SEO Business Blueprint By Steve Deane – Free Download Course Platinum Circle


SEO Business Blueprint By Steve Deane – Free Download Course Platinum Circle

How To Start & Scale A Profitable SEO Business

We help web professionals to set up and scale an SEO business so they can earn a high recurring income from their existing client base, earn more profit in less time with new clients and never worry about cash flow again with the silver circle and platinum one.


Week 1: Picking Your Niche, Mindset & Clarity
Week 2: On-Page SEO Blueprint
Week 3: Link Building Blueprints
Week 4: Advanced SEO Blueprints
Week 5: Packages & High-Ticket Pricing
Week 6: Client Attraction
Week 7: Sales & Closing
Week 8: Scaling Your Business

Lifetime Access to Videos
All Future Video Updates

Contract Template
Client Intake Form
SEO Audit Template
Monthly Reporting Template

Weekly Live Coaching Calls (8 weeks)
Student Only Facebook Group (Lifetime Access)
Coaching Call Recordings (Lifetime Access)

Week 1: Mindset & Clarity
Getting your mindset right and getting clear on who you want to work with (and who you DON’T want to work with) is so important.

In my opinion it’s THE most important aspect of your business.

Your success in any business will be 80% mindset and 20% mechanics – that’s why we will start with mindset!

Week 2: On-Page SEO Blueprint
The mechanics of SEO and getting your clients ranking on Google is the focus of this week.

On-page SEO is so much more than getting your green lights on Yoast.

It is so much more than stuffing your keywords in as many times as possible.

It is about having a clear idea of what the Google algorithm REALLY wants and giving it what it wants.

At the end of this module you will have a very clear blueprint to follow in order to get your client’s websites ranking.

Week 3: Off-Page SEO Blueprint
Quality links are what separates the top ranking websites from those that struggle to get ahead.

In this module we cover why links are so important, what Google deems to be a “quality link” and how to go about getting them for your clients – at scale.

If you’ve struggled to get good quality links for your clients in the past, then rest easy, we’ve got you covered.

Week 4: Advanced SEO Blueprints
Client SEO can throw up a multitude of different scenarios.

Ever had a client that lost rankings all of a sudden?

Ever had a client who wants to get a negative review off the search results?

Ever had client who has 20 bajillion spammy links pointing to their website?

All these scenarios and more are covered in this module.

Week 5: Packages & Pricing
Here we cover what exactly you are going to sell and for how much.

I show you SEO packages proven to get results for clients.

They are easy to sell, and they are priced very profitably.

After going through this module you will know exactly what to do to package up SEO so that each client will be worth $6,000 – $27,000 to you.

In fact, I’ll give you the exact templates and pricing structure. No more guesswork on what works and what doesn’t.

Week 6: Client Attraction
Wouldn’t it be great if you could start attracting the kind of client who would be willing to pay you high ticket prices for your SEO service?

In this module I show you all the methods my students and I use to attract high paying clients with ease.

This module is where the rubber hits the road.

You’ll start attracting high paying clients this week.

Week 7: Sales & Closing
Let’s be honest, most of us web developers suck at sales. Not all, but most.

Having a haphazard approach to sales might get you some sales.

However, with a solid structure to your sales meetings you will be able to close sales more predictably.

In this module I give you a step-by-step blueprint to structuring a sales meeting, how to follow-up and how to close.

This blueprint takes all the stress out of sales because you know EXACTLY what you are meant to be doing.

Get ready for your close ratio to go through the roof… and you might even start enjoying the sales process.

Week 8: Scaling Your Business
A lot of people are happy enough to earn $10,000/month. That covers all your expenses and gives you a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

But what if you want to scale your business up to $20,000/month or $50,000/month or even $100,000/month?

As you scale up it’s important to be able to provide a quality service while not working yourself into the ground!

That’s what this module is all about.

Plug and Play Templates
One of the many things I wish I had when I started my SEO business was… templates!

