The Copy Cure By Marie Forleo & Laura – Free Download Course + Bonuses Masterclass


The Copy Cure By Marie Forleo & Laura – Free Download Course Bonuses Masterclasses


The Copy Cure is an online course designed to get you writing more powerfully and persuasively in your voice, FAST.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

Write 2-3X Faster
Stop spending all day agonizing over a single email. With an arsenal of online tools, brainstorming techniques, and one-of-a-kind exercises, you’ll be churning out blog posts in half the time, with none of the pressure.

Write with Clarity & Precision
Put an end to rambling, boring copy that misses the mark. You’ll learn how to get to the point, leap off the page, and stand out so you never sound like anyone else.

Write Joyfully & Prolifically
No more putting off this month’s newsletter until the dishes are done and the dog is walked. You’ll be able to write the moment you sit down at your computer — without that mean inner critic hovering over your shoulder.

Sell without Sleaze
There’s a hungry audience out there who needs exactly what you sell. We’ll show you how to reach them through compelling, effective copy that gets results.

The core course materials, including countless real-life examples, workbooks, and before and afters, are immediately available within our online student portal.










The Copy Cure consists of four Modules that make up your core copywriting foundation. Each training component is designed to help you write words that connect from the heart and sell like hotcakes.

How to Find the Exact Words Your Customers Need to Hear Before They Buy
In order to drive up sales and conversions, you need a few key elements to set your copywriting foundation.

In this Module you’ll learn:
The #1 reason even the most well-written copy fails when it comes to sales and engagement — and how to fix it fast.
How to leverage the power of empathy to create raving fans for life.
The cure for writing if you have more than one ideal customer, or a very diverse audience.
How to write as if you’re having a heart-to-heart with your ideal customers — without leaving anyone out.
The answer to: “What if my business doesn’t solve a problem or pain point?” We’ll show you how to spark sales using emotional triggers — no matter what you sell.
A game-changing exercise that guarantees you can sit down and immediately write the most powerful, effective copy.
22 questions to help you find the exact words your customers need to hear before they buy.
How to Fix Your Sales-Stopping Writing Mistakes — Fast
If you’ve ever started writing and thought, “I’m boring myself. Why would anyone want to read this?” listen up.

In this Module you’ll learn:
A simple test that’ll make your reader wonder whether you’ve been reading her journal or tapping her phone.
A huge list of words you should cut from your newsletters, blog posts, and sales promos so they’re instantly crisper and more articulate.
What it means when people say “Write like you talk,” plus four worksheets that walk you through exactly how to do it.
The surprising words 99% of entrepreneurs use to sound smarter, that will actually turn off your readers.
Three rules you learned in English class that stop sales — and how to break them.
The Real Estate Secret that shows you where to physically position words so they have the most impact.
How to brainstorm phrases that sound like you and ensure you never sound stiff and robotic again.
The single keystroke that’ll miraculously loosen up your writing.
Must-use writing prompts that make you a better writer every time you use them.
A simple mindset fix that will help you knock out writer’s block for good (REALLY!).
Plus: Tons of before and after copywriting examples so you can see how these techniques work in the real world.
How to Instantly & Dramatically Increase Your Sales
YES, you can write from your heart and sell like gangbusters. We’ll show you how to find the balance between writing beautiful copy AND inspiring people to buy.

In this Module you’ll learn:
Five old-school sales techniques you must AVOID — these make even the most sincere copy sound sleazy.
Exactly what a sales page is, how long it should really be, and two step-by-step formulas to get you writing yours fast.
How to get people genuinely excited to buy using three powerful persuasion techniques.
How to re-write your button copy so more people click. (If you have a link that says “click here,” you’re likely leaving $1,000s on the table.)
Three About page templates that transform this crucial page into a sales-generating machine.
How to write headlines, blog post titles, video titles, and social media updates that beg to be clicked on, plus…
12 of our favorite and most compelling headline formulas — easy to tweak and customize.
The Ultimate Sales Page Checklist that breaks the whole process into small, doable steps. Use this to beat overwhelm and get those pages done!
How to Write Faster, Better Content & Never Get Writer’s Block Again
Get the exact tools and strategies we use to write award-winning copy. Use them to create an avalanche of original, jaw-dropping content every day of the week.

