Price Action Manipulation Course Level 2 By Piranha Profits – Free Download Alson Chew Course


Price Action Manipulation Course Level 2 By Piranha Profits – Free Download Alson Chew Course

Master the Complete PAM Blueprint for More High-Probability Trades and Boost Your Overall Win Rate

Price Action Manipulation Course Level 2 is the only course in the world that teaches you the secret of trading manipulation in various markets and scenarios.

The closely-guarded brainchild of ex-proprietary trader Alson Chew, this course will impart to you EVERY profitable strategy Alson has invented over his 10-year trading career. These are the exact strategies he uses to grow his 7-figure portfolio and beat the market every year since 2011.

You’ll learn 5 advanced strategies to trade PAM on reversal and continuation patterns, swing trades and lower time frames (even scalping!), and application on other asset classes like crypto and futures.

The best part? You’ll get to join a private community for PAM traders where you can discuss trade ideas and get your setups validated by Alson and his team* to optimize your win rate.

Enroll PAM Level 2 now and master the markets like a prop desk trader!

*Up to a combined total of 50 trades per weekday posted by PAM students

Learn the Complete Set of Strategies that Help Alson Beat the Market Every Year Since 2011

As a full-time professional trader, Alson trades regularly with his own live capital and has over a million dollars committed in the markets. Below are the results from one of his 6-figure accounts.

Alson has maintained positive track records for a decade, making +99% returns last year despite the Covid crash. In this course, you will learn how to stay profitable with PAM even during such black swan events.

99 Returns 5-1

Master More Ways to Profit fromVarious Scenarios, Styles and Assets

Reversal & Continuation Patterns
Don’t waste time waiting for that same old setup.

Discover new strategies for trading manipulation in uptrend and downtrend retracements.

Plus, learn an extension of DR1/UR1 with special rules for timing ultimate tops and bottoms.

Swing Trading & Lower Time Frames
Learn to trade PAM strategies flexibly in your preferred time frame.

No time for daily monitoring? Go for the swing trading style. Prefer day-to-day action? Make exciting trades that close in days.

You’ll also learn Alson’s never-revealed DR1X strategy for scalping stocks on 30-minute candles.

Crypto, Forex, Futures, Commodities
Manipulation happens in every market, and that means we can trade PAM on other asset classes.

Learn how Alson used PAM to escape the recent crypto crash, as well as scalp futures and forex for additional profit.

Crises, Crashes & No Man’s Land
Learn how Alson used the Market Accumulation and Distribution Rotation Model to time his entry at the bottom of the Covid crash.

Apply Price Momentum Analysis to all-time-high charts and know the precise time to exit before prices tumble.

Trade with Confidence in Our Private Community: Receive Timely Guidance and Share Trade Ideas

PAM Traders’ Discussion Group [Not Included]
Get direct access to Alson and receive timely guidance and market updates from your mentor.

Ask questions, clarify concepts and discuss anything PAM-related in this engaging chat group for advanced traders.

PAM Stock Trade Validation Sheet
Get your trade setups checked and validated by Alson and his team*. With this powerful “cheatsheet”, you can optimize your win rate by taking only the best trades.

Need more stock trade ideas? Browse up to 250 trade setups shared by fellow PAM traders every week.

Up to a combined total of 50 trades per weekday posted by PAM students.

Course Curriculum:

15 Lessons, 5 Profitable Strategies
Lesson 1: Market Accumulation and Distribution Rotation Model

Continuation and Reversal Market Phase
Last 100 Years Stock Market Boom and Bust Cycles
Precise Trade Entry Timing During Crash and Crisis

Lesson 2: Price Momentum Analysis

Understanding Wave and Flushes
How to Trade When Prices Are in No Man’s Land

Lesson 3: Secrets to Trading Price Action Continuation Strategy 1 – UC1 and DC1

Trading Alongside the Market Makers in Trend Continuation

Lesson 4: Secrets to Trading Price Action Continuation Strategy 2 – UC2 and DC2

Trading Alongside the Market Makers in Trend Continuation

Lesson 5: Divergence for UC Structures

Additional Check for Price Action Continuation Strategies

Lesson 6: Secrets to Trading Price Action Reversal Strategy 2 – UR2 and DR2

Decoding the Ultimate Reversal in Price Trends by Market Makers

Lesson 7: Price Action Inside Bar Break (IBB) Trading Strategy

Trading Higher Time Frame Price Action Fractal by Buying High and Selling Higher

Lesson 8: DR1X Stock Scalping Strategy

High Probability Scalping Strategy Technique for Stocks
​Trading Force Bottom in Lower Time Frame

Lesson 9: Futures and Commodities Market

Futures Market Trading Mechanics – Index, Forex and Commodities
Managing Futures Expiration Risk and Roll

Lesson 10: Futures and Commodities Risk Control

Setting Up Futures Trading Screen
Futures Sizing and Risk Management

Lesson 11: Introduction to Forex Market

Forex Market Basics

Lesson 12: Forex Market Risk Control

Setting Up Forex Trading Screen
​ Forex Sizing and Risk Management

Lesson 13: Price Action Short-Term Trading Futures & Forex

Scalping the Futures and Forex Markets

Lesson 14: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Market

Setting Up Crypto Accounts and Exchanges
​ Performance Measure in USD and BTC Terms ​

Lesson 15: Trading Cryptocurrency Market and Risk Control

Trading Cryptocurrency using Price Action Manipulation (PAM) Strategies
​ Cryptocurrency Sizing and Risk Management

Save Time and Profit More with These Exclusive Tools for Busy Traders

PAM L2 Quick Reference Guide
A powerful summary of all PAM L2 strategies at one glance.

PAM Strategy Trade Screening Scripts*
Easily screen for trade setups with four pre-coded scripts, including UC, DC, IBB Downside and IBB Upside. Simply load the script, sit back, and let it find high-potential trade setups for you!

*Only for TOS and TC2000 platforms

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