The 3-in-1 Financial FREEDOM Renegades System By Jim Chuong – Free Download Course


FatFIREClub – The 3-in-1 Financial FREEDOM Renegades System By Jim Chuong – Free Download Course

LEARN our Step-By-Step System To Reach Financial Freedom & Build Multiple Streams of Income with Stocks, Real Estate, and More!

Now I’m here to show you how, Step-by-Step

I’ve partnered with my childhood friend, Steve, who is also a self-made millionaire. He also happens to be one of the best people I know at organizing, distilling, and teaching information in a way that anybody can understand.

This past spring, we taught an amazing nine-week bootcamp to fifty people from all walks of life. We captured over forty hours of premium content, and then re-mastered, edited, and condensed that down to a concise, easy-to-follow Online Home Study Course. And we’d like to share it with you!

The 3-in-1 Financial Freedom Renegades System

This course is a Step-by-Step Blueprint that condenses all the most important things we know about wealth creation. We’ve included topics like
how to build up your seed capital to get you started
how to invest in the stock market
and how to invest in real estate for passive income
We show you exactly what we would do if we had to start from scratch.

If I had this when I started, I know it would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars of learning the hard way, and saved me years of time!

Course Details & 3-for-1 Value!

This course covers THREE main topics and is so comprehensive, it’s like getting THREE courses in ONE.

We cover:
Proper Financial Fundamentals ($1697 Value)
How to Invest Safely in the Stock Market ($2197 Value)
How to Invest in Cash-Flowing Real Estate ($4997 Value)

Take a look at just some of what you’ll learn:

1. Financial Fundamentals
Many people sleep on the basics, but it’s one of the most important things that you CAN’T ignore. You can’t build a building on a poor foundation. Same thing with wealth. That’s why most lottery winners lose all their winnings, while most millionaires can start over from scratch and make another million – poor financial fundamentals vs good financial fundamentals

You’ll learn things like:

success mindset and psychology
thinking right way about money
overcoming fears
how to get started from scratch
avoiding money traps
proper habits
and more!
Financial Basics
Getting Started From Scratch
Online Learning
Success Mindest
Tips and Tricks
Q & A
Stock Market Index Investing
Step-By-Step Guides
Stock Picking Checklist
How to Automate Your Investments
When to Buy and Sell
How-To Instructions
2. Stock Market Investing
Learning to invest is a MUST. Where are you going to put your money? Saving accounts don’t keep pace with inflation. And if you’re investing your money without knowing what you’re doing…. I mean… is that going to turn out well?

Our course gives you an easy strategy and teaches you how to invest safely and intelligently. You’ll get:

how-to guide to index investing
why index investing
how-to open the right account
step-by-step guide to buying index funds
how to automate your investments
different types of index funds and what is right for you
when to buy or sell your investments
NEW Bonus Topic #1: Basic Checklist for Qualitative Stock Picking
NEW Bonus Topic #2: Commentary on Bitcoin, Gold, Options Trading, and other types of Investing
3. Real Estate Investing
Do you want passive income? Everyone knows, one of the best, time-tested, tried-and-true methods of wealth creation is with real estate. But most people don’t know how to start.

Our course makes it easy, by breaking everything down and teaching, step-by-step, how to get started:

focus on single unit rental estate
how to find cash flowing properties
proper due diligence
checklists to qualify which properties are good investment or bad investments
how to avoid tenant headaches and other common problems
what to look for in a property manager
how to avoid the biggest mistakes investors make
step-by-step guide to the tools we use for research
how to build Multiple Streams of Income
Single Unit Rental Real Estate
Finding Cashflowing Properties
Build Multiple Streams of Income
Real Estate Investment Checklist
Due Diligence & Managing Your Properties
Helpful Tools
You get all this Life-Changing content in easy-to-follow videos, organized by topic. We include:
Comprehensive Video Lessons
Get Life-Changing Financial Knowledge
Nine (9) Learning Modules Organized By Topic
Easy-To-Digest Video Lessons
Real-Life Case-Studies
Step-by-Step Instruction
Student Q & A’s
Learn at Your Own Pace
Learn at Your Own Pace
Track Your Progress
Watch Videos In Order
(or Skip Ahead to Your Favourite Topics)
Review at Any Time
Review As Often As You Want
Access Anywhere You Have Internet
Easy-To-Follow Supplemental Workbooks (PDFs)
Five (5) Supplemental Workbooks
How-To Diagrams
Step-by-Step Flowcharts
Extra Notes

A Complete Gameplan to Help You Reach Financial Freedom
Step-by-step Videos on Stock Market Investing, Real Estate, and Fundamentals
Downloadable PDF Workbooks & Notes
Discounts On Future Courses
Invest in your Financial Education and Change Your Life!

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