In this Module you’ll learn:
Four powerful exercises that’ll bust through your writer’s block.
How to use inspiration from outside your industry to find a voice that’s genuine and totally unique to you.
Why most newbies use “personality” in a way that backfires. (This not only kills sales but destroys your credibility.)
Six do’s and don’ts for writing in your true voice.
A definitive and transformative answer to the question: “But what if I don’t have a voice?”
The secret trick to editing a piece of copy without losing your brilliance or hours of your time.
How to get the confidence to let your ideas flow freely and develop an eye that can identify the gems worth keeping.
Quick brainstorming methods that help you think outside the box with a worksheet you can refer back to again and again.
PLUS: Access to our private stash of online tools to quickly write copy that’s clear and clever, and converts like you’d never believe. (We use these every day!)
Enroll Now and You’ll Also Get These


121 Writing Prompts & 24 Selling Segues to Write High-Converting Emails, Blog Posts, and Sales Promotions
In this bonus, you’ll get a whopping 145 cut-and-paste prompts to help you write original, value-drenched content, and step-by-step instructions on how to elegantly transition into your sales offer. This resource is a game-changer for crafting high-converting emails, blog posts, and sales promotions.

(VALUE $199)
Included with The Copy Cure!

How to Write High-Converting Copy for Your Homepage — Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start
Your homepage is your best unpaid salesperson, working 24/7 to convert visitors into raving fans and lifelong customers. You’ll learn which elements you must include, plus a step-by-step checklist that will help you create your own original high-converting homepage copy — even if you’ve had a “coming soon” page squatting on your domain for years.

(VALUE $369)
Included with The Copy Cure!

121 Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines to Skyrocket Your Open Rates, Clicks, & Sales
The only way to get your emails opened is by having click-worthy subject lines. Armed with The Copy Cure training and this bonus, you’ll be ready to double or triple those open rates and inspire more clicks, engagement, and sales.

(VALUE $199)
Included with The Copy Cure!

How to Write a Tagline That Sells, Plus 21 Tagline-Generating Formulas
Your tagline should make visitors think, “YES, I’ve come to the right place! This is what I need.” In this power-packed tutorial, you’ll learn the secret to crafting a tagline that sells. You’ll also get 21 unique tagline-generating formulas (with countless examples!) to write a slam dunk tagline for your brand or business.

(VALUE $249)
Included with The Copy Cure!

Even more training…

Included in The Copy Cure!

Joanna is the original conversion copywriter, creator of Copy Hackers and founder of Airstory. She’s taught on more than 50 stages worldwide to more than 50,000 people, including Intuit, Buffer, Shopify and Tesco.
How to Convince Your Customers Without Writing a Word with Joanna Wiebe
Staring at the page waiting for genius to strike is a waste of precious time, whether you’re a copywriter or not. Instead, learn a new approach to writing that first draft: mining for your message. In other words: Ethically “steal” your copy from your customers.

You’ll learn:

How to find your message inside user reviews on popular, public sites.
How to write 85% of your copy without writing a word.
The best questions to use in surveys and interviews to find great swipe-worthy quotes to use in your copy.
Where to find your stickiest, most compelling messages — even if you don’t have a single customer to interview.
Plus, how to write a single long-form sales page using your new customer data, start to finish.

John is the owner of 5Four Digital, a web design and branding studio, and creator of Black illustrations, a series of free digital designs with more than 45,000 downloads. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also the bestselling author of The Black Wealth Masterclass: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Wealth from $1.
How To Make Your Copy & Design Work Together with John Saunders
No one will care about your stunning website if your copy doesn’t resonate — but your copy can’t resonate if those words are unreadable, or surrounded by awful design. In this Masterclass, graphic designer John Saunders takes you behind the scenes to share the rules he follows religiously to make his copy and design work together.

You’ll learn:

Why bad design is hurting your conversions — and how to fix it.
How to bring your copy to life in ads, social media posts and on your website.
13+ real-life examples of great website design.
4 questions your website MUST answer if you want more conversions.
Plus, John’s favorite resources for stock photography.

Laura has been a professional writer for nearly two decades and won big, juicy awards for her work. She’s written ad copy for New York Magazine, promos for HBO, and had her work performed by everyone from Joan Rivers to Spongebob Squarepants.
How to Write Outrageously Effective Emails That Get Results with Copy Cure Co-Creator, Laura Belgray
Email is your most powerful tool to create sales and positive change in the world. A single email has the power to sell courses and products, drive traffic, sell out workshops, and raise millions for charity.

You’ll learn:

Why mastering email marketing is crucial to modern business success.
A rinse-and-repeat, 10-step process for crafting must-open, must-click emails from scratch.
Three no-brainer things you can do (this week!) to make writing emails feel easy and fun.
The “coat of arms” technique that guarantees your subscribers will feel connected to you — even if you’ve never met.
14 high-powered tweaks to drive up open and click-through rates.

