The Playground By Ryan Lee – Free Download Course


The Playground By Ryan Lee – Free Download Course

Stop Working. Start PLAYING.

Building your dream business shouldn’t feel so hard. In fact, when you’re doing it correctly, it should feel effortless.

But the problem is you don’t know who to trust. You don’t know which business model to follow. It can all feel so overwhelming.

The world of marketing has changed. Hype is out. Heart is in.

And The Playground is your new home for business-rockin’ clarity, soulful marketing and straightforward advice delivered in a fun, no-nonsense, proven format by a guy with a 22+ year proven track record and nothing to lose…

Transform from Overwhelmed to a Lean, Mean, Entrepreneurial Machine!

If you are obsessed with “hustling to death” and wear 16+ hour days as a badge of honor – then The Playground isn’t for you.

However, if want to a profitable MICRO-business built AROUND your lifetyle, then The Playground is for you.

A MICRO-BUSINESS is one that generates up to $1-$3 million a year with you as the sole employee and just a few strategic freelancers.

And The Playground is the ONLY place that focuses on micro-business.. and supporting you with the TRUTH on how to build it the right way:

• Micro-Courses: low-ticket programs that’ll attract lots of new people into your tribe

• How to Become a Micro-Publisher: upmarket your business by publishing micro-magazines and start owning the media!

• Micro-Memberships: high-profit, low-hassle programs that deliver the holy grail of monthly, dependable recurring revenue.

• Simple Traffic: forget trying to “be everywhere”. It’s not possible or sustainable. Instead, discover how to get traffic in the most competitive markets without posting selfies every 3 minutes!

• How to Create No-Brainer Offers: you’ll see offers you can model.. and actual examples from outside the “Internet marketing” world.

• How to Create an Unforgettable Hook and Brand: if you don’t stand out – you’re over before you start. Discover the truth about standing out in even the most crowded market

• How to Build an E-Commerce Powerhouse: want to create an e-commerce business? Yup, we’ll dive into that model as well.

• The 1-Person Business: How to manage your business – by yourself – with just a few outsourced freelancers.

• And way too much to list here…

Introducing: The UN-Membership

Where MORE is LESS.

In order to grow your business, what you actually need is LESS.

Think about it… do you really need 4-5 hours a week of MORE webinars to watch? MORE stuff to read and listen to?

All that “bulk” is usually meant to cover up the lack of QUALITY advice. Because, let’s get real, most marketers teaching “business” have never actually built a business (most of what they teach is theory)

With all this fluffy bulk – you’re left overwhelmed and not sure what step to take next. OR, you’re told to join the “VIP” premium program for the “real” advice.

If you want to succeed, you need specific proven strategies and tactics that are real-world tested.. then.. you IMPLEMENT. That’s it. That’s the “secret”.

And The Playground is created entirely to give you the latest “what’s working now” in a simple, straightforward, fluff-free manner so you can build your dream business.

There are no usernames, passwords, distracting groups or “dripped” content. Everything is delivered in REAL-TIME.

You get it instanty and you move fast. Here’s the core of The Playground:

• Live online Workshops: These happen every month and there’s always time for hotseats, Q&A and site reviews so you have your most burning questions answered! And if we have some big breakthroughs to share, there will be another bonus workshop added for the month. But ONLY if it serves you.

• Premium, Exclusive Digital Newsletters: Straightforward, tactical advice showing you “what’s working now” in real-time. Sometimes you get a newsletter each week, sometimes it’s 3 in a week if something big is happening. Never put restrictions on breakthroughs.

Your Questions Answered on LIVE Online Workshops

Each month, you can attend our LIVE, 100% content-rich, pitch-free real-world workshops from the comfort of your own home (you also get the recordings!).

There will be tactical instruction, hot seats, site reviews and Q&A where all your questions will be answered.

Plus, there will be some special guest instructors who are NOT gurus… they’re fellow Playgrounders building real business in niche markets like gardening, fitness, real estate and more.

These guests have nothing to sell or pitch.. they’ll simply come on and rip open their business. We’ll see EXACTLY how they’re doing it.

Exclusive, Premium Digital Newsletter

Why should you have to wait a month for the “good stuff”?

With The Playground exclusive digital newsletter, EVERY time I have a new breakthroughs and working campaigns – you get it right away… immediately delivered right to your inbox.

It might be one a week or it might be 3 in a week if something big is happening.

For example, if I just ran a new campaign that’s converting like crazy, you’ll see the exact ads I’m running.

Or, if I come across a product “hook” that blows me away – you’ll see it through my eyes and have specific strategies on how to model it for your business.

This is something I’ve never done so it’s impossible to put a real-world value on it.

About Ryan Lee

I started the world’s first sports training membership site back in the late 90’s and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been blessed to have personally created five 7-figure business and two 8-figure business (with my lasted about to hit 8-figures). Plus, I’ve created over 125 products (and coached thousands more) with a combined revenue of well over $1 billion in sales.

But what I’m most proud of is I’ve done this all while putting my wife and four kids first. I’m not “online” all day and I’ve coached their sports for over 15 years… never missing even one practice, game or recital.

At the end of the day, it’s about living the life YOU want and doing it with soul.

Just $3? What’s the Catch?

Normally, for a coaching program like this, you’d probably expect to pay $10K, $20K or more. After all, isn’t that what “high ticket” is all about?

ButThe Playground is different. It’s about 99% less expensive. Why? How?

Because unlike people who only “teach” business, over 90% of my income comes from my real-world businesses (like REWIND GREENS) and equity on other companies… so this is my my hobby.

Make no mistake, it’s a profitable hobby, but there’s absolutely zero pressure on me to sell. Which means, I can simply focus on delivering my no-nonse brand of business-rockin’ advice without having to “extract” every dollar.

This means there’s NO “VIP” coaching. NO 25K mastermind. NO constant hawking of other products or participating in “launches” to try to win an ipad.

You get The Playground for just $89/month (that’s less than $3/day)- you’ll get the TRUTH about how to build a profitable business with soul. Unfiltered. Unedited. From one voice.

The “Fine” Print

I’m at the point in my life where I truly want to focus on those who “get it”. So here’s the deal.

There’s NO CONTRACT and you can cancel anytime. That’s only fair. But if you don’t use The Playground, that’s on you. There are no refunds for months you’ve been a member.

And, after seeing what my friend Ben Settle has done with his newsletter, I’m following his path.

Because I don’t want people who jump from shiny object to shiny object, if you cancel – you’re out for good. You cannot re-join later. You must be committed. You must be focused. Shiny object syndrome is real. Follow ONE person and take action. The Playground is your answer.

Let’s Play…

Here’s my promise to you.

Give The Playground a try. Experience what it’s like to get proven advice by someone with a 22+ year track record and “no hidden agenda”.

It’s less than a cup of coffee a day. Seriously. $3.

Look, I’m not going to pull the overused and manipulative “if you can’t invest $89 in your business, then you’re not serious” BS. Because this isn’t for everyone. I get that.

But if you’re serious about building a profitable business with heart and soul, if you just want the TRUTH and you’re tired of spinning your tires hopping from one shiny object to another.. from one guru to another…

Then, let’s play.

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