The Online Musician 3.0 By Savvy Musician Academy – Free Download Course Leah McHenry


The Online Musician 3.0 By Savvy Musician Academy – Free Download Course By Leah McHenry


Without Labels, Advertising, or Touring

For Solo Artists, Bands & Composers Who Want to Build a Sustainable and Profitable Career

Join The Revolution & Thrive In The New Economy

Build & Launch Your Online Music Career In 8 Weeks Without Labels, Advertising, or Touring
If you’re a musician, songwriter, or composer looking to make music your full-time living than you already know you need to build your music career online.

If you’ve ever believed one of those 5 myths, it’s no wonder you’ve been struggling. I was there!

I know exactly what it’s like to put so much energy into getting your music off the ground… and get absolutely nowhere. You’ve posted your music to Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and ALL the places. You have profiles on all the artist sites. You’ve tried Patreon, crowdfunding, and anything you could think of to try and raise funds, and you never got the traction you wanted.

You have social media accounts and you try to post as often as you can, but it seems like no one is engaging or paying attention. After doing so many things, you start to wonder if the truth is that you really just aren’t very good and maybe you should even quit…?

Why You Need To Become an Online Musician

You can stop waiting to be discovered
No more fantasizing that someone hears your track or stumbles across you at a gig, waiting for you with a magical contract in hand. You’re in charge of your own success. Success won’t’ happen TO you, you’ll make it happen.

You control your own schedule
You decide when you want to work on music, how long, how often, and when you want to release a new album. No pressure to do anything from anyone! No answering to managers or industry people who don’t care about your personal wellbeing, health, or finances. You control what you want to do.

You control your own music rights
So important, but so overlooked. Too many musicians are so desperate to get signed, they completely shoot themselves in the foot with a bad contract. The appeal of being on a label completely clouds their reasoning. When you’re an online musician, you never have to worry about anyone controlling or owning your music. It’s yours, end of story.

Only tour if and when you want to
Tired of gigging all the time? Or maybe you’re a full-time parent or student and touring constantly is not realistic. When you’re an online musician, you call the shots. Maybe you want to do what I’m doing and really focus on having a recording career and building a fanbase worldwide… and then decide to tour later on (and sell out all your shows!). Never feel obligated again.

You get 100% financial benefit
When no one is taking a huge cut from your hard-earned royalties that’s 100% more for you to live on! The likelihood of you actually succeeding in your wish to have a full-time music career skyrockets! Every dollar counts when you’re a musician. When you keep what’s rightfully yours, that means there’s more for you to help out your family, get the dream gear you’ve been wanting, fund your own projects and invest back into your career – which will drive it forward even more!

If you’ve decided you want to become an Online Musician, that’s great! I applaud you — that’s a fantastic decision.

I will warn you though: in making this brave choice, there are many places musicians tend to get stuck in the learning curve:

The project planning, the time management, social media strategies that actually move the needle, launching an album online, finding your niche, technology…. SO many things. How can you be an expert in all these things all at once??

What I would’ve given to have a clear-cut path & methodical strategy to get me where I wanted to go. It would’ve saved me YEARS of frustration, wasted time, money, and energy.

And that’s exactly why I created The Online Musician self-paced course. I created the entire steps & processes to go from creating my masterpiece to launching it online and making sales organically.

It’s everything I wish I had years ago, boiled down into simple, doable steps, and explained in a way you can completely understand and implement!

More information won’t do you any good. Implementing will.

The Online Musician isn’t just information. It’s a methodical program designed to help you implement everything you learn in a sequential step-by-step method.

At the end of 8 weeks, not only will you have a complete understanding of exactly what it takes to succeed as an online musician today, you’ll see incredible progress in everything from your social media following, your music sales, and your success mindset (which is responsible for all your future success!)

The Online Musician is the only program of it’s kind that…

Gives you teaching that will actually move the needle for you
If it hasn’t affected my bank account in a positive way, I don’t teach it. I don’t ever believe in filler or fluff. I only care about what really matters and will change your music career right now. We don’t have time to waste.

Comes with unprecedented support
We pride ourselves in the Savvy Musician experience. Not only will you get the education, tools, and resources you need to succeed, we make sure you are surrounded in the community and friendships that will truly take you to the next level. In addition, we provide top-notch support from our Savvy Success Team. Our motto is that no one will outserve us. Expect to be supported all the way!

Teaches what you need to know in a methodical step-by-step system
Lots of people have information, but few know how to “teach” in a way you can absorb and process the information and easily implement it. This happens to be my gifting (besides music). I’m can make complex and difficult concepts easy to understand and then I can help you figure out exactly the way you should implement it for YOU.

What You Will Get In The Online Musician 3.0

Clarity & A Roadmap
We’ll help you determine what your goals are, how long it will take you to get there, and how to map out your entire year so you know exactly what you’re doing and how you’ll do it!

A Plan To Reach Fans
We focus on building a real brand that will outlast you. This means we focus on real brand-building concepts that move the needle, including your music culture, image, website, and message.

Tech How-Tos
If you don’t consider yourself a “techie” – never fear! We are known for our easy to understand tutorials to show you each step of how to set things up, easy-peasy!

Help Along the Way
If you’re worried about getting stuck, you’re in the right place. You’re on this journey for yourself, but not by yourself – our support staff, coaches, and community are here to support you!

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