Paid Traffic Training 2.0 By Maxwell Finn – Free Download Course


Paid Traffic Training 2.0 By Maxwell Finn – Free Download Course

The #1 Group Training Program For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Serious About Leveling Up Their Facebook Ad Skills And Building 7 & 8 Figure Stores!

Would Results Like That Change Your Business?

Would Results Like That Change Your LIFE?

But before I tell you more let me ask you a few questions:

Are you struggling to write ad copy that converts?

Are you having trouble setting up your pixel and creating the right custom audiences?

Are you unable to truly understand all of the data you are collecting and determine which ads you should pause and which you should scale?

Are you struggling to find the right audiences to target?

Are you tired of finding winning ads only to have the ROAS tank when you try to scale?

Are you finding it impossible to stay on top of all the new features and updates Facebook keeps rolling out?

Do you wish you had an expert mentor who could provide personalized feedback and suggestions on how to improve your ads?

Mastering paid traffic has given my wife and I something that every business owner and frankly every person dreams of…FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

It hasn’t always been that way though.

To be completely honest less than 5 years ago I had less than $300 in my bank account and a negative net worth with over $20,000 in credit card debt. My first company, Loot!, had just failed and I was in a very dark place.

But instead of throwing in the towel I kept pushing forward and stumbled upon ecommerce and Facebook advertising. I was instantly hooked!

I spent day after day, week after week and month after month consuming every piece of free content, investing in every course and religiously testing every conceivable Facebook ad strategy.

After doing this for over 2 years I finally cracked the code! I had developed a system and strategies that I could use to consistently create profitable Facebook ads.

From that day on my life completely changed.

Since then I have managed tens of millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend for Fortune 500s like 3M, mega-influencers like Kevin Harrington and Pat Flynn and dozens of other 7 to 8 figure companies around the world.

I’ve also invested millions of dollars in companies and offers that my companies own, including our hugely successful Trump Coin offer in 2016 and my first course Ad IQ Academy. Both of which have earned Two Comma Club awards from ClickFunnels and have each generated over $1M in PROFIT.

This success has given me the greatest gift in the world…the ability to do what I want, when I want, with who I want.

It’s allowed my incredible wife, Larisa, and I to travel the world and have a dream wedding

Maxwell Finn - Paid Traffic Training 2.0

Getting started with mountain climbing may seem intimidating, but with Julia’s expert guidance you’ll be up the summit faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. Pretty soon, a trip up to the mountains will be the best part of your week!

Follow your dreams
You won’t regret it!
The path to becoming an expert mountaineer and cliffhanger takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you’ll have no problem becoming one of the best. What are you waiting for?

Read Me
2. Chapter 0 – Welcome
Welcome to Paid Traffic Training 2.0
3. Chapter 1 – My Must Have Tools
Links To Each Tool Below
AdPlexity | Researching Ecommerce Products, Stores & Competitors
ClickFunnels | Creating Landing Pages & Funnels
Placeit | Designing Stunning Product Mockups & Ad Creatives
Get Maxwell Finn – Paid Traffic Training 2.0 at the standbysun
4. Chapter 2 – Before Going Live
Business Manager Walkthrough
Getting In The Right Mindset
Finding Unicorn Ads For Inspiration
CBO Rules
Understanding The Customer Satisfaction Score
Testing Your Pixel
Setting Up Custom Conversions
Creative Process – Part 1
Creative Process – Part 2
Creative Process – Part 3
5. Chapter 3 – Testing & Cold Traffic Strategies
Identify All KPIs For Your Offer/Business
Structuring Your Campaigns
Using Contests For Top Of Funnel
Using Dynamic Creative
Reverse Targeting
6. Chapter 4 – Optimization & Middle of Funnel Strategies
How To Do Free + Shipping Right
Bankruptcy/IPO Method
How To Become An Objection Blocking Ninja
CBO Pain Point Segmenting
CBO Segmenting Optimization
CBO Retargeting Strategies
Cost Cap Bidding
7. Chapter 5 – Scaling & Advanced Strategies
Lottery Method
Long Term Retargeting (Tortoise Method)
Post Purchase Retargeting Sequence
Turning Clients/Partners Into Super Affiliates
Advanced Lookalike Strategies
International Scaling
Rapid Fire Testimonial Sequence
8. Live Training + Ask Questions
How to Participate
Upcoming Live Training — May 30th, 2019 (2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST)
PAST LIVE TRAINING – April 25th, 2019
9. Course Feedback
Post Your Feedback Here
10. Snapchat Ads Bonus Module
Snapchat Ads Overview



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