Traffic And Funnels – Linchpin Offer Masterclass – Free Download Course


Traffic And Funnels – Linchpin Offer Masterclass – Free Download Course

For Experts, Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers:

If you were already STUCK and STRUGGLING to grow beyond $10K… $15K… or $25,000+ per month before…

And then it ALL HIT THE FAN (thanks 2020)… Now more than ever, you need the ONE THING that’s disaster-proof and recession-proof: THE LINCHPIN OFFER Serve Your Clients & Take Care of Business…

No Matter What The Economy Is Doing!
Discover How To Create, Validate, Sell and Fulfill Offers That Predictably Bring in $25K, $50K, $75K, Even $100K+ Per Month In Revenue…

Inside, you’ll discover 5 hard-hitting videos (in “Chapters”) that are filled with the How-to, the Know-how, the Step-by-step, the Mindsets, and the Strategies you need…

So you can FINALLY leave behind the questions, the lies, and the confusion…

And design, develop, and deploy a “Linchpin Offer” that people don’t want say no to.

Inside “Chapter 1”, you’ll discover:

How to avoid being seen as a COMMODITY and “like everyone else”. This will also help you set your own prices, define your own value, and NEVER be compared or price-shopped again.
Having a hard time selling what you do? Here’s why you don’t have a “sales problem” but instead an OFFER problem – and there are 2 PIVOTS you need to make to fix this once and for all.
If your prospects are turning you down more often than you’d like… it’s because you’re lacking the “3W’s” of “Linchpin Offer” design.
​The “Google Doc Benchmark”: Think you need a fancy sales page, highly-produced videos or complex sales funnels to get the selling done? WRONG. If you can’t sell “your thing” with a Google Doc, you might as well close up shop… So follow our “G-Doc” plan and sell out before you ever offer anything “in public”.
Don’t skip out on the “V.C Measurement”! Missing these two critical pieces in your offer will set you up to fail. But once you nail it (like we show you how), selling your offer becomes incredibly easy.
​Quickly discover the “1-2-3 Vital Moves” you must make BEFORE you even put together your offer. If you don’t do this, chances are you’re kneecapping your offer before it goes out the door.
​Use the “Big 3 Check” to make sure your “Linchpin Offer” is ready to go and ready to sell before you waste time and money on promoting it.
​“Psychographics-Psychoschmatics-Blah, blah, blah…” — WHO CARES? You don’t need a Ph. D. in human psychology to sell something. There are only a handful of psychological factors that come into play when a prospect is about to buy – You’ll discover exactly which ones and how to trigger them.
​Discover how to build (or re-build) an offer that creates “mass hysteria” in your market – from people who have the money to invest, far above what you’re actually asking for (often paying in full, no questions asked).
​WARNING: Don’t use this for the wrong, immoral reasons! The “hidden mechanics” of the human brain that allows you to prompt people’s natural “cost biases”, helping them see how it’s in their best interest to buy from you. Again, this is powerful. You do NOT have our permission to abuse this!
​What you MUST implement to increase the CERTAINTY and BELIEVABILITY of Outcome of your offer – without adding any more work to your fulfillment.
​Do you know the difference between “Common Offers” and “Contrarian Offers”? No? Maybe? Doesn’t matter because we’ll show you how to design, develop, and deploy ultra-specific “framing” to seal-the-deal in ANY format you’re using (webinar, sales call, order pages…)

