Outrageous Campaigns Live By Bill Glazer – Free Download Course Event


Outrageous Campaigns Live By Bill Glazer – Free Download Course Event

Imagine If You Could Afford To Hire 38 Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, And Marketers In The World To Give You The Secret Playbooks They Use Every Day To Grow Their Business OUTRAGEOUSLY…

CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to get a VIP ticket to watch the recordings of the First EVER “OUTRAGEOUS Campaigns Live Summit” for business owners who are tired of running a business that’s just “good” and want to turn it into a truly “GREAT” business.

This is “THE EVENT” to learn the best marketing practices to get your business noticed, from 38 of the world’s top business growers—6-, 7-, and 8-figure entrepreneurs and business owners from every industry—and you can get INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to EVERYTHING today, even if you weren’t there, when you purchase the recordings.

All 38 of these speakers built their business by embracing the principles of “OUTRAGEOUS Marketing”…

And now you can watch them all lay out their deepest secrets to attract an endless stream of new leads, customers, and referrals to YOUR business.

I can guarantee you’ve never seen an event like this: 38 OUTRAGEOUSLY successful marketers and entrepreneurs opening their exact playbook to grow YOUR business with NOTHING held back.

What These OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Business Owners & Marketers Are Saying About This OUTRAGEOUS Offer :


“I think anybody who is serious about growing their business and dedicated to their own education should pay attention to the other speakers and other presentations that have been at this event. The fact is, you don’t get many of these opportunities to find all of these world class people that have got proven, tried and tested campaigns, that have got real world results.”


“You know a single campaign can add a million dollars to your business pretty easily, and now imagine you have two or three or 10 or 20 or 100. Just the two campaigns I shared alone are things I’ve never really shared publicly before, and they show how we used the campaigns we used to grow ClickFunnels. If you are looking for different ways to grow you company and scale your company, and you didn’t have a chance to be here, definitely get the recordings!”


“If you weren’t able to make this event, you need to buy the recordings. I mean, just one campaign, you are going to double, quadruple, times ten your money that you invested in it… Think about it, you’ve got 30 plus of some of the best marketers in the world in front of you, telling you exactly what to do to have a successful campaign. If you don’t buy it, you’re definitely missing out.”


“Look, it’s a bummer if you didn’t make a live event. There are so many amazing entrepreneurs here, everything from CEOs of hundred million dollar plus companies, to one gentleman who recently got funded, got a 12.5 million dollar worth of funding last week is when that hit. To people just crushing it in their marketplace. So it’s a bummer if you didn’t make it, but if you didn’t you can still get all the benefit of everything that was learned here by grabbing the digital videos and checking those out.”


“So if you missed the actual live event, all is not lost. You can get the digital video of it, and totally recommend you do it… Bill’s taught me a ton of different things about how to grow a business from the early days of Infusionsoft. He taught us how to sell in group settings, from stage, over teleseminars, or webinars. He’s just really smart at engaging people in the sales and marketing process, and he’s just really expert in helping entrepreneurs understand how to do their marketing much more effectively, and in a much more efficient way.”


“Well, I mean listen. As a business owner, as an entrepreneur, and as a marketer, is there really a legitimate place you can go, other than a place like this event? Other than other products and services that Bill Glazer, and the likes of Bill Glazer offer? Is there a place you can go to get a better education? The answer is NO! NOT even Harvard. A Harvard marketing degree is – you know, “trash” as compared to what you’re going to learn at an event like this!”


“If you weren’t here, and you have an opportunity to get access to this content, you’d be crazy if you didn’t, I’m frankly surprised, that Bill would even make some of this content available, but I think it’s great that he is… But boy, again, if you missed it, if you weren’t here and you have a second chance to get access to these campaigns, I think you’d be a special kind of crazy not to take advantage of it.”


“Boy, if you couldn’t make it to this event, first off you made a huge mistake. But second, you can fix that by getting these recordings. The amount of brain power, the amount of marketing expertise that Bill was able to put in this room over a two day period has just been incredible!”


“If you were unable to come the live event, you need to see this recordings because the information that I got has changed my mindset, has changed my view on how my business can succeed, and now it brings back the joy that I had becoming an entrepreneur and becoming a business owner. It makes the business fun again. For years, I stopped having fun in the business. Bill talks about it. He’s like, “Being outrageous lets you have fun again and enjoy your life,” and all these campaigns show that. It’s so needed for you to learn and to watch everything that’s in these recordings.”


“The event was amazing! … I don’t go to a lot of events anymore… but I’m so glad I’m here, because I’m going back and I’m changing a ton of things about my business!”


“If you missed this event, you have to get the digital recordings. There is so much great information there that’s going to help you in your business in whatever you’re doing: brick-and-mortar, if you’re doing marketing, if you’re doing internet, online, offline. There’s so much ready to go information and campaigns that you can copy and use for yourself.”


“If you weren’t able to be here, you need to purchase the recordings, because it’s definitely worth the money.”


“You know, if you don’t purchase the recordings, you’re gonna miss out. A lot of these things are timeless. That’s the best part about it. So, you better get it, because if you don’t, somebody else is gonna jump ahead of you.”


“Those recordings are the cheapest shortcut you can get to grow your business by thousands of dollars.”


“It’s probably the most information-packed, most useful event, minute by minute, that I’ve been to in recent memory. I really can’t recommend it more highly. If you can get a hold of any of the recordings of this, you’ve got to jump on that chance.”


“I think you’re crazy if you didn’t attend the live event, but if you don’t get the digital recordings then you’re even a bigger idiot because this is what’s happening right now. If you want to do well in your business, you need the ideas from what these people are actually doing in it. It’s not like they were just pitching old ideas, this is stuff they’re doing right now, and they are showing us what the return on investments are. When you can get 200-2000% return on investment, why wouldn’t you wanna do what those guys are doing? … Get the recordings and learn to do it the right way.”


“Well, in the famous words of Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy, “You’re stupid if you don’t!” What I mean by that in all sincerity is, I’ve never been to an event that has had this much information packed into two days. The information is so valuable that I don’t think you can even put, I mean you almost can’t truly put a price on it. Whatever they’re going to charge is way under-priced for what you’re going to get.”

The OUTRAGEOUS CAMPAIGNS LIVE recordings bundle is a total value of at least $13,823.00. But, since I’m doing this primarily to raise money for charity, AND because I want as many people as possible to get the value of this one-of-a-kind event, I’m offering the product at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE.

Buy just one of these OUTRAGEOUSLY powerful presentations for just $397, and get all the OTHER 30 presentations, AND all the bonuses, as my gift to you – for FREE!

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