Top Secret Project Accelerator By Traian Turcu – Free Download


Top Secret Project – Accelerator Private Coaching Group By Traian Turcu – Free Download & Ben Cummings

Traian Turcu is a top 1% ecommerce seller who has generated $20 million+ in physical product sales, sold two successful businesses, and continues to generate unprecedented results. For the first time, he is revealing details about his most secretive project ever – which has created more Amazon Millionaires than anything (perhaps) in history.



By signing up today, you will secure one of the few spots available for Traian’s exclusive private monthly coaching program called Accelerator.

With this special offer, you pay just $350 now, and then $350 a month as long as you wish to continue. With your first month’s payment, you get instant/full access to the bonus package + the entire vault of previous recordings + your first month in Accelerator. This is the total no-brainer!

Here are a few of the things you’ll have to look forward to:
Monthly Coaching Training Session with Traian,​ conducted live and where he is revealing his latest big breakthrough, killer app or software, devious ranking methodologies he’s just figured out – whatever is currently working in his amazon businesses to bring in significant cash/results, which he shares exclusively to his coaching students in near “real time” every month. All you need to do is just “plug and play” and achieve similar results within your own amazon business! Each session is recorded and posted in the members area within 24 hours (or faster).
No Holds Barred “Question & Answer” Live Webinars, conducted by Traian in which he conducts marathon brainstorming sessions (often lasting 2-3+ hours) tackling every single question his private coaching students throw at him. Nothing is off the table, and you can ask ANYTHING, have Traian personally fix/solve a problem you’re having, or even bounce new product ideas off of him and he will analyze the opportunity for you in real time. Priceless access! Each session is recorded.
Private membersite – containing all coaching recordings, reference materials, downloads, apps, and instructional materials, which you will gain access to.
Discord forum with fellow community members – You’ll be instantly plugged into our thriving community of super encouraging and helpful community members. Ask the community, and within minutes get answers to your most pressing issues/problems. The Discord Group is an amazing resource and the more active you become, the more benefits you will get from the experience.
Only 80 spots into this program will be released – so as to keep this private coaching program exclusive.

Plus, When You Sign Up, You’ll Get These Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Hands Down the #1 BEST Product Ranking Method You Should Be Using in 2021-2022… Working better than ALL OTHERS.

Imagine if there was a way to rank a new product to page #1 within the top 1-5 positions… with a method that is CRUSHING it right now?

It does NOT involve spending a fortune screwing around with Facebook ads… and it is pretty much idiot proof (which is why Traian loves it so much.)

Traian says this is the #1 best ranking method that you should be using right now… to rank all of your products & keywords. (Forget everything else.) In this bonus he teaches the entire method, provides every tool needed, and walks you through exactly how to execute this flawlessly.

If you’re ranked all the way back on page 3, you might as well be ranked on page 300, because you’re not going to sell anything. You either get good at ranking, or you’ll always struggle in this business. This one bonus alone, is EASILY worth your entire investment.

Value: $1,200 – yours free!

Bonus #2: The Crystal Ball Software

This software made Traian $436,080 in 66 Days … and all it took was one click of a button to uncover the “how.”

Have you ever sourced a product… it finally arrives to FBA… and you say to yourself:

“OK, great. Now that I have the product… how the h*ll do I turn it
into a money maker now???!?!”

Pretend it’s a dog leash. What’s the fastest and most direct way possible to start making $20k/per month from it? Most scratch their heads and shrug because they have no idea.

With the Crystal Ball Software it will tell you exactly what to do – thus the name. It’s like having a crystal ball to look into to see the future.

You literally click one button… and a minute later the software tells you the EXACT thing you need to do … that will get you making $20k/mo. immediately. And don’t worry, Traian show you several actual examples including his favorite strategy using this software.

This is a SERIOUS trade secret of his.

Value: $800 – yours free!

Bonus #3: The GOAT of All Package Inserts (The BEST insert that Traian has ever used, period!)

This insert gets a 68% optin rate – which is unheard of!

Forget using any other. This is the MOST SUCCESSFUL package insert that Traian has ever used. And he’s tried just about everything.

You get to see the Package Insert, learn how / why it works, be handed the entire setup and shown what to do. You will soon see why Traian calls this insert the GOAT – the “Greatest Of All Time.”

Value: $350 – yours free!

Bonus #4: The Customer Review “Insights Dashboard”

One of most powerful forms of research are studying reviews left by buyers.

This can expose gaps and holes in products that you can exploit to a huge advantage… hone in on the language of the market (as expressed by the buyers) … find incredible opportunities to improve products based on needs that people are writing about… and much much more.

