Syndication Academy V3 – Free Download Course With Esi + Bonuses


Syndication Academy V3 – Free Download Course With Esi


Your Business Needs Traffic, Leads, & Safe + Powerful Long Term Strategies. Can you relate to the following?

You don’t have enough time to stay on top of the “next SEO thing”
​You’re struggling to find quality clients or (sometimes) any clients at all. And then there’s the consistent results you need to provide…
​You have already wasted a ton of money and you need to find a cost-effective solution.
​You need to find something that has an easy-to-follow, repeatable process that you or your team can follow.
​You don’t have the time and resources to test what works every day. You’d rather get the inside scoop from the pros.
​You use software for SEO purposes…but if you stop paying THEY own YOUR content and connections…NOT with Syndication Academy.



BENEFIT 1: Updated By Dedicated Team Member
The Syndication Academy now features a dedicated team member, Esi, performing ongoing R&D just for you, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in the SEO industry. Updates delivered via webinar – as a member you’ll have access to these for as long as you’re a member!

Hi! I’m Esi – I joined the Semantic Mastery team in October 2020 with ZERO knowledge of SEO…so why should you be happy that I’ll be sharing all the “R&D” and updates with you?

Well, if I can learn this, anyone can! The Semantic Mastery Team taught me themselves, and then set me loose to uncover hidden gems and bring them back to you!

I’ll be holding update webinars showing you EXACTLY what I’ve found and how YOU can put it to work for yourself!
BENEFIT 2: Private Membership Area
When you join, you get instant access to our dedicated Membership Area that includes all of our trainings, content, and updates. Everything is organized and easy to access.
BENEFIT 3: NOT Software
You own what you create with Syndication Academy. Should you choose to not continue your membership, your syndication networks keep working day and night…
BENEFIT 4: Better Link Building Targets
Wondering where you should point your links from MGYB, Press releases, or anywhere else without tanking your money site? We’ve got you covered…
BENEFIT 5: Gains Power Over Time
Easy to setup, easy to train others to set up for you, AND your syndication networks gain power over time – huge win!
BENEFIT 6: Works For: Written Content, Video, And More!
Website with content? Syndication Academy is for you!
YouTube Channel with videos? Syndication Academy is for you too!
Anything that puts out an RSS feed? Syndication Academy!
BENEFIT 7: Instant Access
No “drip” course here – you will get instant access to EVERYTHING when you join today!
Even More Great Syndication Academy Features…
Video Based → Learn quickly without reading tons of “fluff” content
​Updated Monthly by dedicated team member → Training gains value over time and stays fresh with new properties added as we do the research and figure it all out for you
​Over the shoulder → Easy to follow
​Step by step, nothing left out → Complete training with no “missing” steps that leave you guessing
​Private Facebook Group → Get your questions answered in a private community focused on content syndication
​Can share access with your VA → Share access with your team so they can learn and apply the training
​Automates Content Syndication → Get your content where it needs to be without manual posting to save time, errors, and money
​We show how to optimize properties, not just connect them → Get more “bang for your buck” with optimized Web 2.0 and more properties – no “orphaned” accounts here that scream “automation”
​Syndication Networks can be used for websites or YouTube channels → get results with written content from websites and videos from your YouTube channels
​We show you how to monetize networks → Want to sell these services to clients? We show you how…

The Syndication Academy includes a 6 Module comprehensive training course (PLUS BONUSES!) where you’ll learn how to create Syndication Networks that will help you DOMINATE search results!

Module 1: Updates
On Time Updates – We update fast!
Easy To Adapt – Solutions given step by step so it’s easy to stay up to date.
Single Location – You know exactly where to go for updates and new videos.
Instant Webinar Access​- Get access to all Syndication Academy members only webinars regardless of when you joined!

Module 2: Setup
Free Tools – We show you exactly the tools you need to make the process fast and easy…and they are free!
Staying Safe – Detailed walk through of making sure you create networks safely – no massive bans here!
Browser Configuration – See exactly how to set up your browser to make the creation of your networks safe and fast.

Module 3: Accounts
Detailed Outline – We show you EXACTLY how to create accounts that LAST longer than automated ones!
Use Google Properties & MORE – You’ll learn how to take advantage of Google Plus, Blogger, Twitter, & more!
Safely Open Email Accounts – Create gmail and other email accounts safely – others struggle to do this simple task and suffer!

Module 4: Linking
Connect Correctly – Training includes precise and detailed connection methods so you don’t spend hours trying to it out!
Attribution Links – See exactly how to configure it all for the best attribution links that will boost your content!
Powerful Recipes – Get access to our private recipes and put them to use for your own networks.

Module 5:
Advanced Training
Best Practices – Anyone can hook up an RSS feed – do you know to get the most out of it?
Tiered Networks – Exponentially boost the power of your syndication!
Video Syndication – Find out exactly how you can get videos to rank and STAY on the first page of search results!

Module 6:
PBNs – Power up your PBNs and make them safer and more powerful!
Video Marketing – Boost videos like never before for solid rankings and client lead gen – a money making area that you can now take full advantage of!
Online Reputation Management – One of many lucrative ways to reap the benefits of Syndication Academy!
(Not Offered Anywhere Else.)

Bonus 1: Powerful
Live Webinars
Live & Private – Exclusive Up to Date Information When you Need it!
Ongoing – New updates, methods, and more EVERY month!
And So Much More…

Bonus 2: Syndication Academy Group
Power Of A Mastermind – Scientifically proven to boost skills, networking, and more
Exclusive – Only for Syndication Academy members like yourself!
And So Much More…

Bonus 3: Live Streaming Sites
Additional Syndication – More properties to boost your content!
Easy To Setup – More power for little additional time!
And So Much More…

Bonus 3: Advanced RSS Tactics
Free Plugin & Script – Our custom made plugin and scripts to make your RSS feeds even more powerful and save time!!
Powerful RSS Tricks – Combine RSS feeds, create new feeds, and more!
And So Much More…

Bonus #5, 6, 7, and Beyond: Inside
Not Just 1 Bonus – There’s several more waiting for you – join and get instant access…
Start Now – Join all of us today! Get access to all of the bonuses above including these surprise ones!
And So Much More…

Sell Networks For $$$ – These Syndication Networks sell for hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars to clients!
​Clients Want It – Makes fast and easy results with less effort; something clients love!
​Saves You Time And Money – Set up once and it works while you sleep!
​Increases Your Traffic – Get targeted traffic from many locations via Syndication Networks
​Increased Your Lead Generation – Having more content, more powerful sites, and “being everywhere” means YOU will get more leads
​Content Syndication Works​- “Being Everywhere” is a necessity in today’s online world

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