Course Business Masterclass By Danny Iny – Free Download


Course Business Masterclass By Danny Iny – Free Download

How Coaches, Creatives, Consultants and Experts Like You Are Making a Bigger Impact In the World (And Earning Bigger Profits)!

The “Can’t Fail” Way to Start a Thriving Online Course Business In Just 15 Weeks… and It’s Guaranteed!

This is my most comprehensive, surefire-success course business training.

It gives you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build a thriving course business, using the methods I’ve developed over the past 10+ years.

👉 If you’re brand-new to the online business world or don’t even have a course idea yet, The Course Business Masterclass will help you discover your gifts and talents, and help you turn it into a viable course and make your first sale.

👉 If you’ve already built a course before or have the “seed” of what could be a fantastic course business, The Course Business Masterclass will show you how to grow to scale to your next 50 buyers… your next 500… and then your next 5,000 and beyond (all while working less and with little stress and overwhelm).

The Course Business Masterclass will teach you:

How to *think* like a successful course builder so you can feel confident and take action — even if you’ve never launched a pilot before…
How to find a winning course idea that suits your skill set (if you don’t already have a specific topic in mind)…
How to take your knowledge, skills and insights and turn them into an online course… even if you think it’s something that can’t be taught online…
How to validate your course idea *quickly* and start selling it almost immediately…
How to collect and use your students’ feedback to make your course even more valuable (and easier to sell every time)…
The exact strategies you’ll need to find your first few students… make your first 50 course sales… then your next 500… and then your next 5,000 (each phase is different – and I’ll make sure you have a complete blueprint on how to achieve each stage and move on to the next)…
How to feel good about charging premium prices for your courses… and eliminate any price resistance from your buyers…
How to create an identity or “brand” for your course business that is so compelling… so aligned with your target audience… that you become the only option for them to buy from, making any competition irrelevant…
The must-have “does my course suck?” checklist (this alone could save you dozens of hours and wasted effort when creating your course)
How to choose the right lead source for your course business for YOU, your personality, and your goals… so that you never have to promote yourself in a way you’re not comfortable with…
The secret to a successful and thriving six-figure course business that can quickly be scaled (so many course-builders fail to do this… but not you)…
Find out what it takes to automate your course business and whether or not it’s something you should do for your particular business and situation…
Need to make sales and generate cash quickly? I’ll give you a “copy-and-paste” campaign structure for generating sales very quickly… often in as little as 4 days…

LIVE 15-Week Coaching Starts
June 1st
One of the great things about The Course Business Masterclass is that you get all the support and personalized guidance you need to stay the course and see your course through to success.

So to that end, you’ll get access to the “core” training modules, which show you step-by-step how to go from idea to launched course and even making your first few sales.

We’ll also have a series of weekly group coaching sessions to discuss what you’ve learned, answer specific questions you may have, and determine YOUR next action steps.

This means everyone will have different “marching orders.”

And no two students will have the same experience, because I’m making sure it’s tailored to YOU and your needs.

So let’s look at exactly how Course Business Masterclass will work…

To make your learning seamless and as quick as possible, I’ve split up your training into two phases.

Let’s take a look:

Phase 1:
Launch Your Course
Launch Your First Pilot Course
and Make Your First Sale
Allen Wyatt
“I had 95 people who had signed up for the course at $95 per person. And this was a course that wasn’t even completely finished.”

Allen Wyatt,
Online business owner
Kathleen Tozier
“My first group was six women, each paid five hundred and twenty seven a piece for a six week program.”

Kathleen Tozier,
Edward Vilga
“When I made the first offering I wanted a dozen people just to test it, and I got 42, without really trying.”

Edward Vilga,
Yoga & Creative Guru
This phase is all about figuring out what your course idea is… mapping it out… taking it online and making your first sale.

This phase consists of three modules you’ll work through….

MODULE 1: Foundations
In this module, we start at ground zero and help you set the stage for long-term success.

