Self Pace Phoneless Sales Machine By Travis Sago – Free Download Course


Self Pace Phoneless Sales Machine By Travis Sago – Free Download Course – Tapper Employee Training

I’m handing over the keys to the complete SELF-PACED Phoneless Sales Machine…

…with instant access to the same templates, examples and instruction our last class used to Tap in over $763,000 in sales.

The 12 person class before that – tapped in over $484,000.

The last time I checked the average Tapper taps-in $20,000 in sales on their FIRST try.

They “Tap In” $1k sales, $5k sales, $10k sales and even up to $50k sales using Google Docs and a lil FB messenger or email.

(You can mix in email or text if you dig that more.)

Because we’ve done this so many times, most tappers tap in sales without my help.


With a wee bit of practice, Tappers become Rainmakers.

At first they tap in a few $2k or $5k sales a week…

Then, with $25k or $50k under their belt…

Things can explode.

Like for Elizabeth, a mom and coach, who tapped in $110,000 in sales in a week.

With NO PHONE CALLS, strategy sessions and NO WEBINAR.

Elizabeth transformed from phone slave to a Tapper to a full fledged Rainmaker.

The money is great, like she just bought her family a new home.

At the same time…

Elizabeth shares with us in the Mojo-verse that she’s MOST excited that…

She gets MORE time. Time to SERVE and lead people…

… and she spends far LESS time (energy and money too) selling, chasing and convincing people.

Elizabeth doesn’t feel like she was put on this earth to be a salesperson.

She really doesn’t want to be viewed by her clients as a salesperson either.

Deep down, she wants to LEAD and coach.

She wants to BE their leader and coach.

Tapping in sales with a Google Doc and messenger…

…or having tappers tap in sales for her (which are much cheaper than salespeeps BTW)…

Allows her to BE that leader.

Make sense?

So, I’m looking for a few more leaders like Elizabeth (or a Bob).


Who’d rather move at their OWN PACE rather than feel rushed OR slowed down by a group workshop.

They’ll take their email lists, Facebook Groups, Youtube Channels or Instagram following and generate 5 to 6 figure paydays with 6th grade FUN-to-write posts and emails … WITHOUT VSLs, Webinars or phone calls.

(We use the T3 part of the Phoneless Sales Machine. I call it T3 because we use 3 EMAILS/Messages to Tap, Tap, Tap in sales from $500 to $50,000+)

As Tappers we often TAP in big ticket sales by email, FB Messenger or text, in less time than it takes to schedule a phone call.

Our “fancy” sales piece is usually just a Google Doc (I’ve even used notepad).

There’s no razzle dazzle, but…

“Tapping in” (closing) big ticket sales in under 10 minutes is pretty darn typical.

New tappers tell me…

It’s UNLIKE ANYTHING they’ve ever seen.

In my experience, people try to use the phone BEFORE their offer is dialed-in…then…try to “teach and convince” over the phone which sets fire to expensive leads, gets a lot of “Lemme think about its” and the pressure feels awful for both people.

BUT… when peeps dial in their offer to hit the BULLSEYE…

Then mix in some simple PRE-SELLING…

…closing $500 to $40k sales sending Google Doc links in FB messenger or email is simple and FUN!

Make sense?

It’s not unusual for me to tap in $5k or $10k in sales with my feet propped up in bed while I’m streaming something on Netflix.

I’m getting ready to watch Yellowstone again! (So good!)

Now, when peeps struggle to sell by phone, it’s a bit hard to grasp that they can all of a sudden start enrolling by messenger?


There are 2 (main) things holding most people back:

-Not having a clear “Easy Yes” Offer: 1st we make your offer’s “YES DOOR” bigger than your offer’s “NO DOOR” – result? Often we can double prices and still get 5, 6 even 9 out of 10 people enrolling WITHOUT phone calls, just by making the “YES DOOR” bigger.

The other thing stopping them is…

-Pitiful PRE-SELLING (there are 5 things to pre-sell) – Most people only pre-sell ONE or two things and leave out the MOST crucial. I’ve turned small Facebook groups of less than 300 into $300k by pre-selling ALL five crucial points (called the 5 Ps) – Pre-selling all 5 Ps creates clients like clockwork for my Mojoans too!

In short…

Your “EZ YES” Offer gets people out of an immediate pain.

Your PRE-SELL is like “wallet lube”.

It lubes up the mind and wallet before asking for the credit card.

Result we get 50% to 90% conversion rates using a GOOGLE DOC to deliver the EZ YES Offer:-)

(often we’ve DOUBLED THE PRICE.)

It’s simple, when you know the 5 things to pre-sell.

Nobody teaches this.

You must make the “Yes Door/Hole” bigger.

I know I’m a nerd, but…

It works in every niche/industry we’ve tried.

I’ve got tappers closing deals on hot tubs, real estate, coaching, courses, financial services, dog training and even stuff like roofing, physical therapy and stem cell therapy.

I suppose there may be SOMETHING you can’t tap in with pre-selling?

But I haven’t found it.

Now, I make most of my money doing this stuff and only teach when I feel like it.

One fella only has so much time.

This has left a lot of people who wanted to get off the phone and tap in sales – on the outside looking in.

So, I’ve been releasing Phoneless Sales Machine to a few folks who’d rather move at their own pace anyway, and wouldn’t ya know?

They tap in sales WITHOUT my help:-)

One self-paced Tapper made over 20 sales of a $20,000 program starting with a 300 person FB group.

It would be great if you could join us.

You’ll get immediate access (today) to the Phoneless Sales Machine.

INCLUDING: licensing rights to the Google Docs, templates and examples to make this even easier for you to start tapping in sales right away.

Many of the examples have made 7 figures.

In fact, one email template has made multiple 7 figures.

No need for anyone to start from scratch.

With this bank vault of templates and examples at their fingertips, I’ve watched brand new Tappers tap in $5k in the first 24 hours.

Not everyone moves that fast!

… but the templates sure do save a lot of time.

You can get started as a Tapper and the Self-Paced version of Phoneless Sales Machine for a deposit of $290.

Then it’s only 9 monthly payments of $290.

…most of my students make their ENTIRE INVESTMENT BACK…in one or two emails or posts (give or take) as long as they’ve got 200 openers/group members and a $500 product.

I am putting you on the honor system.

I am not a bank, but I am financing this so that it’s doable for everyone.

This is NOT a 10 month program.


I’m just giving folks 10 months to pay.

… some people move faster than others.

That’s totally, ok.

I trust you’ll be ecstatic to send me the payments when you’ve transformed your money making mojo now closing $2k, $5k, even $50k deals from your phone or laptop.

No need to send money this second.

If you’re ready to rock n’ roll and tap in sales together just reply back…

“I’M IN!”

Then I’ll get you set up.

I’ll get you immediate access to Phoneless Sales Machine and all the examples and templates.

If you get jiggy with it, I’d be surprised if you didn’t make your investment back before New Year’s Day.

Rooting For You,
Travis Sago

PS I’ve put the BONUSES and FAQs on a separate page if you’re the detailed type who likes to see them? 🙂 : Click here.

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