Sell What’s In Your Head By Jacob Schmelzer – Free Download eBook


Sell What’s In Your Head By Jacob Schmelzer – Free Download eBook

A Proven Path For Turning Your Knowledge Or Expertise Into A Successful Side Hustle Or Full Time Business…

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Quickly Creating And Selling Info Products Online

Hey there,

Do you want to learn how to create and sell info-products like eBooks or online courses?

Which can potentially add another stream of income for you…and help turn your knowledge (even stuff you might not think anyone would care about) into products you can sell?

A 170 page physical book that I’ll happily send you in the good ol’ snail mail!
If you’ve ever wanted to write a book or create a course and put it up for sale online, which quite frankly, is one of the smartest things you can do, this is for you.

Because e-learning is already a mult-billion dollar global industry that’s growing rapidly…

And you can carve out your own special piece of the pie using what’s taught in the book!

Maybe you’d like to pay off debt, take your family on vacation, or even ditch the 9 to 5 down the road? Or, maybe you’ve woken up to the reality that trading time for money is no bueno?

This might be your golden ticket.

But hold your horses Bronco…

Because many people want to make money online — but have no clue where to start!

So they stumble through books, blogs, and b.s. Youtube videos made by guys wearing knock-off watches and too much cologne…end up wasting weeks, months, and even years of time…and then quit because they have no clue what they’re doing!

But now you don’t need to worry about that!

Because I wrote “Sell What’s In Your Head” to take away all the guesswork when it comes to creating and selling information products.

You’re just one step away from learning my proven-process for researching, creating, launching, marketing, and profitably selling info products like books, eBooks, courses, webinars, and pretty much anything else you can think of…

You’ll learn how to quickly create products (like books or courses) and sell them online. And to prove it…

Here’s A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside:

The BIG mistake most people make when they launch an info-product business that puts them at risk of wasting their time and making ZERO sales. (I learned this from an old out of print book written by an old-school copywriter that I was lucky enough to find on Ebay. When you apply this in your business you’ll know how to nearly guarantee people will buy your products even before you create them. See for yourself on page 23.)
A shockingly simple habit that will “unlock” your ability to write and create content like an unstoppable super-human robot! (Your friends and family will laugh and shake their heads as you write books faster than they can READ them. I practice this habit consistently and once wrote 2 books in a single month! It works. Details on page 44.)
How to write a book or create courses without being intimidated about your lack of experience, expertise, or how many pages/words it is. (The reality is those things matter far less than most people think they do. In fact, sometimes being an expert can even work against you! Because people like to learn from someone closer to their level. See page 17 to learn more about how you can leverage this principle.)
A simple method for making sales that the “Father of Internet” marketing said is, “How the REAL money was and still is made online.” (This TRANSFORMED my business. Seriously. When I applied this to my business it went from an unpredictable roller coaster of good and bad months to blissful stability. Hint: It’s because I stopped chasing the latest marketing fads and learned the fundamentals that I’ll teach you! Find out more on page 77)
Why “buyers are liars”…The counterintuitive reason you shouldn’t “ask” your prospects what they want when you’re creating a new product and what you SHOULD do instead for better results. (Here’s how to “follow the money” in any market to know exactly what type of product to create and what angle to market to so you can confidently turn out winners again and again. See the details on page 28.)
A laughably simple 3 step process for creating and selling information that you never thought in a million years anyone would want to know…much less buy! (This is the process I used to launch and grow my first business to multiple six-figures per year including how I made over two-grand while taking a nap one day. Page 4-6.)
An almost unheard of secret for why you need to make your products 10X more valuable than what people pay. (This can explode your future sales and profits and rocket your business past your competitors. It’s how I was able to enter a small, overcrowded market and immediately grow bigger and faster than more experienced and established competitors. See page 33 to learn more.)
For potential authors: The counter-intuitive reason putting your book on Amazon is probably the worst thing you can do and what you should do instead to increase your profits and build your business…FAST! (If you’re even remotely thinking of writing a book you need to read this first. Details on page 9.)
The plain Jane, common sense answer to, “What’s the best info-product to create?” (You’ll also learn two dead-simple info-product creation strategies that you can build an entire business on. Page 32)
Six proven methods for making your offer a “no-brainer” for your prospects. (You’ll learn how to make your products irresistible to the right people using these secrets that I picked up from devouring “old school” marketing history and through lots of trial and error. Probably the biggest hurdle for most aspiring creators is the inability to explain value or get the sale. After you read this you’ll be fully equipped to make irresistible offers that people rush to buy. Learn how starting on page 49.)
Why people are more than willing to pay you for something they can learn for free…and how to clearly communicate why it makes financial sense to do it…
This tip alone will add massive value to your offers and fundamentally shift how you think about pricing and selling.

It’s a definite “must know” factor of selling info products and when you pair it with the rest of what’s taught in the book you’ll be able to…

Acquire readily available information that you can then repackage and sell at a premium price! pg 119, 120
Here’s What Makes It Different
#1 It’s Not Just Another Online Course Training.
Those trainings are a dime a dozen but “Sell What’s In Your Head” not only teaches you how to create courses, but also other highly valuable info-products so you can serve a much wider audience and run a legitimate information publishing business.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of info on creating courses as well!

#2 You’ll Learn How To Create AND Sell Your Products.
The sneaky little secret of the info industry is that most trainings promise you the world if you’ll just “create your product” when the reality is much different. You might pour your time, money, and effort down the drain if you don’t learn how to actually SELL your info product!

Even if you create the best course or eBook in the world it won’t matter if you can’t afford to tell people about it.

Thus, the “sell” in “sell what’s in your head” is critical! And this book is loaded with incredibly valuable sales and copywriting secrets to help you do just that…

#3 It’s About Building Your Business For The Long Term.
For every success story there are thousands of failures. And its usually due to short term thinking and poor business building…

Every year, there are people that make a ton of money quickly only to lose it all just as fast when Google or Facebook makes a small tweak. Like the man who built his house on the sand and when the storm came…great was it’s fall!

After several years in this market I’ve not only learned how to create and sell profitable products but also how to build correctly for the long-term so my business doesn’t fall apart when the market shifts or a new technology emerges.

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