You’ll discover how to:

Figure out where you’re at on your course business journey and eliminate any confusion about what your first steps are
Develop the mindset of a successful course builder so you can avoid rookie mistakes — even if you’ve never launched a pilot before
Find a viable course idea that suits your skill set (if you don’t already have a specific topic in mind)
How to transform your skills, knowledge, and insights into an online course format… even if you think it can’t be taught online
Set *useful*, achievable milestones to show you what progress you’re making, so that you stay motivated and build momentum
And much more…
MODULE 2: Selling Your Pilot
Once you’ve got your course idea and mapped it out, it’s time to make your first few sales.

You’ll discover how to:

Validate your course idea *quickly* and get your first sale almost immediately
Get everything set up to work smoothly without a struggle (even if you feel like the least tech-savvy person on the planet!)
Create an ethical and high-integrity marketing and sales plan — so you know exactly where and how you’ll find your first students
Sell seats in your pilot and fill your course so you can get feedback, make improvements, build a loyal customer base, and charge more for it on the next iteration.
And much more…
Dr. Deborah Jones
“I have sold all 15 pilot seats as of August 6, 2020!”

– Dr. Deborah E. Jones

Corrie Melanson
“I booked 7 seats in my pilot in less than 24 hours of launching…. Woo hoo! I’m not worried about filling my 25 seats by early September.”

– Corrie Melanson

Arlene Henry
“Filled my pilot yesterday with the amount I was aiming for, and my registration deadline is tonight at midnight. Which means I could still add people if they show up! Already looks like I’ll need to run a second group based on the interest.”

– Arlene Henry

MODULE 3: Running Your Pilot
Now that you’ve made your first few sales, it’s time to DELIVER the goods!

That’s why in this module you’ll discover how to:

Keep improving your pilot from the very first day — this alone will save you *hours* of time and effort!
Banish your urge to teach your students everything you know (because overwhelming them won’t help them learn!) and focus on giving them what they need
Get your students to happily co-create your pilot with you, while also giving them an incredible experience as students
Collect and use your students’ feedback to make your course even more valuable (and easier to sell every time)
Evaluate your pilot’s success — and decide whether you need to adapt it or whether it’s good as-is
Lay the groundwork for years of revenue (and fun!) as a successful online course creator and business owner
And much more…
Phase 2:
Teach Your Gift
Build Momentum to Grow, Scale, and
Make MORE Course Sales!
Kathy Goughenour
“After I fully implemented everything that I learned from Danny Iny… Instead of earning about $2000 a month, I am now earning an average of $25,000 a month from that one program.”

Kathy Goughenour
Don Hastie
“I wanted to limit the the class to 10 people, because it is hands on, so we sold 10 slots in September, 10 in October, and 10 in November. And it was charged at £997 and we sold over 30 courses. £33,000 worth of sales from an idea! It scaled up really well.”

Don Hastie
Molly Mahoney
“The results from… actually sticking with it and making this course possible, it’s crazy to me. It’s been over $50,000 now that have come into my business which is awesome.”

Molly Mahoney
As I mentioned earlier, to grow your course sales, you need two things: a consistent way to attract new prospects and a reliable mechanism for converting them to paying students.

Without these two things in place, your course sales will always be unpredictable. And you’ll work much harder for every dollar of revenue.

But with consistent attraction and reliable conversion, you can turn your business into a course-selling machine. You’ll reach more people, enroll more students, and earn *much* more money. And you can easily scale your business to six or seven figures.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all method for creating your own course-selling machine.

There are dozens of marketing strategies to select from, and hundreds of ways you might implement those strategies.

The best choice depends on your business, industry, skillset, and audience. What’s effective will change as your situation and the marketplace evolve.

That’s why as part of Phase Two of The Course Business Masterclass you get…

Your All-Access Pass to Strategic Training, Accountability, and Support
We’ve created an exclusive community, Teach Your Gift Pro, that gives you EVERYTHING you’ll need to grow and scale your courses… your income… your impact… and your business.

And when we say everything, we mean it.

