Story Hero By Laura Belgray – Talking Shrimp – Free Download Course


Story Hero By Laura Belgray – Talking Shrimp – Free Download Course

Learn to tell stories that get your emails devoured… And your offers snapped up!

You hit “send” on an email to your list.

Your subscriber sees it hit their inbox. They open it right away, knowing there’ll be a great story inside. You’re their fave.

They’re in the middle of a group Zoom meeting. They *should* save your email for later, but it’s too good. They read it furtively while glancing occasionally at the laptop cam and nodding to look engaged. They accidentally snort-laugh at a funny you made, and pretend to the meeting that their cat just did something hilarious.

There’s an offer at the end of the email.

The story was so good, they can’t help clicking that link. They’re with you. They’re feeling you. They want your thing.

They hit “buy” and check out—while giving a well-faked thumbs-up to someone’s BS on the Zoom call about “shifting the paradigm.”

While they give their attention back to the meeting, their payment hits your Stripe account.

And not just theirs. All day long, as your subscribers open and devour your email, the payments roll in.

You just got paid, over and over, for telling a story.
That’s what great email stories do. They get you paid.

Even when your story’s not tied to an offer, you’re getting paid.

Here’s why.

When you know how to tell them well (especially in emails), your stories:
– Make people remember you.

– Make your information stick.

– Keep you top of mind.

– Build the know, like, and trust factor that makes people buy…if not right away, then down the road when they’re ready.

That’s shorthand for, great stories make people obsessed with you. They make you a star. Potentially, a rich one.

You in?

In this 2-hour video training, you’ll learn:

The Art of The Start: How to jump into a story so we’re gripped from the get-go
The seamless segue: How to get from your story to the sell without feeling like you’re awkwardly jamming them together
Concrete details: the magic element that turns words into pictures. But how much to pack in and what to leave out? We’ll cover that, too
Rhythm changes. (See what I did there?)
“How do I use dialogue and spoken lines?” ME: I’ve got you.
Humor, or which words add the yuk yuks
Length. How long is too long?
The difference between a “who cares” anecdote and a real story
How to make a story “email appropriate”
Who the story should be about when it’s in an email. You, the writer? The reader? Your purebred cockapoo, Roger?

Video, text, audio, puppet show… Consume it the way you learn best!

You’ll get:

• The 2-hour recorded video training, including q&a portion at the end
• All 112 presentation slides, containing links to the full versions of all the example emails
• The full presentation transcript
• The audio-only version so you can listen to it on the go
• Future bonus resources. If I beef it up (along with the price), you get the upgraded version!

*Puppet show not actually offered.
But you are free to reenact the entire thing with tube socks on your hands.

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