It takes a huge amount of time, effort and cost to create all of the documentation and templates you need for a business.

It’s the reason why franchises are so expensive. It’s because they let you plug their templates and systems into your business and you are off to a winning start.

Here are some of the templates included in the program.

Contract Template
It amazes me how many businesses operate without solid contract and terms & conditions.

What happens in the event of a dispute? If you don’t have a good contract in place then you are opening yourself up to a whole world of potential pain.

Now hopefully you should never need to depend on it, but if you do it’s prudent to have a bullet proof contract in place.

Also, if you are charging high ticket prices ($6,000 – $27,000 per client per year) then it is expected that they’ll have to sign a contract.

Nothing says “amateur” more than winging it when it comes to contracts and agreements.

It would cost you over $2,000 to get this contract drawn up yourself.

You are getting it for free.

Client Intake Form
You need the same information from every SEO client in order to start working with them.

This form makes it a breeze to collect the information you need.

It ensures you don’t forget to ask for the various bits and pieces.

And importantly it makes it easy for your client to give you the information. No more endless chasing the client for content.

They fill out one form at the start of the contract and you are done.

SEO Audit Template
I have never found one tool that does the “perfect audit”.

Maybe because the perfect audit does not exist.

In my experience some tools give way too much information (confused people don’t buy) and some tools only give a small snapshot of the overall picture.

Therefore I use a range of (free) tools to perform my audits and plug them into an easy to understand template.

This makes it easy for you to explain to the client, and easy for the client to understand.

I routinely charge $1,000 for these audits, although you could give them away for free as part of your sales pitch.

This audit template has the perfect balance of information for you to be able to sell SEO to your client.

Monthly Reporting Template
I believe in open and transparent communication with my SEO clients.

Therefore I send them a monthly report showing them exactly what I have done for the month.

Over the years I have tested many different reporting methods.

I used to do really long and detailed reports showing my clients every stat, fact and number but I soon realised a short report that they actually read is much better than a 15 page report that they file away (delete!) and never read.

Short is better because it’s quicker for you to write up, quicker for them to read (they are as time poor as you!) and I’d prefer them to read a quick snapshot than nothing at all.

This template will save you hours each month putting together reports.

Supporting you along the way
Every one of my students will tell you how good the support is within the program.

And it continues after you have finished.

This is no accident.

When I built out this program one of the major pillars was going to be support.

I have done a huge amount of training, courses, programs etc. I have spent $72,000 on online programs in the past few years.

The programs I got the best results from were the ones where I was supported along the way.

So your world class support includes…

Weekly Coaching Call [NOT INCLUDED]
You will have a weekly coaching call with me while you are on the program.

Anything you are unclear about I will answer.

If you are not sure of anything ask, just make sure you have watched the modules first.

There’s no question that you will walk away not knowing the answer to.

Student Only Facebook Group
A huge amount of learning goes on in here.

Imagine being able to ask an SEO or business question and get your question answered by a group of highly trained SEOs from around the world.

That’s what this Facebook community is all about.

The only people in here are web professionals, like you, who have been through the SEO Business Blueprint program.

This is a seriously invaluable resource to you and your business going forward.

You get lifetime access to this group just for being a member of the program.

I also know a tonne of business has been referred and business partnerships have been formed in here too.

Lifetime Access To The Videos
6 months down the road you may want to rewatch an advanced SEO video on a very specific topic.

Or brush up on your sales skills.

No problem, you have lifetime access to all the videos.

I constantly update and upgrade and add to the program material.

As a member of “SEO Business Blueprint”, you get access to these updates at no extra charge.

That’s my way of ensuring that the program remains an excellent long-term investment for you and your business.

Coaching Call Recordings
Every coaching called is recorded, archived and indexed.

Therefore if you ever want to listen back to a portion of a call, and hear the answer to a specific question again, you can.

Just look up the question and navigate to the timestamp indicated.


This is a resource for you to use long into the future.

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