With Teach Your Gift Pro, you’ll get:

More students enrolled in your course, using proven strategies from our masterclass library.
Support from a vibrant community of smart, values-driven entrepreneurs who can share your successes.
Your questions answered (so you never “get stuck”), thanks to live Q&A sessions with our team every, single month.
Plus you’ll be entitled to enroll in the Mirasee courses you need to grow your business — free of charge, with a different course starting live each month — including premium programs and some that are not currently open to the public:

The Art of Offer CraftThe Art of Offer Craft [$1,000 value] – Learn how to create an offer so irresistibly desirable that your prospects come to you with credit card in hand, ready to buy.
The Audience LaunchpadThe Audience Launchpad [$500 value] – Learn the reliable way to attract a loyal audience of people who appreciate your work and want more of what you offer.
The Expert Business LaunchpadThe Expert Business Launchpad [$997 value] – Leverage your expertise to build and grow a thriving online business (without working yourself to the bone).
Business Ignition BootmcampBusiness Ignition Bootcamp [priceless & free!] – Gain the clarity, perspective and insight to focus your time and effort where it makes the biggest impact for your business.
Strategy SchoolStrategy School [$997 value] – Dive deep into strategic thinking so that you can confidently make the best decisions for your business and your life.
Launch My CoursesLaunch My Courses [$995 value] – Yup, this is the “Phase One” training of The Course Business Masterclass that helps you go from zero to launch within weeks… and you can repeat the whole experience to launch another successful new course if you want!
You’ll even get exclusive first access to our new pilots and programs as we develop them, giving you the most up-to-date online business skills and insights before anybody else.

This is a one-stop shop, so you always have the knowledge, guidance, and support you need to take the next step, build on your successes, and create the business of your dreams.

Because we offer a wide range of courses and supplementary material, you’ll have the training and guidance you need at every stage of your business growth — whether you’re launching a new course, building up your client list, or building funnels and sales systems to scale your business.

You’ll also get support from the Mirasee team during our monthly live “town hall” and “Q&Amp;A” calls. And every course inside Teach Your Gift Pro comes with full coaching support so you’ll never need to feel stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed. Just reach out to the course coaches and they’ll answer your questions, clarify your thinking, and help you bust through any roadblocks in your path.

Proven Course-Selling Strategies and Lead Generation Guidance From Me, My Team, and Some of the World’s TOP Experts!
Sell More Courses
In Phase 2 of The Course Business Masterclass you’ll also have access to our “Sell More Courses” Masterclass Library inside Teach Your Gift Pro.

This is a collection of expert trainings on ALL the ways that you can generate leads and make sales.

Each Masterclass is led by a guest instructor with deep expertise in a particular strategy. (For example, generating leads through speaking engagements or closing sales with email autoresponders.)

Each Masterclass also includes all the details you need to apply the training to your own business. They are comprehensive and in-depth, making it simple to fully implement the strategies you learn.

What’s more, we are CONTINUALLY updating this Masterclass Library with new strategies from new guest experts, so you’ll always have the latest and best ways to make more course sales. (And we NEVER promote or teach any methods that feel sleazy, use manipulation, or involve anything that’s unethical.)

These are experts I know personally and whose values align with mine and my company’s. So you can trust the advice you receive, and you can count on the integrity of the people providing it.

Now, normally these experts charge thousands of dollars for the kind of training you get in these Masterclasses.

But because I have personal relationships with them, they’re happy to share their very best material with my students.

These expert masterclasses are only one section of our ever-expanding resource library. Each month, we post new, exclusive content that’s specially designed to help our members clarify their ideas, expand their thinking, and bust through plateaus.

Personalized Help And One-On-One Coaching When You Need It Most
When you join The Course Business Masterclass, you’ll start with Phase 1 to launch your pilot course and make your first sales. After three months (or sooner if you’re ready early), you’ll get access to Phase 2 so that you can build momentum, sell more, and scale your business.

In both phases, you’ll be fully supported as you implement the trainings and strategies in your business.