This is just what you’ll get in Chapter 1… By the time you get to Chapter 2, you’ll be more than halfway to selling your new Offer…
How to AVOID the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with PRICING (with these strategies, you’ll maximize “price elasticity”) and how to make sure your offer is priced EXACTLY RIGHT.
Discover our closely-guarded strategies for “Linchpin Offer Design”. Knowing how to construct your offer is PARAMOUNT to actually SELLING it profitably. We’ll show you every piece, part, and component that helps you do this.
Why you need no less than 2 (but no more than 5) “Linchpin Offer Sub-Pillars” to inject unrivalved believability, certainty, and VALUE to what you’re offering.
​The “gurus” and “experts” out there tell you it’s only about “emotional selling”… But they’re WRONG. Because without the air-tight “Internal Offer Logic” that we’ll give you, you’ll never sell your offer for a dollar… heck, people will ignore you even if you give it away for FREE…
​Stack your “Linchpin Offer Dominos” the way we show you… and you’ll dramatically boost not just your offer conversions but the Lifetime Value of your clients, too.
​Most people stop when they have enough “happy clients”… but NOT YOU. Because you’ll discover how a proper “Offer Ascension” works, setting you up to SERVE your clients with maximum impact – and maximum profit (everyone wins).
​Why you must “Solve Future Problems Now”, and how this one simple strategy can add $5,000… $8,000… even $10,000 to your bottom-line (without creating more work or sleazy pitching).
Let’s be honest… at this point, you’ve been given the “keys to the kingdom”… But, I’m not done helping you, so I’m stacking Chapter 3, 4 and 5 on top of it all…
How to strategically overcome people’s “natural biases” (that usually derail even the most appealing offer) in an ethical way. If what you’re offering is truly valuable (and it should be) then you OWE it to yourself and to your FUTURE CLIENTS to do this right.
Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not charging enough, but you can’t seem to explain what you do the right way? No worries. You’ll discover the 3 ways to position your offer for maximum value.
​The “C.B Compound Mechanism” you MUST use to help your prospects see, understand, and FEEL like sitting on the fence will only come back and bite them in the end. Going with you, NOW, will become the only decision that makes sense.
​NEVER violate the “Rule of Internal Scarcity”. This is why so many of you are getting “Maybe’s” and “Let me think about it”.
​Everyone tells you about “Positioning” and “Targeting”. They’re all speaking gibberish. What you need is our “Precision Decision Grid” to nail WHAT you’re actually offering – and for WHO…
​Never, ever doubt your worth, your value, and your ability to deliver and fulfill – ever again! When YOU have unshakable confidence in your offer (the way we show you), your prospects will place unshakable confidence in you, too.
​Watch as I show you (on your screen) real-world “Offer Source Code” examples (that have made our students 6-figures in a matter of months).
​Do you know the crucial difference between “Labor” VS. “Info”? Yes, No, Maybe? After this Chapter, you’ll know how to LEVERAGE both to spin up new, irresistible offers, on demand.
​You’ve probably heard that your offer should provide a “transformation”… this is true EXCEPT most “gurus” teach this WRONG. You don’t need any ol’ transformation… You need a “Rapid Imprint Transformation” (and yes, we’ll show you the how and the what).
​If you know how to talk like a normal human being… You’ll be able to create new “Offer Frames” with just a few small tweaks – and each new “Frame” you come up with is a new way you can sell the same offer.
​The “4 Levels of Service” and how to pick the RIGHT ONE for you. Each Level has pros and cons. Level 4 is the most profitable with the least amount of labor.
Oh, I almost forgot… There’s a BONUS
Chapter on how to SELL your offer, too…
Discover WHAT to say, HOW to say it, whenever you’re speaking with a prospect (on the phone, via Messenger, whatever). No pushy, sleazy tactics. Just natural conversations, effortless selling – and MASSIVE results.
​Take this “pill” to REMEDY any and all misconceptions you (or others) might have about SALES. The level of confusion and bad habits around selling is staggering – and it’s STOPPING YOU from earning the kind of revenue you deserve…
​The vital “Sales Macro” strategies you must use to turn applications and prospects into clients who LOVE what you do for them (and are bringing value right back to YOU, not just in terms of cash but in terms of connections, access, and opportunities).
​Did you know? Sales is Leadership. Leadership is Sales. When you see yourself as a Leader, the sales will follow. Use my simple “Identity Shift Script” to install this in your own mind.
​The different kinds of “ROI” your prospects are looking for (and how to tell). It’s not always about a monetary return… people are looking for MORE than just dollar-for-dollar.
​“Sales is linear. Do this, then this, and this” ← WRONG! Sales is NON-Linear. It’s 2020 for crying out loud… HOW people LIKE to buy has CHANGED. Don’t miss this important change. I’ll reveal WHAT you must do now and in the future.
​How to help people step into “Buying Spheres” and ALLOW THEMSELVES to do what’s in their best interest (provided you’re offering something of value!)
​And much, MUCH MORE than I can fit right now…
Get the picture? Good.

This is a MASSIVE stack of “how-to” and “Step-by-step” that I’m willing to serve you on a silver platter…

Literally THOUSANDS of our HAPPY students and clients have received the SAME training…

And have gone on to MAKE OFFERS that sell, DOMINATE their industries, and never looked back…

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