Secrets To A Successful Start Up By Trevor Blake – Free Download Course


Secrets To A Successful Start Up By Trevor Blake – Free Download Course

Where Transformation + Financial Freedom Meet

A Multi-Media Course to Create a Thriving Startup in Any Economy And An Exclusive Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and Investors

How to Build a Startup Business from Home In Just 5 Hours a Day with Zero Employees… And Write A Check for Total Financial Freedom

Be more productive when you do work
No long stressful days to reach your goals
Stay balanced and relaxed
Complete control of your time
No employees to manage
Age doesn’t matter
A financial future you can look forward to
Have more fun, doing more good, while making more money than you ever imagined possible

The Power of the Feminine

There are many names for it.

Some people call it left brain/right brain…

OR logic brain/artist brain… judger/perceiver… masculine/feminine…

I like to call it ‘the power of the feminine.’

Everyday in the business world, I meet men who suffer paralysis by analysis and women who lack self confidence in their innate powers in a male-dominated society.

And I’m here to change that because, as a ‘one-person-band’, you need strong intuition to make strong business decisions…

In this course, I’ll show you how to use this power to:

Deepen and trust your intuition
So you can make better, quicker business decisions which allow you to continually adapt to changing market conditions.

Learn the illusion of multitasking
And why it’s impossible, regardless of gender (and what to do instead, which led to me running 3 businesses at the same time from home without ever working more than a few hours a day).

Develop the art of task and schedule discipline
This is where the magic happens. Self-discipline isn’t natural for most of us… it’s a skill that gets built up over time. Learning the art and balance of work, family, and spirit is a critical component of your success.

These are the tools you’ll need to not just survive, but thrive in your venture in any economy.

It’s recession-proof.

There’s never a wrong time to start a company…
And it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

And it’s never too late to reinvent yourself

Did you know…

40% of new businesses each year are started by women…
More than half of all 1st-time entrepreneurs are older than 40 when they start and more than 20% are over 60…
Is this you?
You want to change your financial destiny and your future
You want not just to survive, but thrive in any economy
You wonder if it’s too late to start a business
You’re not sure you have enough money to go out on your own
You’ve got a business but definitely not ‘living the dream
You wonder if you’re cut out for being an entrepreneur
Balance in life and work is important to you
You want control over your life and livelihood
You hate alarm clocks and Monday mornings
Option: Join Trevor’s Guild
Join Me and the Guild of Wizards
Where Transformation and Financial Independence Meet™

Here’s some of what you can expect by being an active member:

Reawaken to the power to create your life
See all the possibilities around you right now
Experience ‘miracles’
More self-confidence
More energy and enthusiasm
Age doesn’t matter
Connect to others, and all life, more deeply
A stronger sense of purpose
A financial future you want
More fun and success


10 major lessons in this course

Including a private, exclusive, chat forum with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors


Course Contents Include:


Get ready…

1. Let’s start
2. The New Industrial Revolution
3. History & science of the 5-hour workday
4. The employment conundrum
5. Importance of a winning idea
6. Create a winning idea
7. Taking quiet time


Get set…

1. Turn a winning idea into a startup
2. Benefits of incorporating an idea
3. Reacting forward: Process of incorporation
4. Reacting forward: Patent an idea
5. Reacting forward: Start smart



1. Transition to home office
2. Getting it virtually right
3. Winning business plan
4. Business plan process
5. Proof of concept



1. Survival = positive cashflow
2. Cashflow management is simple
3. Cash-flow traps
4. Financial independence means cash-flow



1. Survival = bring in external investment
2. Presenting to investors
3. Valuation



1. Virtual leadership
2. Vendor selection
3. Virtual office



1. Outsourcing
2. Negotiating contracts
3. After contracts are signed
4. Managing virtual functions
5. The challenge of trust



1. The illusion of multitasking
2. Quantum decision making
3. Self-discipline
4. Jump



1. Marketing mix
2. Selling
3. Commerce



1. The Beginning

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