During Phase 1, here’s what that level of support will look like:

A dedicated course-building coach who will support and guide you through your journey.
1×1 calls with your coach at key milestones to celebrate your progress, prepare for your next steps, and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks.
Feedback from your coach on all your assignments, so you can feel confident about your decisions and know that you’re on the right track.
Weekly accountability check-ins and feedback from your coach, so you stay on track and keep moving forward.
3 live group Q&A calls with me, Danny Iny, so you can deepen your understanding and gain additional insight.
A weekly content call with a Mirasee expert who will answer questions, provide insight, and lead discussion on the week’s topic.
Weekly office hour calls with Mirasee coaches, where you can ask questions, get feedback, share strategies, and get help working through any blocks you’re experiencing.
Unlimited email support from your coach, so you can always get help, feedback, or additional support when you need it.
During Phase 2, we’ll continue to support you with 6 months of FREE Teach Your Gift Pro membership while you create your own marketing machine and sell more courses. You’ll get:

A 1×1 Strategy Call with a Mirasee strategist, so you can identify your business bottlenecks, find the shortest path to your goal, develop a plan, and get clear on your next steps.
A monthly content call with a Mirasee expert, so you can ask questions, hone your skills, and deepen your understanding of the sales and lead generation strategies.
A monthly Q&A session with Mirasee coaches and strategists, so you can get feedback on your work, troubleshoot your implementation, share strategies, and get help with whatever challenges you’re facing.
Unlimited email support from a Mirasee coach, so you can always get a second opinion, feedback, or support when you need it.
The invitation to join our most popular courses free of charge each time we run them, and participate in live sessions of courses that we no longer offer to new students.
Access to our private online community where you can share resources, support, feedback, and advice with your fellow course entrepreneurs.
If you’re committed to your business, we’re here to support you now and as you grow.


You Get A Ticket To Attend My Premier Course Business Training Event, FREE!
(A $500 value)
Teach Your Gift
Our 3-day virtual event, Teach Your Gift LIVE, will transform how you think about the online education industry. And you’ll get all the latest strategies and techniques for success TODAY, in 2021, and beyond.

Teach Your Gift LIVE runs from Thursday, August 12, to Saturday, August 14.

I’ll be sharing cutting-edge course business strategies, frameworks, secrets, and insights throughout the entire event, including:

The Course Business Roadmap – How to know where you stand on the path to success with your course, and what steps to take from there to your next big goal.
Cutting Edge Courses – The latest research insights and practical applications from education, user experience, and psychology to make your course a world-class student success system.
Accelerating Success – How to build your momentum, drive results, and smooth your path (all at the same time!) so that you can speed forward with ease.
Effortless Business Growth – The counterintuitive secret of effort versus outcome, and how to generate the results you want without wasting time or energy on ineffective tactics.
Surprise bonus sessions and Q&A – Ask me anything and learn the exact processes my team and I have found the most productive for online course businesses similar to yours.

Plus, Your Special Bonuses
In The Course Business Masterclass, you already get everything you need to go from zero to a successful online course business. And we show you how to scale that business to 6 or even 7 figures, if that’s your goal.

But we wanted to do even more.

So we came up with a few really exciting bonuses! Here’s what your bonus package includes:

Our exclusive ebook, Online Marketing in a COVID-19 World: Marketing Experts, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs Share What’s Working Right Now.

We reached out to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and business visionaries, asking for the inside scoop about what marketing Ebookand sales methods are working well for them, right now, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

And then we compiled their responses into a brand new, comprehensive resource for marketing during the COVID era.

As far as I know, this is the only place you can find all these strategies, tactics, and methods all in one place. And it’s only available to Course Business Masterclass members.

A special bonus module from our partner Ruzuku, with: 6 months of Ruzuku membership included at no extra cost to you.

At the end of Module 4 of The Course Business Masterclass, you’ll have access to a special bonus module that walks you through exactly how to set up Ruzuku for your online course sales and enrollments. And at the same time, you’ll be invited to claim 6 months of free access to Ruzuku’s easy-to-use online course platform!

So, you get all the technology tools you need to teach a course your students will love — and you won’t have to start from scratch. That’s because Ruzuku’s experts have created sales page and course templates especially for our students to make it even simpler and more streamlined for you to sell your course. You’ll even have access to Ruzuku’s concierge team if you get stuck and need one-to-one support.

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