The PPC Accelerator By Darren Taylor The Big Marketer – Free Download Course


The PPC Accelerator By Darren Taylor The Big Marketer – Free Download Course + 3 Bonuses Courses Included

Become a Google Ads Expert with The PPC Accelerator

Learn how to plan and create profitable Google Ads campaigns.
Over 80+ Video Tutorials | Access to 3 Additional Courses Free | Unlimited Access to the Instructor

Learn From a PPC Expert With over 10 Years Experience, Get the knowledge you need to grow

Dominate the Search Results and Win

Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) is a fantastic way to generate leads and revenue for businesses.

It’s effective, scalable and highly measurable. But, it is a very technical product and without the right training, you could be wasting your marketing budget.

I’m here to help you maximize your budget and get amazing results!

Course Curriculum
Overview of The Course
What is PPC? (What is Google Ads?)
How Google Ads Works
How Does Google Ads Work?
What is Quality Score?
Ad Rank – How Quality Score Can Impact Your Click Costs
Planning Your Strategy
Introduction to PPC campaign planning
Setting PPC Objectives
PPC Profitability Tool
PPC Profitability Tool (Download)
Website Conversion Rate Optimization
Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
CRO Audit – Before
CRO Audit – After
Creating a Google Ads Account
Introduction to Creating a Google Ads Account
Creating a New Account – Issue with Needing a Credit Card
Creating a New Account with NO CREDIT CARD
Google Ads Hierarchy
Introduction to Understanding the Hierarchy
Google Ads Account Structure
Google Ads Account Structure Walk-through of an Account
Campaign and Adgroup Structure
All You Need to Know About Keywords
Introduction to Keywords
What are Keywords?
Broad Match (and Modified Broad Match) Keywords
Phrase Match Keywords
Exact Match Keywords
Negative Keywords
Keyword Research
Introduction to Keyword Research
Before Keyword Research
Keyword Research with The Google Keyword Planner – Part 1
Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner – Part 2
Text Ads
Introduction to Text Ads
Text Ads Explained
Standard Text Ads
Responsive Search Ads
Call Only Ads
Campaign Planning with Spreadsheets
Segmenting Your Keywords Into Adgroups
Planning Your Campaign Structure with a Spreadsheet
Negative Keyword Research (Part 1)
Negative Keyword Research (Part 2)
Campaign Planning Spreadsheet (Download)
Ad Extensions
Introduction to Ad Extensions
Call Extensions
Callout Extensions
Location Extensions
Message Extensions
Price Extensions
Promotion Extension
Sitelink Extension
Structured Snippet Extension
Bidding and Bid Strategy
Introduction to Bid Strategy
Manual CPC and ECPC (enhanced cost per click)
Target CPA
Maximize Conversions vs Target CPA
Maximize Clicks Bid Strategy
Target ROAS (return on advertising spend)
Maximize Conversion Value
How to Pick Your Bidding Strategy
Conversion Tracking
Introduction to Conversion Tracking
What is Conversion Tracking
Conversion Tracking Tutorial – Website Forms
Conversion Tracking Tutorial – Phone Calls
Campaign Setup – Full Step by Step Tutorial
Initial Settings, Bid Strategy and Targeting Setup
Creating Sitelinks
Creating Callout Extensions
Adding a Call Extension
Structured Snippet Extension
Location Extensions
Promotion Extension
Price Extensions
Message Extensions
Adgroups and Keywords
Standard Text Ads
Responsive Search Ads
Setup Complete
Adding Your Negative Keywords
Adding Your Billing Information
Reporting on Your Results
Introduction to Reporting
Understanding Reporting and Metrics
Building Reports in Google Ads – Part 1
Building Reports in Google Ads – Part 2
Optimization and Campaign Improvement
Introduction to Optimization
What is Optimization?
Optimize by Device
Optimize by Location
Ad Schedule Optimization
Optimizing Ads and CTR
Finding New Negative Keywords with the Search Terms Report
Keyword Level Optimization – Part 1
Keyword Level Optimization – Part 2
ADVANCED – Audiences for Search
Introduction to Audiences
Exclusion Audiences Explained
Exclusion Audiences Walkthrough
Observation Audiences Explained
Adding Observation Audiences
Observation Audiences Bid Adjustments
Introduction to Remarketing Audiences
Link Google Ads to Google Analytics
Remarketing Audiences in Analytics – All Users
Google Analytics Custom Audiences
Introduction to RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
How to Set up an RLSA Campaign
ADVANCED – How to use the Shared Library like a Pro
Introduction to the Shared Library
Sharing Negative Keywords
How to Share Bid Strategy Across Multiple Campaign
How To Share A Budget Across Multiple Campaigns
Review and Summary
Course Summary
When You Enroll, You’ll Also Get These Courses for Free!
Get free access to the MS Excel for PPC Reporting, Tracking and Tagging with the Google Tag Manager and Conversion Rate Optimization with Google Optimize.

PPC is more than Google Ads alone. Become a true PPC expert!


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