NFT Academy By Greg Davis – Free Download Course Crypto Training


NFT Academy By Greg Davis – Free Download Course NFT Crypto Training

Brand new crypto & NFT training…

2 huge things are happening in the crypto space this quarter:

1) We’re in a serious bull market.

2) The Coinbase NFT marketplace is opening by year’s end.

If you play your cards right, you can make an obscene amount of money from both.

The bull market is pretty obvious. As bitcoin & ethereum post new all time highs the rest of the market has and will follow.

Some of these small caps are going to pump hard. 100X+ hard. How do you find them? I have someone that can show you how.

My Student Wants to Show You How He Makes $50K+/month in Crypto Profits With His Own Custom Method

A few months ago I released a course called the $50k in 4 hours Crypto method, because that’s how much I made on a Saturday when I just started trading.

One of my students, Karim Sidibe, recently contacted me and told me how he used a particular method to generate a $50k profit from one coin.

He explained his method to me and I was shocked by how simple it was. Anyone can do this.

He’s had more hits but that’s his biggest score to date. He was so excited that he wanted to teach it and create a discord so people could stay plugged in and get all their questions answered.

Now the method he’s using is something that I covered in my course, but I gotta keep it 100 – he did this method better than me.

His Method Is The Secret to Consistent 10X+ Gains

He’s going to get into this particular method way deeper than I did.

He’s going to do a brand new live training which will be recorded as a course.

In addition, he is going to be running a private Discord group to help everyone maximize their profits using his method.

Things change quickly in crypto so a one time course won’t do it. You have to stay plugged in to the latest.

The New Coinbase NFT Marketplace
Why is the Coinbase NFT marketplace so consequential?

Because the biggest NFT marketplace right now is Opensea, and they have 300,000 wallets.

Coinbase has 70M wallets.

There will be a FLOOD of new money into the NFT space – do you want some of it?

The NFT market is currently in a slump, so it’s the perfect time to buy low on pieces that will skyrocket in price because of the huge increase in demand.

Now is the time to get positioned before the new marketplace opens.

I’ll be doing a new, live training this week on NFT’s and how to identify the projects with the potential to moon.

This Coinbase marketplace could change NFT’s as we know them. Be ready so you can profit in a huge way.

My Crypto Story

One Saturday I was playing around with a free crypto tool.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a crypto expert by any stretch of the imagination.

But I am an expert at making money online, and there was one particular aspect of cryptocurrency trading that I noticed very few people were talking about.

Of the hundreds of crypto videos I searched on Youtube I saw none that showed how to do this method. There were a couple that touched on various aspect but none that were doing exactly what I was trying to do.

So I got this free tool, and I figured I’d test my method to see if I could make it work.

I started with $3k. In less than an hour I burned through $1500 with zero return. I was frustrated, and I had some other stuff to do so I used my tool and I quickly dumped the remaining $1500 into one trade.

I went to the barber with my son, ran a few errands and came back home.

I totally forgot about the $1500 until I had been home for about an hour. Let me check to see what happened it probably went down the drain like the other $1500.

When I pulled up my balance I couldn’t believe what I saw. I refreshed the screen. I logged in and out. I still saw the same number.


My $1500 had turned into almost $50k in less than 4 hours.

I was blown away. Looks like there was a little promise with my method.
My first thought was I’m going to be Mr. $50k a day in crypto!

If I can turn $1500 into $50k imagine what I can do with this $50k. I should at least have a quarter mil by Monday, right?

So brimming with overconfidence and much ignorance I proceeded to blow through most of the 50k on Sunday. By midweek I had pretty much lost it all.


What happened to my 50k a day crypto empire? Did I just get lucky on Saturday?

I did a deep dive and reverse engineered exactly what happened so I could build a repeatable process.

Even though it really sucked losing 50k, I needed that to refine the process and figure out what not to do. There are a lot of scams in crypto trading and I fell for them all.

Most marketers would stop the story at making the 50k. Most marketers wouldn’t tell you they got tricked out of thousands of dollars. But I’m not most marketers and I’m gonna keep it real. You’re gonna get the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Because if you choose to learn my method, me losing that money will mean that you won’t.

So after all that, I came up with a repeatable process that can produce big gains everyday. I also devealoped fast and easy ways to identify and avoid the multitude of scam tokens out there.

For every 1 legit coin there are 95 scam ones. No exaggeration. It’s that bad. And the scammers are very good and always adapting.

So wading through all those and identifying the real opportunities is the biggest challenge with my method. Through the school of hard knocks I learned how to do this, and quickly.

Now, I have it down into a system that works everyday, whether the market is up or down. Since my 50k loss debacle I’ve been trading smaller amounts so I haven’t hit the 50k mark again yet, but the method has been working consistently.

Anyone can do this. And you don’t have to start with $1500 either. You can start with any amount. I met a guy doing something similar that turned $9 into 23k in a month’s time.

In this course I explain step by step exactly what to do.

Don’t Let This Revolution Pass You By

Crypto and NFT’s are the future. As big as they are now, relatively speaking we’re still early. But now is the time to get in so you’re positioned for when things really explode.

This package is an easy way to learn how to make money in crypto and NFT’s – fast.

This is something that you can put into practice right away.

I’ve seen so many newbies as well as people that had lost money in crypto succeed with these methods.

What you get:

Recorded training detailing exactly how to make fast, huge gains using Karim’s method
Brand new, live NFT training
My 50k in 4 hours crypto course
My crypto Telegram group
The secret to consistent 10X+ gains
All the tools you need to be successful
How to day trade new and existing crytpocurrencies
Updated training including new tools
The crypto game I made $4500 in 2 hours from
Private Discord group to share information and coordinate buys (so important)
How to flip NFT’s
How to profit from the top NFT games out right now
Fast Action Bonus 1 – How To Make Money Tomorrow (only for the next 5 customers):

I just finished recording a video called “How To Make Crypto Tomorrow”.

Not next month. Not next week. Tomorrow.

In fact, In addition to the video I will walk you through it tomorrow in my Crypto telegram.

No hyperbole. No fluff. No BS. No experience necessary. Just straight to the money.

This is the fastest (and safest) way I know how to profit from crypto. You gotta hurry though next 5 customers only.

Fast Action Bonus 2 – A free lifetime membership to my NFT Hot Zone Telegram Mastermind

We are crushing it in my NFT mastermind. I’m focusing on NFT’s mostly these days, because it’s the hottest crypto sector and it’s absolutely exploding.

Fast Action Bonus 3 – The top cryptos you should be holding on too.

I teach people how to day trade, but there are some coins that are about to absolutely explode.

And no I’m not talking about bitcoin or ethereum.

These aren’t talked about much but they will make millionaires in the next year.

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