Amy authored one of those big yellow “Dummies” books all about Facebook and was named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. She helps entrepreneurs build engaged email lists, online courses, and profitable webinars.
Turn New Customers into Raving Fans… on Autopilot with Amy Porterfield
It’s been said that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 – 25X more expensive than keeping an existing one. Learn how to wow new customers from Day 1 using automated email onboarding.

You’ll learn:

How to craft compelling emails that create an instant connection with new customers.
The no-fail system that any business can use to get started with email onboarding.
Exactly how many emails you should send (and how often you should send them).
Plus… a ton of real onboarding examples to inspire you!

Through his creative writing shop, Honey Copy, Cole works with brands both big and small on writing words that read like poetry and sell like Ogilvy. He’s also the proud creator of the wildly popular copywriting mini-course Snow Cones and the best writing newsletter on the internet, Sticky Notes (after Belgray’s, of course). When he’s not writing ads or teaching others, he moonlights as a poet under the alias January Black where he’s written two books with a third releasing in May.
How to Write Articles That Will Make Your Readers Fall Head Over Heels with Cole Schafer
Cole breaks down the creative process he’s used to write 500+ articles that bring in 150,000 website visitors every single month.

You’ll learn:

How to leverage the writing ethos, “It’s all material,” to turn your life experiences into a never-ending stream of content ideas.
Super-simple writing tricks to keep your readers glued to the page from the first sentence.
An SEO approach that doesn’t require a degree in astro engineering.
How to curate a grab-bag full of interesting stories, ideas, and musings to make your articles not just readable, but addicting.
Article-specific marketing techniques that will help you attract thousands of new subscribers and leads.

Sally was among the most award-winning copywriters in the world by the time she was 24, having written for Mini Cooper, Nike and Coca-Cola. She’s published two New York Times Best Sellers, and her work is included in the Smithsonian. Sally created the Fascination Advantage® assessment, a test designed to pinpoint your personality’s most valuable differentiating traits. Named as the No.1 Brand Guru in the world, Sally is also a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame®.
17 Idea-Starters to Help You Create Unforgettable Content with Sally Hogshead
No matter how long you spend on your content, without a distinctive point of view, you’re just reporting. This tactical class will help you write content that will fascinate your audience — and keep them captivated.

You’ll learn:

Why the world doesn’t need more content — it needs YOU.
17 thought-provoking prompts to create fascinating content, including real-life examples.
What it means to “curse a shared enemy” and how this technique helps you bond with your reader.
How to sidestep the “logical brain” and create an emotional response with your copy.
Plus, a downloadable cheat sheet with all 17 prompts that will help you create unforgettable copy on the fly.

Ashley is a writer, podcaster, and educator on topics like race, sexuality, and body image for publications including The Guardian, ELLE, BuzzFeed, and Slate. She was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30, and her memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, will be published by Flatiron Books in June 2021.
Using Personal Narrative to Write Riveting, Relatable Copy with Ashley C. Ford
Great copy soars with strong storytelling. Stories encourage us to find and maintain emotional connections and inspire action. In this Masterclass, award-winning writer Ashley C. Ford will walk you through the fundamentals of storytelling to make your copy impossible to put down.

You’ll learn:

Why creative writing techniques aren’t just for authors, and how to incorporate the basics into everything you write.
How to use storytelling in your copy, no matter what industry you’re in (accountants, pay attention).
How to know which stories will connect with your audience — and turn your real-life experiences into a structured narrative.
Plus, tons of creative writing prompts to inspire and energize your copy.

Morgan is an artist, poet, and musician, whose work she shares daily to her nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She’s collaborated with brands like Coach, Adobe, and Vogue, and her work is available from Anthropologie to Target. Her book, All Along You Were Blooming, is a book of poems and art she created in response to the personal stories submitted by her friends and followers.
The Secrets to Writing Heart-Centered Multimedia Copy with Morgan Harper Nichols
Long gone are the days of dull, impersonal brands. In an age of media overload, authenticity and connection are more important than ever. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to tell stories from the heart. Whether you’re writing for a webpage, social media post, or podcast script — you’ll be able to build empathic connections with your audience.

You’ll learn:

The difference between authenticity and empathy (and how to use both in your writing).
How to incorporate stories into your copy — even if they’re not your own.
Why the first step to getting any kind of following is knowing yourself.
How to write copy that works on a variety of multimedia platforms.

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