Sell More With Webinars By Luisa Zhou – Free Download Course


Sell More With Webinars By Luisa Zhou – Free Download Course

Why a webinar?

Have you been wanting…

A way to stand out in your industry and get more qualified clients without having to hustle for them day in and day out?
A create-once-and-use-forever piece of content that you can use over and over to make sales all the time? (So you can finally step out of that Bottomless Pit of Content and get a break from having to come up non-stop with new topics, how-to’s, and angles for your free content.)
A “salesperson” that does all the sales heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you enjoy doing? (Oh, and did I mention that this salesperson is free? You don’t have to pay them a cent of commission.)

Think about it:

What better way to build that must-have trust with a potential client than by giving them the chance to learn from you for 30 to 40 minutes straight? (After all, that’s why speaking personally to potential clients is so effective.)

Even more importantly, webinars give you a chance to convey your value and showcase your expertise way more so than you ever could in a PDF, email, or post.

Especially if you’re not a pro at marketing, copywriting, or sales. (Because no one is when they’re starting out.)

Basically everything you might be able to explain to a potential client in a 1-on-1 conversation, you can put into a webinar. Saving you the time and energy of having to talk to every single person. Over and over again. (While basically saying the same thing.) In essence, automating that trust-building.

In short: Webinars give you an opportunity to truly connect with your audience. To show them how you’re different. And to make sales right there on the spot — without them even needing to speak to you. (And even if they do still need to speak to you before they buy, they come onto the call ready and excited about working with you.)

Plus, you can create it once and keep using it over and over again instead of needing to constantly create new content to make sales. (Who has the time for that?!)
There’s just one “catch”…

Maybe you’ve been thinking of creating a webinar.

Before you do, let me share a warning that will save you a LOT of wasted time and money.

(And if you’ve tried doing a webinar already, and it didn’t go so well, I’m going to share with you exactly why that happened and what to do to fix it.)

Flashback to the beginning of my business…

Convinced that the best way to move forward was to buy every webinar course on the market, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on program after program so I could learn every guru’s “proven” webinar script.

You’d think that with that level of investment and commitment I’d be rolling in sales, right?

Not exactly.

After I followed those scripts, one after another, to the letter…

I did my first webinar. Then my second. Then my fifth. Then my twelfth. Then my twentieth.

After each webinar, I’d excitedly log into my email to check for sales notifications only to feel my heart drop after each one when…

Not. A. Single. Person. Bought.

That’s when I realized that not even the (self-proclaimed?) gurus knew how to sell with webinars!!

So, I did what I do best as an engineer (hey, I am a former Space Station engineer after all) — I set my mind to cracking the webinar code.

What would convince ME to buy on a webinar?

When would I click away and leave a webinar?

And what made me keep watching until the end?

Over the next few years and 100+ webinars (147 webinars to be exact), I tested everything I could think of, experimenting with my offers, my opening, my sales pitch, my slides, my bonuses, my timing…every single detail.

Until I finally landed on a webinar system that worked.

Since then, I’ve used it to sell 4- and 5-figure coaching packages…
$5000 receipt

Receipt for a $5,000 sale of my 90-Day Business Bootcamp

Make 6-figures from a single webinar during a launch…
All the sales I was able to make from ONE webinar!

35 sales, totalling $94,472, from one webinar during one of my live launches

And build a 7-figure automated course funnel
Sales from my 7-Figure evergreen course funnel screenshot

Random snippet of daily payments from my evergreen webinar

Along the way, I realized 3 huge mistakes most entrepreneurs were making with their webinars:
3 popular webinar myths… DEBUNKED
Myth #1

Get immediately download Luisa Zhou – Sell More with Webinars

They say….You need the perfect script if you want to make sales.

I say….It isn’t about the script. It’s about the Logic Stack.

I tried every webinar script under the sun, and none of them worked for me. After my first 20 failed webinars, I threw all the scripts in the garbage. (Digitally and literally…I dragged all those files right into the “Trash” bin. For the most satisfying *click* ever.)

Then, I crammed on my engineer hat and began testing like my life depended on it. (It kind of did, in that my business…and the dream life I wanted…depended on it.)

That’s how I created what I call the “Logic Stack.”

So many webinar courses tell you to teach and then tack on a sales pitch at the end of your training.

Here’s the BIG problem with that advice:

If you teach too much, people think they can go off and try it on their own — without hiring you. And if you teach too little, it feels super salesy, and that turns people off too.

When you switch from scripting your webinar to building a Logic Stack the way I’ll show you, you’re striking the perfect balance between giving value and inspiring your audience to buy.
Myth #2

They say….You need to offer a discount to get people to take action.

I say…Tell that to my $2,000 program that even the coldest traffic snatches up (with no discount in sight).

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