The problem is, analyzing so many reviews by hand is “clunky”, cumbersome, and its easy to “get lost” in the process because it can take a LOT of time and hard work to do this properly.

Instead… imagine if this entire process was automated, with the most important review elements all pulled together (for you) into an easy-to-use (and visual) Dashboard. Further, imagine if Traian showed you exactly how he uses the Customer Review Insights Dashboard to make a lot of money by analyzing amazon reviews!

Value: $250 – yours free!

Bonus #5: The Keyword X-Ray SPY MACHINE Software

Often the top sellers try to “hide” their most valuable keywords in the back end of listings. They don’t want you to be able to see their Golden Keywords that are generating a lot of their amazon sales.

Well here’s another genius idea from the mind of Traian Turcu. Imagine a tool that acts as a “spy machine” for your top competitors. This app works like an “x-ray machine” and let’s you see right into the back end of any listing – exposing their most important keywords.

Value: $795 – yours free!

Bonus #6: “Mechanical Turk” Tricks for Amazon

Have you ever heard of Mechanical Turk? It is a crowdsourcing marketplace. It allows you to “pay” people to complete simple micro tasks for you for pennies per action.

For example: You could easily hire 20-30 people to add two “related items” to an amazon checkout cart.

Traian has discovered ingenious ways to use Mechanical Turk to achieve all sorts of interesting things on amazon. Traian will walk you through exactly how he uses Mechanical Turk, with screenshots, tips, and surprising ways to use micro-tasks for your amazon business (hint-hint!)

Value: $295 – yours free!

Bonus #7: The “Weak Hands” Business System

This is a NEW “business system” for making money on Amazon. It is amazing. Traian recently used this strategy and invested $2250 and in a few months made $145,420 in PROFIT with this same system.

This has to do with finding “weak hands” eg. amazon sellers sitting on unsold inventory who want out.

But Traian has created a new way to approach them and profit from sellers that have no idea what to do with their unsold inventory – and you will see exactly how he finds them, buys inventory for a tiny fraction on the dollar, and how he then turns around and makes a huge profit from this inventory. Everything detailed and revealed, step by step. This new biz model will be a huge game-changer for some of you.

Value: $1,995 – yours free!

Bonus #8: Sponsored Ads Templates – The Best Performing Sponsored Ads Creatives for You to Plug Into.

Have you ever struggled to make a profit with Sponsored Ads? This trade secret might forever solve this problem – or at least put you in a position to make a nice profit right out of the gate.

Traian has designed this to be “plug and play.” These templates are VERY easy to use: You just insert YOUR product into the template, you run the ad, and you make sales.

Traian figured out how to identify the most successful PPC ads that are running on amazon. He then assembled a “best of the best” into templates for your use.

NOTE – I can’t begin to tell you the huge advantage you will have using these templates. Imagine starting EVERY campaign with the odds stacked in your favor right from the start.

Value: $400 – yours free!

Bonus #9: Traian’s “Product Selection Go or No-Go Decision Maker Spreadsheet”

Have you ever struggled to decide whether you should sell a certain product on amazon? Well, then this is what you should use from now on… before you EVER decide whether or not to source a product.

This tool will eliminate 99% of the products that would have been a disaster. It will also green light the BEST products, where every odd of success is stacked in your favor.

Traian told me that if he had this tool earlier in his career, he probably would have made an extra million dollars+ because it would have accelerated his success.

It’s a color coded system: “Green = Go,” “Yellow = It’s ok but not great,” and “Red = Danger, avoid”.

Imagine a spreadsheet that takes all of Traian’s best product picking criteria, where all you have to do is plug in certain details, and it will tell you whether this will be a successful product or not on amazon.

Value: $295 – yours free!
The Full “Vault” of 70 Past Coaching Recorded Sessions On Video
($12,250.00 Value – yours free!)

70 recorded coaching session, the entire history of Accelerator, instantly unlocked the moment you join…

This bonus is absolutely astounding: With your first month’s payment of coaching, Traian is going to unlock his entire VAULT of every single past coaching session that he has done in Accelerator.

And I mean… you get it ALL!! Hours and hours of genius level content, recorded for you on video, on things like: product sourcing, ranking, building a team of VA’s, the best way to do product selection, genius methods for getting reviews, exactly how he does all his logistics to save a fortune etc etc etc.

You get it ALL as a free bonus. We’re talking 70 recordings in total, worth $12,250 … FREE to you when you join Traian’s Accelerator Monthly Coaching Program TODAY.

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