Six Figure Stock Portfolio By Bridget Casey – Free Download Course


Six Figure Stock Portfolio By Bridget Casey – Free Download Course

Your guide to creating a safe and profitable $100,000 portfolio.

An investing eCourse by Bridget Casey, MBA (Finance). Featured in Business Insider, Time, Questrade and more.

Generate passive income
Pay yourself monthly or weekly

Grow your personal wealth
Start with as little as $1,000

Reach your financial goals
Build long-term financial security

Learn to Invest At Your Own Pace.
I work with financially-savvy millennials, like you. The only problem is they are intimidated by the stock market, and missing out on building wealth through self-directed investing.

Instead, they watch their hard-earned dollars sit in savings accounts, high-cost mutual funds, or robo-advisors earning small returns that are diminished further by fees. You deserve to enjoy great returns on your money, receive steady passive income, and create lifetime wealth and financial security for yourself. The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio program teaches you how.

I bet you’re dying to start investing, but some big fears are holding you back. Do you ever…

Think you don’t have enough money or time to invest?

Feel so overwhelmed by the complexity and volatility of the stock market you never even open an account?

Struggle to know how to build a portfolio with great returns without getting a degree in Finance?

Find yourself staying away because you’re too scared to even try investing?

Realize with every month that goes by you’re missing out on a great income source and opportunity to grow your wealth?

If any of the above sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most young people want to take a bigger role in managing their own investments, but they don’t know where to begin. Instead, they’re left wondering if the portfolio they’re currently using is really right for them, or worse, leave their money in a savings account and miss out on the returns they need to become financially secure and fund the life of their dreams.

The stock market is the only place to build wealth and ensure long-term financial security for yourself and your family. Investing is also much easier and less scary than you imagine! You can take on as much or as little risk as you want, and with the right trading plan, can invest in the stock market without any stress.

You can use the stock market to create a steady passive income stream and build lifelong-wealth — starting right now.

There has never been a better time to start building wealth through investing. It’s no easier and more affordable than ever to access the stock market and purchase your own investments. You get to be entirely in charge of your financial future,

If you ever want to reach financial freedom, you’ll need to earn more than 1% on your money in a savings account. Now is your opportunity to lay the financial foundation for the life you want, by creating an investment portfolio that earns you money and keeps your hard-earned dollars safe. Let me show you how.

The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio Method

The goal of The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio is to empower you as an investor to manage your own investments and take control of your financial assets now and forever.

Instead of following a prescribed portfolio allocation or sticking to a “good enough” strategy for everyone, I show you how to build an individualized portfolio that reflects your personal risk tolerance and financial goals.

In the Six-Figure Stock Portfolio, I teach you exactly what the stock market is and how it works. I explain in detail what types of securities there are, how to make trades, and how to automate your portfolio so it pays on a monthly or even weekly basis.

You’ll get suggested portfolio allocations to use as a guide for every step of the way on your journey to $100,000 (and beyond!). You’ll learn how to adjust them based on your personal preferences and personality as a trader, as well as how to manage your portfolio through major life changes like marriage, home ownership, starting a family, and early retirement.

The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio method consists of creating a portfolio of core ETFs, and then adding select individual common stocks to diversify your portfolio further in terms of risk tolerance and income goals.

I walk you through everything you need to know about assessing index funds and common stocks for your portfolio, so you can feel confident choosing the investments that are best for you.

You’ll learn how to create a balanced investment portfolio of ETFs and stocks that is resilient in the face of stock market volatility and generates consistent income you can rely on no matter what. The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio method was created using my MBA in Finance and more than 10 years of experience investing in the stock market.

The focus of the Six-Figure Stock Portfolio is protecting your wealth while maximizing your returns in the stock market. You don’t need to take on unnecessary risk, trade frequently, or keep up with financial publications. Instead, you can invest strategically with a trading plan of your own design, and rest easy knowing your money is working for you in the best way possible.

Here Is What You Get

30+ hours of exclusive content
Lessons, videos, spreadsheets, and workbooks to walk you through on building an investing portfolio that earns you money.

Four LIVE online master classes
Student-only webinars cover specific investing topics such as All About Dividends, Introduction to Technical Analysis, Making a Trading Plan, and Building & Rebalancing Your Portfolio.

Access to “The Six-Figure Study Hall”
Private Facebook group where you can share strategies, ask questions, and connect with other students of the course.

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