quickest ways to have them fall apart. (This one strategy could make the difference between a successful year and floundering one.)
The #1 WORST mistake you can make that will turn your unconscious mind against you – ultimately causing you not to live up to your full potential.
The one thing you must know in order to develop an unconscious mind that will grant you all you desire. (The answer is why “The Secret” doesn’t give people the results they want.)
Module 2

Why you must take inventory of these 3 areas in order to develop the life you have always imagined.
The problem with setting goals and, why by their very nature, they are setting you up for failure.
The solution to the goal-setting “problem” that works with the laws of the unconscious mind to achieve your every desire.
How to correctly language your wants and desires in order for your unconscious mind to produce results (this goes far beyond simply stating things in a positive manner).
Module 3

How to make your unconscious mind take notice with the addition of these words to your statements (this will supercharge your positive results).
The 4 step formula for guaranteed success.
The rules for programing your unconscious mind. (Why wanting power or money will leave you empty handed…and what you should be concentrating on instead.)
Why putting too much attention on the things you want can reverse all your positive results.
How one statement implanted into your unconscious will speed up your results.
Module 4

How to ensure you are living a balanced life…staying balanced is an important key to developing prosperity.
How to make sure that you are targeting your energy to what you “really” want and who you “really” want to be.
The method and strategy I use to eliminate all problems from my life. You can use this to reverse any negatives – from health issues, to fears and even issues of identity.
Module 5

A new way of looking at money and how this little mental shift will attract more wealth and opportunities into your life.
Why our words carry great power and how to direct that power to living a fulfilling life.
The reason why failure is necessary to keep advancing in your life – this has been a secret of not only the wealthy, but our greatest philosophers of all time.
The real power behind being able to forgive – it’s objective is not to make you feel better or to benefit someone else.
How to wipe away all resentment from your life – allowing you to move forward instead of taking two steps back.
Module 6

Learn why you should keep your mouth shut when it comes to including others in your plans for a prosperous life.
How to become courageous and banish fear from your life…overcoming all situations you may be placed in. (With these 4 questions, you will be equipped to analyze any situation and discover why fear ruined your chance of success.)
Module 7

How to continuously maintain positive results when working with this step-by-step system. (I have countless clients who use this system year after year and continue receiving improvments.)
Why going through this program will improve your persuasion skills by leaps and bounds.
Another amazing strategy for creating change in yourself and others at a blink of an eye.
Discover how to change the way you feel about any memory…this is an extremely powerful technique, so please use with care.
Module 8

In this module and the Bonus module, we focus on the “millionaire” in Millionaire Mind – installing the strategies of the wealthiest elite into your unconscious through learning sessions. We’ll examine everything that can get in the way of your accumulating wealth. By the end of this module, you will have all the skills you need and more to have a millionaire mind.

Now there will be…

Nothing Stopping You From Getting Everything You Desire
You don’t need to feel stuck…watching others live the life you want. When every time you seem to get ahead, you end up right back where you began.

Now you know all you need to do is…

Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind For Success
And break through your self-imposed limitations to focus on what you really want. You will once again BE INSPIRED!

Kenrick Cleveland’s Millionaire Mind Strategies will hand you the proven skills you need to reach your full potential…and stay there.

So…can you afford to wait to change your life?

For all your dreams to become reality?

When right now to help you reach those dreams…

Kenrick Cleveland’s Millionaire Mind Strategies
We are offering Kenrick Cleveland’s Millionaire Mind Strategies as a stand alone product. Over the last few months we have been working hard to update our current website technology to work with this programs’s online component…and now it’s finally ready for you.

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