Start My Tech Career By Omaid – Free Download Course Get A Tech Job Without A Degre


Start My Tech Career By Omaid – Free Download Course – How To Get A Tech Job Without A Degre

It’s a game. Here’s how we’ve rigged it for you.

We don’t provide useless training diplomas.
We provide results you can live (and see in your bank account).

Behind-the-scenes information.

Outperform the competition.
Insider tips straight from our founder and our most successful mentees.

The playbook to get your foot in the door and move up the ladder – fast.

How to bypass recruiters and how to have the right people know you.

Strategic guidance along the way.

You’ll learn to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes other tech people always make.

Expert mentorship on demand.

Personalized advice for your specific situation through email or Twitter DM

Bespoke certification roadmap.

Forget about CompTIA A+
Unlock the few (but ultra-valuable) certs that will have companies emailing you to schedule an interview.

Long term support.

If you need any help in the future, we’re always here


Unfair Advantage Program
The clear rundown to an unfair advantage in tech, now yours

Section I: 10 interviews in 1 month

•Secret #1: How to apply to 50 jobs in 50 minutes.

•Secret #2: The résumé of hiring managers’ dreams (That even smart, qualified people don’t know how to craft).

Value: $99

Section II: Becoming the no-brainer hire

•Secret #3: Leveraging the one thing most tech guys lack but managers love (Hint: You already have it).

•Secret #4: Predicting what you’ll be asked in any interview.

•Secret #5: The perfect replies to the toughest questions.

•Secret #6: The unusual certifications that are well rewarded, but almost nobody takes.

Value: $249

Section III: Turning knowledge into paychecks

•Secret #7: Automating your work and getting stuff done 3x faster.

•Secret #8: How to troubleshoot technical problems in 15 minutes.

Value: $299

•Bonus Secret #1: Breaking into cybersecurity for $90’000 – $160’000 yearly. (From an industry veteran)

•Bonus Secret #2: The loophole that will sneak you into FAANG .

•Bonus Secret #3: Finding good companies (And how to sniff out toxic ones)

•Bonus Secret #4: How to learn what they teach at bootcamps for 5% of what they cost

Value of the program: $647

Value of the bonus secrets: A lifelong career’s worth of salary

I’m Omaid. I am the college dropout that conquered Silicon Valley.

The Unfair Advantage Program was created for people like you.

People that want a profitable career, but don’t know where to start.

While others were racking up their student loan debt chasing a college degree, I focused on the key essentials for a successful career in the tech industry. When I dropped out of college, I faced the same challenges you are facing right now and spent a lot of time iterating and testing what was the fastest route to a highly-paid tech career.

Today, I have a 90% remote 250k/year job and companies willing to fly me out on their dime to interview me when I decide to switch. is here to reveal the skills that are well-paid and in high demand by the fastest growing industry of the century and offer a shortcut to thriving in today’s recession.

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