PPV Sumo By Gauher Chaudhry – Free Download Course Digital Sumo


PPV Sumo By Gauher Chaudhry – Free Download Course Digital Sumo

Discover How You Can Get Unlimited Targeted Traffic For Just Pennies That Will Drive More Leads, Sales and Profits – Guaranteed!

I Coined This Form of Traffic “Pay Per View” (PPV) And Have Gone On To Make Millions

Here we are today and I can say to you that pay per view traffic has helped me pocket millions of dollars in affiliate commissions and products sales. The traffic is as cheap as $0.0002 per full browser impression and has also helped me add tens of thousands of subscribers to my email lists in various niches.

I have purchased tens of millions of PPV impressions and one of the things I learned early was to get a virtual private server or a dedicated server because the traffic can come in fast and furious. I have crashed my own dedicated servers many times because it couldn’t handle the number of impressions that PPV networks were sending.

Trust me, this is a good problem to have.

When You Are Generating This Amount Of Traffic, You Better Have A Good Tracking Solution In Place

One of the biggest struggles I had early on was finding a good tracking solution for this specific form of traffic. Most tracking tools were specifically created for tracking pay per click traffic and didn’t have the features that I needed to effectively run marketing campaigns with PPV traffic.

For example, if I wanted to rotate 10 different landing pages to 10 different offers, I needed a good and robust tracking tool that can tell me what the winning combination is from these 100 possible permutations.

I needed a tracking tool that could easily pass dynamic tokens so that I knew precisely what PPV traffic sources, targets and landing pages were responsible for my profitable campaigns.

There was nothing out there that could do this.

That Is When PPV Dominator Was Created To Help PPV Marketers Make Better Decisions And More Money

I knew that I needed to have a good tracking solution in place if I wanted to scale my PPV campaigns, so I went out and had it created. I approached a couple of programming friends who basically went to work on creating the ultimate PPV tracking tool based on what I told them I needed.

That is when PPV Dominator was born and this tool alone is responsible for putting more money in my pocket then any online software tool I have ever used. It has made tracking and optimizing my PPV campaigns a breeze and the speed at which I can set up different campaigns is incredible.

Want to rotate unlimited landing pages to unlimited offers? No problem!

PPV Dominator full reporting stats will tell you what optimizations need to be made so that you can turn money losing marketing campaigns into winners.

My Close Marketing Buddies Wanted To Get There Hands On My Software And PPV Strategies

When I first started running PPV traffic, not many people were buying it and no one in Internet marketing was teaching it. I created a 36 minute video and released it to my inner circle and now PPV is one of the most talked about paid traffic methods online.

Over the last few years, that same 36 minute has morphed into full blown training that I now offer through my PPV Sumo training system.

A training system that I want you to add to your traffic arsenal.

Why You Should Listen To Me About Paid Traffic Generation

You see, I have been online now for 17 years and made millions of dollars by simply buying traffic and sending that traffic through proven marketing funnels. I am a sought after international speaker on this topic and have spoken at some of the most premier Internet marketing events outside my own sold-out traffic events.

I have dozens of traffic strategies dialed-in, including PPV, which plays a prominent roles in all my traffic strategies.

When It Comes To Turning Paid Traffic Into Money, I Do It Every Day Like Clockwork

Take a look at the screenshot below from a few days ago.

Days like this are routine for me because I know how to turn paid traffic into paying customers and affiliate commissions. The results above are not a result of a product launch or one-time hit. I have been routine averaging five-figure days for the longest time and the screenshot above is from just one of my many different marketing funnels.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn.

I’m just showing you the I “walk the talk” and can back up my strategies with proven results.

You Will Get Access To My Live Traffic Event Recordings On PPV Traffic

I recently held a sold-out traffic event a few months ago and I spent a great deal of time talking about PPV traffic. I also demonstrated a full example of setting up a campaign using PPV Dominator for the audience to show them how easily and quickly they can get campaigns running.

You get full access to all this video footage right within the PPV Sumo members area so that you can experience the learning and discovery that these same attendees did without having to pay the high-price event ticket that they all paid.

It Is Time For You To Get Your Hands On My New Powerful PPV Training System

If you are frustrated with the lack of quality traffic you have been generating, get ready to shorten the learning curve and start driving record traffic to your affiliate offers, products and squeeze pages.

I have created the ultimate PPV training system that includes the proprietary PPV Dominator software to help end your traffic problems so you can focus on the marketing aspects of your online business.

My training system will dramatically reduce your learning and help propel you faster to achieving profitable results. I have invested a fortune of own money into testing on all the PPV platforms and you can benefit from all the knowledge I have gained instead of making the same mistakes.

So What Is The Total Investment To Join My Elite PPV Group?

The last time I did a PPV coaching program, I charged as high as $1,297 for members to join. With PPV Sumo, you get a lot more including the live event footage and more software tools.

I could easily charge $2,497 for this training and software, but I am looking for 100 success stories within a short time frame and I want you to be one of them.

That is why for a limited time, I am launching the PPV Sumo training system and software for only $697.

You will get full access to all my PPV training videos, PDFs, coaching webinars, mind-maps, online scrapping tools and most importantly the PPV Dominator software.

The best part is that you get life-time access to the entire system. This means that any time I do a future upgrade to the course or software, you get access to this new content for free.

If you’re looking for detailed know-how on traffic generation such as pay per click, media buying and pay per view, then we have the right traffic products. You can skyrocket your traffic and conversions by selecting the right training courses for yourself or your agency. Never worry about traffic or leads again after completing one of our courses.

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