Paid Traffic Copy Workshop 2 By AdSkills – Free Download Course Second Workshop


Paid Traffic Copy Workshop 2 By AdSkills – Free Download Course Second Workshop

For The Second Time Ever We’re Pulling Back The Curtains To Reveal Copywriting Frameworks Any Amateur Can Use To Get Pro Level Results

The 2nd Ever Copywriting For Paid Traffic Workshop

Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve & Steal Our Proven Frameworks

☑ YES! I’m ready to STOP disappointing myself with low click through rates and conversion rates that make it impossible for my ads to be profitable. I’m excited to bump my competitors from their top positions with my new proven frameworks. I’m ready with my notepad in hand for this workshop so I can finally start winning more than I’m losing on my paid traffic.

What You’re Getting: You’ll be attending a 6 hour long virtual workshop on Zoom. Your presenters have over 45 years combined experience turning words into dollars and have made tens of millions in the process. You’ll attend 6 unique sessions with a 45 minute break for lunch in between. You’ll walk away with the ability to confidently write High converting advertorials, social media ads, 7 and 30 day email sequences, sales pages, and NAIL your message to market match every time.

Master These 6 Critical Skills That Convert Clicks Into Sales

11am Eastern Workshop Kickoff & Presentation #1

David’s Almost Famous $64k In A Day Email

Whenever our costs shoot up, we send out a few simple emails and watch backend profits roll in. $25k, $30k and even $64k days aren’t uncommon. With these emails, you can have a mini Black Friday-like week every month. Even if the last time you wrote a few words was in high school.

These emails are a media buyers best friend. They’ll create the wiggle room you need in your earnings to make your campaigns profitable. Or if you just want to buy a new car one weekend, send these emails, no ones judging you!

12:15 Eastern – Presentation 2 by Justin Brooke

Secrets Of A Million Dollar Advertorial

The best ads, don’t look like ads. They make the customer feel like they discovered something new and like it was THEIR IDEA to buy from you. That’s why advertorials have been used in EVERY advertising medium in the last 100 years.

If you’ve never seen your competitors using advertorials, that’s great news! You’ll have an unfair advantage against them once you start. Your CTRs will go up because your ads won’t reek of that slimy ad smell, and your conversions will go up because customers will think THEY found YOU!

1:15 Eastern – Presentation 3 by David Hegedus

Backend Email Profits: 30 Days of Emails in 1 Hour

Everyone knows the money comes from the backend. Your ads are just the acquisition vehicle. What you send those new leads or customers over the next 30 days totally and irrefutably dictates your profits. It is mission critical.

Get your next 30 days of email promos planned and prepared for launch, IN JUST ONE HOUR! The last time we deployed this 30 day framework it brought in $238,000. It’s since made us millions over the years. Not saying it’ll do that for you, but that’s what is possible when done right.

2:15 – 3PM Lunch Break

Even geniuses like yourself need a break once in a while. We will set a timer on the screen so everyone can do what they do on breaks. Or stay and chat in the chat room with others for extra networking time.

3PM Eastern Presentation #4 By Ed Dale

AI vs Humans: How To Make Your Clients Feel Like You’re Essential & Super-Human

Let’s get real, AI is getting better than most media buyers. Getting good at creative will create an unassailable competitive “moat” around your clients and it will set you apart from your competition. Designing hyper-converting creative can become your agency or business secret weapon.

In this session, Ed will show you how to build a “Creative” advantage in your business or agency using the latest Agile strategies. Using processes from Agile to understand the customer journey and unearth targeting opportunities others will miss. Clients will consider you their secret weapon and won’t dare think about firing you once you learn this.

4PM Eastern Presentation #5 by Justin Brooke

Social Media Advertorials: How I Wrote 3 Social Posts That Made 6 Figures Each

This one works even if you don’t have a single dollar to spend on ads, but works even better if you put some advertising dollars behind it. Adding on to what I discussed earlier about advertorials, this is how you do it in 2020 with FB, IG, and LinkedIn.

Don’t have a lot of friends? Don’t like selling on social? Don’t want to be a guru? Not a problem, I’ve heard it all and have workarounds for anyone’s level of social networking. I’ll even show you how to fill a brand new profile full of hundreds of buyers as your followers instead of a bunch of randoms.

5 PM Eastern Presentation #5 by Ed Dale

The Ad Creative Workshop (Even If You Think You Can’t Do Creative!)

Learn how to engineer amazing creative in less time than you thought was ever possible. (Even if you think you suck – spoiler alert – you don’t!! – You’ve just never been shown this process.) Where his first presentation was about creating a creative factory, this presentation is about creating those moments of genius (systematically) that make high converting ads.

In this session, Ed will take you through this groundbreaking process in real-time. Using the latest discoveries in productivity and creativity science, Ed will show you the design process he’s taught to Agencies and businesses around the world.

This is all a webinar replay you can download 🙂

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